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Internet Explorer vs Firefox - The Browser Battle

I just started browsing through some cool sites and blogs i was looking for WordPress plugins to add to this blog to make it more enjoyable, I’ve added some which i saw were cool enough – But while i was browsing through all those sites, i came up to a site where there was a big discussion regarding Microsoft Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox the person who started the discussion was actually offering a plugin for WordPress which was some way related to Firefox to claim that it isn’t good enough!

Well, i think everyone has the right to choose what they like or don’t like, so i took the time to read through all the comments that were posted, at the end i found that many are going for Mozilla Firefox, Its fact that Mozilla Firefox guideline/rule follows Web Standards, rather than ignoring the standards.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is one of the most popular and widely used browser, it has also been said that Internet Explorer is also the biggest in the browser market! – But one reason why its being mostly used all over the world is that it comes bundled with your Windows Installation so almost all newbies use them without knowing the issues and security holes it has, but some other people like me who are aware of the internet troubles and know that Internet Explorer won’t be doing a great job to do everything i want, I go search for better & reliable alternatives.

Well, on the other hand Firefox is the new under-dog who has been receiving alot of praise lately. i don’t frequently use Mozilla Firefox, the reason for that is that i don’t feel comfortable while browsing on it, Firefox is extremely great and recommended for web development, Firefox won’t let you make any mistakes even if you want to  🙂

I have noticed that certain programming glitches are caused by incorrectly coding the script, once about a week ago i was working on a client’s project which was seeming to have lots of glitches in Internet Explorer!

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Renders the page differently in different web standards – Mozilla Firefox follows the real web standards while Internet Explorer doesn’t, making the people code incorrect codes.

Well, i have much hopes for the New Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Since its going to be fixing massive bugs on it including some fixes that makes the browser display these glitches. Internet Explorer 7 is still in the beta stages so not completely developed, lets just hope that Microsoft brings some good quality to it.

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