Entrecard New Market and Social Intergration


Entrecard Market-Place and Social Intergration

Entrecard’s New Market-Place and Social Integration (BETA)

I just got an email informing about these major new features read below.

Entrecard Market-Place:

Our marketplace is fresh out of the oven and it is jam packed with features to make your shopping experience fun, enjoyable and productive. The best part is EVERYONE is automatically a seller, so simply by going to the shop you can immediately create listings for free. You can sell and product of service, blogging related or not.

A great improvement we have made to the Marketplace system is escrow. When you sell an item in our shop, and someone buys it, the credits from the buyer are automatically placed into an escrow account. When the Buyer received the item, they mark it as received and the credits are released to the seller.

So head on over to the Market to do some selling, or some shopping, and tell us what you think!

We will be giving away a 1000 credits to the first HUNDRED members who list an item for sale in our shop and use images for their listing. Don’t think you have something to sell? Think harder! You can sell blog reviews, advertising on your blog, or that can of soup in your kitchen cupboard that you aren’t going to eat. To claim your prize, link to your item in the comments of this blog post. Again, the first 100 entries will receive 1000 credits (one prize per person).

Entrecard Social Intergration:

Entrecard Social Service Intergration

We also rolled out a new feature I’m very excited about. If you notice my profile, it now has a link to my Twitter page! We have integrated your profile with ten of the most popular social networks so that your networking on Entrecard can be more beneficial. Whether you use Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, MyBlogLog, etc. you can put links to them in your Entrecard Profile!

To add these links, go to your Entrecard Dashboard and scroll down until you see your “Entrecard” or image/avatar. Click the Edit Button next to it, and you will be taken to the page where you edit your profile. And on that page you will see something that looks like this:

Entrecard Social Services

So go ahead, and enter any of your online identities so that all your Entrecard friends can find you in other places!

But the news is great and the new marketplace also looks fantastic much better and cleaner than before too.

I have never added any listing on entrecard as of yet, but the new look and little personal curiosity dragged me into submitting a listing 🙂 please do consider looking at if you come by it 😉

Best of Luck to Entrecard and all Entrecard Users!

  1. Weza says

    I cant believe they are offering something good…

    I don’t actually use Entrecard but i tried the market and it was pretty nice, but buggy at the same time.

    I might try offering some services there, but not now when i have some time available from work.

  2. Zubair says

    Thanks for your opinion Weza,

    I agree that the system is alittle buggy, but i was really surprised by the results – i put up a listing and found people purchasing it and i got a excellent feedback – so i started another offer which also is working out pretty well.

    Entrecard took a good step on making this market – the new market is a thousand times better thant the old Entrecard Market.

  3. Editing Luke says

    The new marketplace was actually my reason for getting back into Entrecard. While selling ads was fun at first, it quickly became a chore and the benefit didn’t seem worth the effort. By taking advantage of the market I’ve actually had a lot more positive interaction and exposure with a wealth of other bloggers. I can’t say how long this will last exactly, but for the moment it’s made Entrecard relevant to me again.

  4. College Experience says

    I agree with all the other commenters. The new market system is a great way to build EC while advertising your blog at the same time. I see lots of possible expansion for this new system.

  5. Sushi Freak says

    I dig the market at Entrecard. I’ve been able to find advertising opportunities and a lot of services that I’d never be able to afford if I were paying cash. Since I can earn credits just by supporting other bloggers, the system works as much as you want to work it. It’s great.

    I had not noticed the social settings yet though. Thanks for posting that.

  6. hitesh says

    i was searching about the new listing thing when i found this post………this is really a cool feature….. \,,,/

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