Free Linux CD’s Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian & Gentoo


Free Linux CD Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo and many more.

That’s Right, now you can request the open source Linux operating system CD’s from the above site for free, there are many flavors of Linux being distributed on that site so request whichever you like including Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora  🙂

If you’re having any trouble please let me know and I’ll try to help as much as i can.

Please click here if you’re looking for Free Ubuntu / Ubunto Linux CD’s

  1. kroy says

    The site is not accepting any more free CD requests. Any more sites???

  2. Maaz Raza says

    i need fedore

    plz send me the CD

    A-233 block-15 Gulistan-e-Jauhar ,Karachi,Pakistan

    zip code:021
    Country :Pakistan

  3. Zubair says


    Sorry to hear that guys 🙁 i just checked out the site and it does seem that they aren’t accepting any new request at the moment.

    You can wait and see when they’re available again :p

    Sorry “Maaz Raza” i didn’t order a Fedora CD i don’t use that 😀
    But i ordered like about 100-150 Ubunto CD’s, i already have recieved them, but haven’t been able to install it yet. Will Soon 🙂

    BTW :- I heard that theres a link to Microsoft’s Website that can get you a FREE Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD 😮

    Anyone has that link ? … A friend told me that few days ago but he said he lost that link he showed me the CD he ordered 😀


  4. saeed says

    hello i want to recive your free CDs please send it to my address tank you.

    full address:no18 shahed esmaele alley sheykh safe st bozorgmehr ave esfahan 8156735851 iran

    tanks alot

    and dear Zubair : if you found that link please send it to my email instantly tank you very much my friend.

  5. mohsen says

    I want to receive linux CD and get some information about situation of this os in the world .
    can i possiblly get a booklet about toturial of this os?
    thank you dear!!!!!!!

  6. Zubair says

    Hi mohsen, and everyone else 🙂

    I have some great news, There are more Linux (ubunto) cds being disturbuted, but i’m sure thats limited and will soon be out as it did last time so i might aswell say to hurry up and send your request as soon as possible. Checkout my lastest blog post… more detail there…

    Mohsen, here thats the offical ubuntu website you can find alot of ubunto from that website.

  7. Asanka says

    hi, i am a IT student and i am using open source software. that’s why i want to receive a free CD. thank you!
    this is my address,

    North Western province,
    Sri Lanka.

    1. Zubair says

      Hello Asanka,

      i’m sorry for the confusion, but you nor anyone else has to provide their address here.

      If you like to request a free Ubuntu CD you can do so by going to the below website:

      Please take note that you will have to register and login to request the Free Ubuntu Cd.

  8. A.kelum chathuranga says

    i need fedora cd. plz send me fedora cd.

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