Wateen Telecom Pakistan’s Online Counter Strike Game Servers List


Wateen Telecom - Pakistan's Online Counter Strike Servers List

I know many of you out there are looking for Counter Strike servers to play in – but obviously have hard time finding them, i know because i did too 🙂

I don’t play Counter Strike anymore all thanks to Wateen, but still i know many who does. But Wateen as i said previously i will gladly say it again – Wateen is NOT a platform to play online games such as Counter Strike. I think you might have a better chance playing DotA Allstar or World of Warcraft on Wateen using the GG Game Client or some other gaming client. But i haven’t tried that myself, I’m pretty sure that it’ll work smoothly, if anyone tried that please do post and let us know how your experience was.

OK, now lets get down to business 🙂 here  are the list i have managed to collect – Some of the servers are Wateen, PTCL, LinkDotNet, DreamNET, BrainNET, and Worldcall counter strike servers.

I personally checked and played on these Game Servers before posting it here so i know they are working perfectly fine.

Wateen Telecom Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Wateen 1337 Server58.27.200.112:27015
Sandbox Server
Sandbox Server
Sandbox Server 358.27.200.113:27015
Sandbox Server 458.27.200.115:27015
Sandbox Server 558.27.200.114:27015

PTCL Broadband Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
PTCL SXE CS Server 1221.120.202.182:27015
PTCL SXE CS Server 2221.120.202.182:27016
PTCL SXE CS Server 3221.120.202.182:27017
PTCL SXE CS Server 4221.120.202.182:27018
PTCL SXE CS Server 5221.120.202.182:27019

LinkDotNet Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Server 1cs16.link.net.pk:27015
Server 2cs16.link.net.pk:27016
Match Servercs16.link.net.pk:27017

BrainNet Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
DeathMatch Server203.128.6.231:27015
Normal Server203.128.6.231:27016
Match Server203.128.6.231:27017
Match Server 2203.128.6.231:27018
Match Server 3203.128.6.231:27019

Universal Cable Net Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Universal Cablenet Service Bahadurabad110.34.35.10:27015
Universal Cable Net Bahadurabad110.34.35.11:27016
Universal Internet Cafe Bahadurabad110.34.35.9:27015

Multi-Net Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Match Server125.209.89.227:27016
Normal Server125.209.89.227:27015

Go4B Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Normal Server203.81.192.26:27015
Fun Server203.81.192.26:27016

MicroNet Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Gaming Server58.65.171.54:27015
Match Server58.65.171.54:27016

GamersX Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Match Server115.186.113.224:27015
Normal Server115.186.113.224:27016

DreamNet Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
New Working Server202.69.46.30:27015
New Working Server 2202.69.46.30:27023
Match Server137.101.32.30:27015
Death Match Server137.101.32.30:27016
Match Server 3137.101.32.30:27017
Match Server 4137.101.32.30:27018
DreamNET Server 5137.101.32.30:27019
DreamNET Server 7137.101.32.30:27021
DreamNET Server 8137.101.32.30:27022
DreamNET Server 9137.101.32.30:27023
DreamNET Server 10137.101.32.30:27024
Match Server10.255.255.20:27017
Match Server10.255.255.20:27018
City-Gold WAN Server Hosted by DreamNet137.101.32.30:27050

Other Counter Strike Servers in Pakistan

Server NameServer Address/Port
Unofficial PTCL Death-match Server203.99.185.241:27020
Satela CS 1.6 Sat-Server84.32.104.10:27015
SpeedBit Pro Server212.150.123.13:20019
VirusNet Public Server213.35.134.27:27015
111.GE Death Match Server93.188.8.188:27015

Source : CyberPK.net

If any of the above server is down when you try to get in – Try again at another time and see if comes online if it doesn’t you can report it here – and I’ll remove it. Which will safe many users valuable time 🙂

There are Wateen Game Servers and WorldCall servers both on the above list there are some other servers too which are all based in Pakistan – so every one will have a good-to-decent ping / latency on it.

Do note you will need to have an Anti-Cheat Client in order to play on most of these counter strike servers, its called sXe Injected you can download it for Free from its website.

Update:- We will be updating this post with new counter strike servers, and if you think you would like to be updated then please Subscribe with your email.

Have Fun!

