Using Tor Browser Bundle to Bypass Censored Websites

It is getting pretty common for Internet Service Providers and Governments to block access to and censor websites that they don’t want internet users to see, they would be very successful if it weren’t for some great app developers who really care, such as the guys who developed the Tor software.

Firefox 17 Released with the new Social API

Well its true, Firefox 17 was just recently and with it released a cool new feature which is the new Social API, also known as the “Social Bar” or “Social Sidebar”.

With the Social API, you will be able to see incoming messages and notifications and also quickly begin chats with friends and colleagues. The whole idea behind the Social API is to be able to have a quick view into a site without having to switch back and forth between tabbed pages in the browser.

Dropbox – Cloud File Hosting Service

I have been using Dropbox for a little over six months now and let me tell you it has been a godsend. What is Dropbox? Well, according to their website, “Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!”. Dropbox is essentially cloud storage. You save your files online and can access them anywhere. But there is more to it than that.

Chrome vs Firefox Review – The Browser Battle

In today’s digital world, the wide availability of high speed internet requires the use of an equally adequate browser. Modern browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are built to take advantage of the latest web technology and maximize its full potential. The following compares the features and capabilities of both browsers. Mozilla Firefox… Continue reading Chrome vs Firefox Review – The Browser Battle

Daniusoft DVD Ripper Giveaway

Last time we had a Free Business Cards Contest – Now, recently we received an email from the team at Daniusoft who were willing to sponsor FREE copies of their DVD Ripper software and also a generous discount for our readers. Of course we received a copy of the software too, and we gave it… Continue reading Daniusoft DVD Ripper Giveaway

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended – Hand and Text Tool Errors

Recently when i opened the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended application I came across an error that was preventing me from selecting any controls inside Photoshop. The Hand Tool control was selected by default and I wasn’t able to select anything else. The solution was pretty simple but took awhile to figure out. Close all adobe… Continue reading Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended – Hand and Text Tool Errors

Google Chrome – another web browser?

Yesterday, While browsing i noticed a link saying Download Google Chrome (beta) while i was on Google’s Homepage, i just couldn’t resist so i clicked it and went for a download. While it was being installed i did a small search for the new Web Browser but couldn’t find anything interesting to hear about it.… Continue reading Google Chrome – another web browser?

WateenConnector v1.0.2 – Exclusively for Wateen WiMAX Consumers

Click Here to visit the offical website of Wateen-Connector. I’ve been talking about this lately, and finally i am putting it up for public. I actually made this on a request from a CyberPK’s Loyal and Regular user, i didn’t thought that other users would be experiencing the same problem like him, Until i recently… Continue reading WateenConnector v1.0.2 – Exclusively for Wateen WiMAX Consumers

Free SEO Directory Submitter Software

Submit Helper is a very handy tool for people who wants to submit their websites to directories with ease, it makes the process less time consuming and simple. This is a very nifty and handy SEO Software, those who get tired of submitting their websites to numerous directories because they have to keep copy/pasting their website… Continue reading Free SEO Directory Submitter Software

More Free Linux CDs (Ubuntu / Ubunto)

Previously, i wrote a post about getting different flavors of the Linux distribution for FREE. But this time there’s only Ubuntu (Ubunto). Ubuntu is another flavor of Linux, unlike pure Linux which doesn’t have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Ubuntu comes with a new GUI. So, let me get down to business. Ubuntu 7.10 –… Continue reading More Free Linux CDs (Ubuntu / Ubunto)

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