The most interesting mobile devices released in 2011!


The most interesting mobile devices released so far this year

Mobile technology is moving so fast that it can often seem tricky to make a decision on buying a new bit of kit in case something better supersedes it the very next day. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the mobile technology beast.

However, it is possible to pick a trio of gadgets that have so far this year proved themselves well worth taking a look at and may even be more than a-little future proof, if such a thing is possible in the current ever-changing tech climate.

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

While many of us have either purchased or long to own an Apple iPad 2 tablet, it’s actually facing increasingly stiff competition. One device that is certainly one of the top tablets this year is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This elegant computing on the go creation has delicious looks, great styling and a top drawer build quality.

What’s more, the tablet runs the Android operating system, which is know for it’s dependable perforce, which is further boosted by a fine technical specification. Add in an excellent screen and a host of on-board features and you’re looking at an Apple rival that’s up there with the best of them.

HTC smartphones

HTC Ryhme and Incredible-S Smartphones

This actually takes in more than one model because it’s the smartphone products produced by HTC. Their range of Android based handsets are some of the best in business and with a string of new and improved models coming through all the time it seems likely that the smartphone will soon be doing
things we’d never dreamed of.

With Near Field Technology arriving on many handsets, which allows us to pay for goods and services with the swipe of our phone, things are likely to change even more with the arrival of 2011. Add on the specification and greatly improved feature set of models like the new Rhyme, Incredible and others like it in the HTC range and you’ve got mobile gadget paradise.


MiFi Mobile HotSpot Devices

The other mobile gadget in our pick of the best for this year is the humble MiFi device. There are now numerous variations on this theme from a variety of mobile network providers, which takes the traditional mobile broadband dongle and improves on the idea greatly. Take a look at the MiFi if you’re looking to maximise the potential of your mobile broadband account, because this little package will allow you to share out your connectivity to others around you.

This obviously means that you’ll be able to let family, friends and work colleagues log in to your mobile broadband connection and share the internet. It’s an excellent idea, but caution should be used because your data allowances get divvied up accordingly.

So if you have someone else who logs into the MiFi and starts downloading lots of very large files, then you could come unstuck. Nevertheless, the MiFi is a fine idea and looks like becoming more popular as mobile broadband gets faster and more efficient.

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    I prefer HTC because they have launched very big number of phones

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    I’m not very fond of iPhones or any other iProducts for that matter; But, I’m starting to fall in love with the new iPad 2!!!

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