Firefox 17 Released with the new Social API

Well its true, Firefox 17 was just recently and with it released a cool new feature which is the new Social API, also known as the “Social Bar” or “Social Sidebar”.

With the Social API, you will be able to see incoming messages and notifications and also quickly begin chats with friends and colleagues. The whole idea behind the Social API is to be able to have a quick view into a site without having to switch back and forth between tabbed pages in the browser.

Entrecard New Market and Social Intergration

Entrecard’s New Market-Place and Social Integration (BETA) I just got an email informing about these major new features read below. Entrecard Market-Place: Our marketplace is fresh out of the oven and it is jam packed with features to make your shopping experience fun, enjoyable and productive. The best part is EVERYONE is automatically a seller,… Continue reading Entrecard New Market and Social Intergration

Entrecard Toolbar For Mozilla Firefox Only

Entrecard Toolbar has been released – but for Mozilla Firefox only. I’m not sure when or if a version of Entrecard Toolbar will be released for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Click Here to visit the Entrecard Toolbar website to download it. It really is very neat. It also helps you earn more credit points by making… Continue reading Entrecard Toolbar For Mozilla Firefox Only

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