  1. adnan says

    where can i download the game frm

  2. rize says

    I am living in azad kashmir and Fu***g government of it providing DSL of 512 kbps for only rs 27,999.00 rs per month..
    And i am using warid GPRS 4 – 5 kbps download speed at around 900 rs per motnh cost..!!
    I can just abuse the government for their policy.
    They are not allowing even wateen to Enter in the sector of azad kashmir…
    so when i will be a billionaire then i will bought out the fu***** DSL connection 512 kbps to play these online games.. Till then playing solitaire.. Good Bye

    Regards: RIZE

  3. server add nahi ho rahay hain says

    server add nahi ho rahy hai mai kaise khelo [:(] i wnt ply ryt nw bcos em borring [:(]

  4. Zubair says

    I’m not sure why you can’t add them, could you put some more light onto the issue?

    Anyways are you able to connect directly to the server?
    You can connect to a server directly by typing the below command in your counter strike console.
    Connect “IP Address Here”

    Replace “IP Address Here” with a counter strike server ip address dont include the “” (quotes) either.

    The reason you can’t add servers to your list could be because of your counter strike patch try changing it.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Valentine Aaqil Mahmood says

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Asad says

    Wateen, Pakistan’s largest WiMAX provider continues to play a major role in promoting the Pakistani film community as well. Wateen sponsored Mehreen Jabbar’s critically acclaimed Ramchand Pakistani, which received great reviews from audiences around the world. Wateen Telecom always play dynamic role in such category i.e. Sports, Entertainment etc. Ramchand Pakistani received an honorable mention at the London Fiml Festival’s 13th Annual Satyajit Ray Award. This is a great honor for Pakistan.

  7. yawar says

    i have intalled injecter but when i awitch to wateen server the kicked me … i need help to recover this problem…

  8. yawar says

    its not working:(,,,, sxe injector bhi kar lia hay phr bhi kick kar dia:s… help!

  9. Zubair says


    I’m not sure why exactly you’re having this problem, but it looks to me like you may have to try another Counter Strike Patch – If you’re using Counter Strike 1.6 v19 you should upgrade to the latest one or the one which you prefer most i think v27 would be good or even v21.

    I had this problem before, but i dont remember the solution correctly – so you might try changing your CS patch, let me know if that helps.

  10. yawar says

    thanx … bro its working ….. 🙂

  11. ayesha says

    With so many hidden charges inflating my bills every month, I couldn’t differentiate one internet service provider from another until I joined Wateen WiMAX. Get this…5 GB of space with 256 kpbs connectivity at only Rs.500 per month and a telephony tariff of only Rs.90 per month…It gets only better with the special EID offer with unlimited net surfing and downloading, international and local calling all for free from Dec. 8th to midnight Dec. 10th….Wateen will truly keep me connected with family and friends this Eid!!

  12. yawar says

    again a problem occour brother… the server kicked me and saying
    ”client error.check logs”
    what i shall do now 🙁

  13. Zubair says


    I’m not sure, but this sounds like the same exact problem i was facing – i did manage to solve this but i dont remember the solution completely – The things i could recommend is again is Installing a different Counter Strike Patch or Try to uninstall and than reinstall the anti-cheat software.

    Also, try playing on a Non-Wateen server to see if you’re getting kicked – and last but not least when you get that error close counter-strike and right click on your taskbar and open up the Task Manager see if you can find the Anti-Cheat program in the list (sorry i keep forgetting its name) anyways, the anti-cheat program should not be visible at this time since it threw up an error and closed unexpectedly. If you see the program in the list End Task it.

    But i think this is just a issue of a Counter Strike patch.

  14. usof says

    i cant play…cauze sxe injected v7.2 closes ven eva i open cs

  15. Zubair says

    @Usof – and – Yawar:

    I think i just found a solution from my friend.

    • Remove Counter Strike from your hard-drive completely.
    • Remove every trace of it from where-ever you can find it and than install a clean copy of counter strike again.

    Now, try to run it again – It probably should be working by now.

    Hope that helps.

  16. hassan9113 says

    yaar i have a ptcl dsl.and i have counter strike in my pc.but when i want to find server on net i couldnot find any server.i also add wateen ip server in favourite list but didnot find server.plz tell me how can i join server and play game.plzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Zubair says

      Try changing your Counter strike patch hassan, i’m sure its because of that.

