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Free Search Engine Submission List - 1st Edition

Submitting your website or blog to the top search engines is one of the most crucial steps website owners have to do. it’s a must for every website; although sometimes you might not need to do it like for instance if you already have a decent number of link backs from other website or blogs – which are already indexed by Google or any other search engine.

I’m writing some links to free search engines along with a ADD URL link so that you can add your websites or blogs to the most famous and popular search engines online and for free!

As an added bonus i also be posting some links to Free Web Directories for you to get some back-links for your websites or blogs.

Keep these in mind before submitting your website(s):

1). Your website should be fully index-able.
2). Before you think of submitting your site to the link-directories make sure your sites are ready and none of your page show “Under-Construction”.

Mixcat Interactive!Add URL
Yahoo, AllTheWeb & AltaVistaAdd URL
GoogleAdd URL
AlexaAdd URL
WhatUSeekAdd URL
EntireWebAdd URL
National DirectoryAdd URL
ScrubTheWebAdd URL
AmfibiAdd URL
AesopAdd URL
WotBoxAdd URL
WalhelloAdd URL
HomerWebAdd URL

OK, well that was all of the top search engines I’m aware of they’re in no particular order.
Now i will post those link directories where you can submit your links for free 🙂

Well – That’s all for the link directories, let me know if you need more as i have bunch but my hand started hurting after typing all these.

Submission Tips:

1). Read all the guide-lines and rules of the search engines / directories before submitting.
2). Check your website links from time to time to make sure they’re valid and working.
3). Use unique META Tags in all your pages.

Let me know if you need more free search engines list or web directories list.

Cheers 🙂

  1. bushra says

    Nice List, Thanks for sharing..

  2. Anoop Menon says

    Nice list of search engines. Search engines help site to index fast.

  3. jhian says

    Thanks for the list.

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