Goliath Google

Ok. We get it. Google is huge. Massive. Gargantuan. All of the above. Think about the painstaking process of finding anything on the World Wide Web back in the late 90s before “Google” became a verb synonymous with search. We had to askjeeves, whoever he was, and cross our fingers at the chance getting something… Continue reading Goliath Google

Chrome vs Firefox Review – The Browser Battle

In today’s digital world, the wide availability of high speed internet requires the use of an equally adequate browser. Modern browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are built to take advantage of the latest web technology and maximize its full potential. The following compares the features and capabilities of both browsers. Mozilla Firefox… Continue reading Chrome vs Firefox Review – The Browser Battle

Firefox 4 Enable Save Tabs On Exit Warning

Those of you not aware, Firefox 4 was just recently released. I just downloaded and installed it a few hours ago and found it quite amazing. Though it has adopted the Google Chrome Visual Style alot for the Interface (Like how the menus and tabs are displayed, etc…) But, there was something odd which i… Continue reading Firefox 4 Enable Save Tabs On Exit Warning

List of 5 Good DVD Players

DVD players give us all the opportunity to bring the entertainment we get from a movie theatre to comfort of our living room or bed room. They are our film projector, playing our favorite movies, while also giving us the complete control we desire. Looking at five DVD players in particular, each offers their own… Continue reading List of 5 Good DVD Players

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