      Have you tried to play on the servers mentioned above? one of the servers above should work for you.

      You may need sXe Injected – which is an Anti Cheat client (Google It).

  17. kamran says

    I hate Wateen Servers. They are all fulled with hackers and cheaters.

    Micronet Broadband Servers are much better. Only thing bad is that u need to register to get a nick which is worth it in the end..


    Join the forums for Registration info!

    Enjoy gaming with fun and quality..Cuz I love it.

  18. K.R.Y says

    yar can cs v32.1 ll work ?

  19. Moz says

    I play CS, CS Source at LINKdotNET gaming servers…


  20. REHMAN says


  21. sohaib says

    yr i m a mobilink infinity user 512 i want to play cs1.6…but its too lag on otherz ip .. any1 here a user of mobilink infinity playin CS.. plz help me ouT::::

  22. none says

    Counter Strike is a shit game, its so bad. its playablity sucks monkey balls, what kind of person plays that shity game?

  23. mujtaba says

    my sxe-injected 7.6 is not woeking plz plz plz help me

    1. Zubair says

      7.6 is working, it must be your counter strike patch.

      Try switching to different patch…

      I recommend using v23B.

      NOTE for everyone:-
      I updated the Counter Strike Servers list since i stumbled upon some new servers 😉 – Enjoy!

  24. Ali says

    Plz help me my sXe injected never loads… as i run sXe 7.6 it just shows dat small patch of it and den nothing loads. can anyone tell whats the problem ???

  25. Mohammad Waqas says

    Telenor Counter-Strike Is Coming Soon


    Mohammad Waqas
    Telenor Pakistan
    IT Managar
    [email protected]

  26. azra says

    Hi i m admin of many server if you want to give a chance of admin call me

  27. Mantac says



  28. Saad says

    Im having a problem with sxe injected
    idownloaded it from different places but it always crashes and a text file appears in which it is mentioned that an open service error occured?
    I changed the patch from v19 to v27 but even that didnt work :s
    what could b the problem??

    1. Zubair says


      It doesn’t necessarly mean that your counter strike patch is the problem of your sXe Injected being crashed.

      The first thing you should take note of is what version of sXe Injected is the cs server running on.

      If it is the latest just visit the sXe Injected website and download it from there.

      I am not sure but if the server you are trying play on has an older version of sXe Injected, then you might also find those in the sXe Injected archives.

      If the sXe version is same and correct, then i recommend changing your patch to either v21, v23 or v28..

      You can try other versions but i have no idea if the work or not – i am sure the above that i mentioned do work though.

  29. HasaN says

    Plzz Anyone tell me yhe pings of zombie server

  30. Sami says

    please help me !!! mujy koi ese server ki ip do jis me sxe na ho magar us me achay playrers hoon :S i want to be play yar mere pass sxe nahi chalta ..sahayd is lie k Vista window me nahi chalta

  31. Sami says

    please mujy koi ese web-site batao jis me real counter strike ho … ye nahi yar k bahir se cs 1.6 andar se source :@ please help me

    1. Zubair says


      I’m sorry Sami, i’d be glad to help you out but we dont allow posting Warez here so your best bet is to google it up and i’m positive you will find it.

      sXe Injected does work on vista and you can play without the sXe Injected Anti-Cheat on the Brain-NET / Brain-TEL servers.

      Anyways, check my mail 🙂

  32. muzzy says

    can u plz tell me how to manage my ping ..on some dedictd server like dreamnet my ping(latncy) is so high about 220 how can i fix this problem ?? i enetered fps_max command also ,it does not working !

  33. NAUMANKHAN says


  34. Usman says

    Yar me wateen k deathmatch server pe hota hn wahan mujh sy ghalti hoi hai me ny chating me gussay sy FUCK keh diya tha to unhoun ny mujhy kick kr diya ab me wapis kaisay aooonnn plzzzzz mera nick hota hai…
    I Can’t Play Can U ????
    Plz wapis kis tarha join karon tell me on my Email
    [email protected]

  35. khan says

    plz tell me somebody why ldn servers not working in ramzan

  36. MUbbi says

    yar i need ip’s which i can play in cs

    1. Zubair says

      New servers added 🙂

  37. umair says

    yrrr ptcl per server kaisay banate hain….

