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EntreCard Traffic Exchange

EntreCard’s users are growing everyday, i didn’t want to stay behind so i signed up 🙂 I have to admit, it is really superb. I really like the concept.

You get real traffic, you get the power to choose who you want to advertise with and throw out the trashy ones.

You can advertise on others website/blogs by using your Entrecard Credit’s (EC). Entrecard credits can be earned very easily – that’s the best thing about Entrecard!

To be precise there are various ways you can get EntreCard Credits – You can also purchase Entrecard Credits too. You can visit on users website who are member of the Entrecard community and have their widget on their blog/website. When you see a Entrecard Widget on someones site you’ll see the option of dropping your Entrecard Card on it, This can make you a good amount of credits if you take some time and browse through the other Entrecard Members Websites.

Other website owners will most likely start to put their ad on your website via Entrecard Widget.

You have to put the Entrecard Widget as soon as you join so that the settings can take effect as soon as possible.

Once the widget is up and running, other users who are also a member of Entrecard will have the option of dropping entrecards on your blog – making you credits 🙂

Its really great and i recommend all to try it out – it should most probably give you alittle traffic boost.

Checkout my post regarding Entrecard Cards New Toolbar which makes your life as Entrecard Member much easier and also makes it very easy and less time consuming to make more Entrecard Credits.

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  1. Matt Hanson says

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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