Rooting Android and everything you need to know about it

Rooting your Android phone can give you the flexibility to do much more than your phone can do right out of the box. Wireless tethering, speeding it up by overclocking, or customizing the look of your phone with themes. Here’s everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android device.

Clicky, Real Time Web Analytics

Clicky is a real time web analytics service. This means that when you login and view your stats, you are seeing up to the minute data on the traffic to your web site. Most services don’t let you see what’s happening “today” until the day after. But Clicky not only offers you to see whats happening Today, it also lets you see whats happening the very exact minute on your websites and in a way that makes sense t.

Using Tor Browser Bundle to Bypass Censored Websites

It is getting pretty common for Internet Service Providers and Governments to block access to and censor websites that they don’t want internet users to see, they would be very successful if it weren’t for some great app developers who really care, such as the guys who developed the Tor software.

Firefox 4 Enable Save Tabs On Exit Warning

Those of you not aware, Firefox 4 was just recently released. I just downloaded and installed it a few hours ago and found it quite amazing. Though it has adopted the Google Chrome Visual Style alot for the Interface (Like how the menus and tabs are displayed, etc…) But, there was something odd which i… Continue reading Firefox 4 Enable Save Tabs On Exit Warning

Rapidshare Hacks – bypass download and timer limits

Rapidshare has grown to become the leading file sharing service online, users who are limited to non-premium user accounts are often presented with timers or some other limitations. Recently users have discovered ways of bypassing the download limits and skipping the waiting time. I have been starting to use rapidshare much more often these days… Continue reading Rapidshare Hacks – bypass download and timer limits

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended – Hand and Text Tool Errors

Recently when i opened the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended application I came across an error that was preventing me from selecting any controls inside Photoshop. The Hand Tool control was selected by default and I wasn’t able to select anything else. The solution was pretty simple but took awhile to figure out. Close all adobe… Continue reading Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended – Hand and Text Tool Errors

Windows Registry Editor Disabled – Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP has a Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe) – Which i am sure most of you are aware about?

This registry editor is quite useful in many cases, specially if you ever want to enable or disable certain features on your windows or delete unnecessary entries manually. (Which i sometimes prefer).

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