    1. Zubair says


      I have done this before, you need to setup a static ip for this currently as far as i have heard PTCL Broadband is only offering Dynamic IP Address.

      You can use an online service such as http://www.no-ip.com/ to help you solve your Dynamic IP problem.

      I might sooner or later do some tutorials on how to do this with PTCL 🙂
      So hold on and Subscribe 🙂

  38. Mohammed Adil says

    Guys also dont get Mobilink Infinity if you want to play on Counter-Strike servers because if you do, your latency will be around 150 in Dreamnet and BrainNet.

  39. GambiT JAWAD says


  40. cleans911 says


    I have vista 64-bit. i live in chicago usa. i am using patch 23. i installed sxe-injected and then i joined one of those servers. Every time i try to join i get kick with the issue of sxe injected is required.

    With best regards,


    1. Zubair says


      Your sXe Injected version must not be matching the version being used on the server.

  41. cleans911 says

    Thanks for your Response.

    I installed Sxe-Injected 8.0 Fix error. i didn’t mention one thing that when i try to run sxe it gives me an error message “load error. please try again” same thing happend when i installed sxe 7.4.

    I read some earlier post sent by the other users. and you answered them, if u installed patch 21 or 27 it might fix this problem. i did this, it didnt work.

    i tried to run in windows compatiblity wizard program and it didn’t work at all.

    and one more thing i would like to mention most of the pakistani server are still using Protocol 47. i dont have this protocol problem. coz i installed 2 cs. one with 47 and other one with 48.



    1. Zubair says


      Angel, can you try and post the error you get in your sXe Injected log here.

      First open up the counter strike directory and delete the file sXe Injected.txt after deleting it, run counter strike with sxe again.

      Now after you encounter the error follow these steps:

      Open up your counter-strike directory look for the file named sXe Injected.txt double click it or open in notepad copy the contents of this file and paste it over here.

  42. cleans911 says

    i did as you said.

    2009/10/05 07:20:06 –
    2009/10/05 07:20:06 – sXe Injected starting…
    2009/10/05 07:20:06 – Win Vista SP1 (6.0.6001 Service Pack 1)
    2009/10/05 07:20:06 – version: 8.0 (Fix 3.0)
    2009/10/05 07:20:06 – open [764CDA7E]
    2009/10/05 07:20:06 – [5DA7E][_open] has an inline hook
    2009/10/05 07:20:06 – [5DA7E] has been cleaned
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Starting Device Driver
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – service [C:\Program Files (x86)\Games\Counter-Strike 1.6 P-47\Counter-Strike 1.6\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Open manager OK
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Create Service OK
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – GetLastError(1275)(This driver has been blocked from loading

    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Start service error [C:\Program Files (x86)\Games\Counter-Strike 1.6 P-47\Counter-Strike 1.6\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Load error, try again ———–
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – * Cleaning
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – * Stoping service
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – GetLastError(1062)(The service has not been started.

    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Control service error
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – * Service stopped
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – * Service deleted
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – service [C:\Program Files (x86)\Games\Counter-Strike 1.6 P-47\Counter-Strike 1.6\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Open manager OK
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – GetLastError(1072)(The specified service has been marked for deletion.

    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Craete service error [C:\Program Files (x86)\Games\Counter-Strike 1.6 P-47\Counter-Strike 1.6\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
    2009/10/05 07:20:07 – Error starting Device Driver

  43. cleans911 says


    Mr Zubair I am waiting for you followup. please let me know whats going on.

    1. Zubair says


      Sorry for the late response.

      Are you using a 64bit Operating System (Vista in your case?).

      Have you tried to re-install counter-strike? if not please try it i think it will work after that.

      In your case it seems that the error is being caused because the ddsxei.sys driver is not able to load.

      I would like that you try to re-install counter-strike on your system NOT sxe-injected.

      If re-installing didn’t work try changing your counter-strike patch to Counter Strike v23, if not already – hopefully that should make it work.

      Also, Please note that sxe-injected does not support 64bit Operating System at this moment.

  44. cleans911 says

    I am sorry to say you that i have tried all these methods!! even i tried to run sxe-injected in compatibility mod, and it didn’t work at all.

    well i appreciate your concerns about this issue it seems like unresolvable issue at the moment.

    i hope i will have the solution very soon!!

    with best regrads

    Angel Bros.

