localhost wordpress installation problem – Using Permalinks!


localhost wordpress installation problem - Using Permalinks!

I have a installation of WordPress on my local server (localhost), and i was fooling around with some themes and code – then i noticed that there’s something wrong and it was the Permalinks.

It hasn’t been working for me ever since i installed wordpress. i was pretty confused why it wasn’t.

I made a Free Tutorial Management script which had SEO friendly links in it, That was working fine and since that was working fine it meant i installed the Rewrite_Module correctly.

But the Permalinks on wordpress installation were still not working for me – I did a Google Search and found a post at TechMalaya – The instructions written there were pretty simple and i got the Permalinks working in less then 3 minutes.

The only thing i was doing wrong was that i didn’t set Override All for my Apache htdocs directory.

Finally, it has been solved and i am so glad.

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