Five Blogging Tips to Increase Your Readers


Five Blogging Tips to Increase Your ReadersEach and every blogger out there does his or her best to increase blog traffic. We learn all about great SEO techniques. We pursue backlinks in order to boost our search engine results. We create great content in order to keep readers coming back.

But how do we increase our readers? Our can we both satisfy our current readership but also reach loads more readers?

Well, here are Five Unique and Creative Blogging Tips to help you increase your readers.

Run Weekly Contests

Keep your readers coming back and entice new readers with the promise of prizes each week. Of course, this option requires that you can afford to give away prizes, but you don’t have to always buy prizes. You could give away a spot of advertising or you could make one prize a guest post or something like that. Be creative with the kinds of prizes you give away, and readers will appreciate both your generosity and the way you interact with them. Soon news will spread of your contests and you’ll attract more readers to your blog. One good contest could be a ‘Great Comment Contest’; pick one comment each week that you felt added great content to your blog and reward that commenter.

Pursue Guerrilla Marketing

One way to increase readers is to create buzz about your blog. You can do this through a variety of Guerrilla marketing techniques. For example, if you’re a tech blogger, consider printing off a bunch of bookmarks with a cool design on them or a quotation from your blog and make sure you have your blog’s name on them. Then go into a bookstore, find the technology books section, and slip those bookmarkers into a bunch of cool tech books. This is just one example of creating buzz. You have to be creative and do things in new and interesting ways. One way is to think outside of the blogosphere.

Hand Over the Key

Well, I don’t mean literally, of course, but one way to create more readers is to allow your readers to participate in the creation of your blog’s content. By offering guest posts specifically to your readers, you make them invest something of themselves into your blog. After they write a guest post, they’ll feel responsible for the health of your blog, so they’ll want to tell all their friends to read their guest post, thus bringing you more readers!

Cause a Controversy!

You’ll want to be careful with this idea, sure, but it could be fun. You don’t have to cause a real big controversy, because you want to watch your reputation. However, if you create a scene, you’ll gather onlookers. You can create a scene all sorts of ways. Find the latest news in your blogging community and take an opinionated stance on it. You don’t have to be mean in order to do this well; write a well-reasoned argument that takes an unpopular stance, and you’ll soon have readers interested in debating you on your points. This could be a great way to also inspire the blogging community to examine certain issues.

Break a Big Story

Finally, if you can break a big story on your blog, you’ll gain a huge following. In order to do this well, you have to monitor all channels related to your blogging niche. This means following specific people on Twitter, having an excellent feed in your RSS reader, and having the authority to ask your readers for tips every now and then.

What are some other creative ways you’ve tried to get new readers on your blog?

  1. Rajesh says

    Hi.. I dont have a blog or website now but i am going to soon make one and this post gave me good ideas to start the marketing for it and i even came up with a cool name, i will come back and post the website when i purhcase the name :~) Thanks!

  2. Zain says

    This is something really useful. Create a controversy method has been tested by myself and believe me, it forces automatically, to speak up. People come and get into the conversation even they have no interest in the blog itself. And in turn lot of people among those become your regular readers.

  3. Matt says

    Hey Mariana, some good ideas here. I have opened my blog up to guest posting but nobody is ever interested in posting which I find just weird! How do you persuade people to post?

    1. Sana Khan says

      @Matt – I often do guest-post on numerous websites. One thing i’ve noticed is that your blog/site website needs to have a good or decent traffic and subscriber base before guest-posters even consider to post on your blog but other than that i also think that having a good to decent traffic and search engine visibility also plays a good role in determining whether or not to post on a particular blog. It also depends on what the guest-post author is seeking.. Some, for example only seek a simple link back, while others seek exposures from reader-base. Just my 2cents 🙂

      P.S:- I checked your your blog and it looks pretty nice with good content, although i’m not sure if you’re referring to that blog? if you are then you don’t have anywhere visible that says You’re looking for guest-authors to write content on your site.

      1. Matt says

        Hey, yea I am talking about that blog. TBH it’s very new, has little content yet and has a few ads on it which might turn people away. Having said that, it’s been customized extensively and gets updated often. I guess time will tell!

      2. Sana Khan says

        @Matt – oh, yeah it surely does look good and seems to have potential, IMHO. But 1 ad block should be good enough. I also noticed you put a link to guest posting in your sidebar, it would be better if you put that in the header menu at top. It could be alittle hard to find that, keeping it at the top will let the user know in first glimpse if this blog is accepting guest-post. Good Luck 🙂

  4. Fatima Datu says

    Hi Rajesh,
    Me too I have new blog that’s why I am keep searching for givin me an Idea how to get my blog the best rank.

  5. Anees ur rashid says

    hey dear SANA i m very very new to this blogging field…i need a guest writer for my technology blog for best and unique articles ..the writer will be paid..u plzz help me out

  6. Anees ur rashid says

    hey dear sana i need a guest writer for my new technology blog…i m so much new to this field thats y i m not pretty much experienced in it.i request u that plzz help me out to improve my blog

  7. Muhammad Shahzad says

    Indeed useful, kudos!

  8. Muhammad says

    Definitely gonna try implementing these!

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