  45. cleans911 says


    Do you know any server in “PAKISTAN” running without sxe-injected? that could be helpful.

    1. Zubair says



      Did you try the above servers? some of them doesn’t use sXe Injected, but to be more precise you’ll find non-sxe servers in BrainTEL and MicroNET servers, so try going to them one-by-one and should come across them, i dont even think of MicroNET servers has any sXe Injected installed.

  46. zaid says

    yar servers add ni ho rae help

  47. cleans911 says

    SXe Injected Load Error. SOLOUTION FOUNDED !!!

    here what i found detail information about this problem might be helpul to my brothers.

    Error: – GetLastError(87)(Invalid parameter.)
    Description: Windows has a limited list of applications who can be notified of launched applications, this list has only 8 positions, sXe Injected consume one, when the list is full sXe Injected can not subscribe and finalize.
    Solution: It is common when you uninstall an application (like the stupid Norton 2008) that the uninstall process do not eliminate all it drivers, so, you have a lot of drivers loaded and running with no purpose. The solution is find those drivers and deactivate them, subscribed drivers can be found with applications like Deep system Explorer (http://www.diamondcs.com.au/dse/), and you can deactivate it with programs like Autoruns (www.sysinternals.com), “Drivers” tab. NOTE:be carefull!

    Error: GetLastError(1275)(This driver has been blocked from loading)

    Description: Another application is blocking sXe Injected’s driver or you have Windows 64bits installed.
    Solution: Try to grant sXe Injected to load drivers or if you have a 64bits platform there nothing you can do.

    1. Zubair says


      thanks for sharing those info

      did that solution workout for you?

  48. cleans911 says


    Here i am posting a link, where you can find all the information regarding to Sxe-Injected Issues.


  49. Hamza says

    please can u send me the counter strike website on my email id…..i saw in park tower that wateen workers were showing websites like they were also shoin counter strike ………..plz send me the website on my email id……

  50. cleans911 says

    You are very welcome.

    unfortunately none of those solution worked for me. because i am using vista 64 bit.

    1. Zubair says

      aww man, sorry to hear that.

      I thought that was the case for you, you’re better off dual booting your system – there’s no telling how long it will take for sXe Injected to become 64bit compatible.

      Please don’t mind me asking, but why are you using a 64bit OS anyways? can you tell me how much RAM you’re using?


  51. cleans911 says

    well! I cant use dual boot for my system. win xp cd is
    $200. i downloaded win XP basic. but here in USA software piracy law is very strict. I don’t want to take any risk.

    I don’t have problem with my system configuration. i understand all those things. after all I am A+ certified. My major is Computer and Internetworking technologies.

    For you kind information i am using.
    Core 2 quad 2.5Ghz (total 10Ghz), 8GB DDR2 ram, Nvidia Geforce 1gb Graphics card, 800 watt power supply. 🙂

    1. Zubair says


      Nice Specifications!, just needed to know that 🙂 I understand what you mean by the XP pricing and U.S laws against software piracy – I’ve lived in the united states myself.

      Why not opt for Open Source? Ubuntu might do you some good? 🙂

  52. cleans911 says

    Dude You are The mAn!!

    I am Idiot 🙂 why i completely forgot about Ubuntu/kubantu. i love its features. its awesome. thanks to remind me. :). thanks god i have fast internet, it only took 7 min to download this 700 MB. 🙂 just chill.

    The way you asked me some questions, i was doubted you have live in USA.

    With Best Regards,

    Angel Bros.

  53. cleans911 says

    I downloaded 64 bit ver. :(. fool.

    1. Zubair says


      You’re Welcome 🙂

      I think you’re addicted to 64bit Operating Systems 😀

  54. ZAIN says

    tumhare servers main se sirf brainz ka chalta hai

  55. Sallu says

    hi.. i am adding serverz but it doesnt appears..

  56. zain says

    main jab bhi internet connect karta hoon mera ip change ho jata hai what can i do ??????? answer me please

    1. Zubair says

      You can try using


      to get a static ip, or you can goto your ISP’s office and ask to get a static ip from them which will obviously cost you some money last i heard from someone Wateen was offering Rupees 2000 / per static ip (the amount could have changed).

  57. zain says

    console main ja kar server likho
    connect ho jao ge

  58. zain says

    my ip (internet protocol) is now display on my computer but i have dsl net speed 3 GB (giga byte) the what is the reason that my downloading speed is only 50 kbps but anyone who uses dsl of 3 gb its speed of downloading is 300 kbps or faster
    answer me
    plz ?????

    1. Zubair says


      It might be that something is slowing it down, could be a virus.

      are you using PTCL? if so then try using telephone see if there are any noise / distortion – if you hear those ask a Representative from your ISP come over and fix it.

      It can be something from the ISP’s end too, so you might as well and contact your ISP and ask if there are any limitations set by them for your account.

      In any case, what are you trying to download and from where? torrents? did you try http://www.SpeedTest.net ?

  59. zain says

    it does not a vvirus after one day i change my window and remove all hard drives and create new one then all virus must be removed
    then why the download speed slow answer me
    i download different files from any sites

    1. Zubair says


      Try downloading a file from http://www.download.com – see if you get the same speed.

      and did you try using http://www.speedtest.net ?

  60. ahmedirfan73 says

    hi…my problem is that when ever i run sxe injector it runs properly and works fine but when i run cs 1.6, it doesnt executes but when i dont run sxe injector the game works perfectly…and i cant play in sxe servers..please help me..hope to see u soon…

    1. Zubair says

      @ ahmedirfan73:

      I can’t say, it would be best if you show me the output of the log file created by sxe injected.

      in your counterstrike directory – where cs is installed, look for a file called sXe Injected.txt

      copy and paste the value here, that might help me to see the problem.

  61. ahmedirfan says

    @ zubair

    2009/12/31 15:22:14 –
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – ——————
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – sXe-I dll starting
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – version: 8.5
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Driver Initialization
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Open success
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** OGL started
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Link ready
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Image ready
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – Code altered, difference found
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – (ERROR) Image error

    1. Zubair says

      @ ahmedirfan73:

      I can’t say yet either, thats not the complete log is it?

      are you trying to use a cheat? 🙂 it could be because of that 🙂

      Try re-installing your counter-strike if possible.

  62. ahmedirfan says

    it is the complete log zubair and im not using any cheats…well il try reinstalling hope that works…thanks

  63. ahmedirfan says

    @ zubair..

    hey i got sxe injected 8.5 working with cs but now the problem is that when i go to the servers, they do not detect sxe injector and still im kicked out…i dont know why it is happening now,,can you help me out?

    1. Zubair says


      Glad you got it working 😉

      I think the reason you are being kicked out is because of you maybe using a different version of sXe Injected than the one being used on the server you are going to play.

      Did you try different servers? and did you download the latest version of the sXe Injected?

      When you join to play counter strike, you are given like about 20-30 (maybe less) seconds before you are kicked out, once you are joined a message appears on the center of your screen showing which version of counter strike this server is running? if its different than the one you’re using you have to use that version in order to play on that server.

      PTCL Broadband Servers for example uses old version of sXe injected to host their servers, which i think they are being too lazy to upgrade or maybe because not all cheats are compatible with the newest release of the sxe, sxe injected is no way a secure way to know if a user has been blocked off to enable cheats, it is still possible to that.

      I said that about PTCL Broadband servers because when i used to go play on those servers i always met cheaters on that server 🙂 so i think it was supposed to be called Cheaters Battle Server 🙂

      Well, on to the matter at hand – i can only say that you are being kicked out of the server because your Sxe Injected version might be causing conflicts. (it could be something else, but this is the case i most likely find).

  64. Angel says


    I Have some useful tips to increase your FPS. but 1st i need to know how do i control or concise my weapon spray/recoil at minimum spot?

    I used to have 100 FPS but now I am getting almost 200 FPS.

    go to properties of you Cs shortcut on your desktop.

    -console -game cstrike -nojoy -noipx -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -dev

    Add these words!! and you are all set to enjoy your max fps.

    then Open ur cs> go to console and type fps_max “200”


    Angel Bros. BB

  65. Omer says

    Is wateen or World call working??

  66. Omer says

    i am having a problem in CS…i am having high latency in CS….i have 1mb PTCL.
    12 am- 3pm tk meri ping sahe ati ea…bt 3:00-12:00 ka wqt ping 250 tk ati ea…wats da reason..?????

  67. Flamer says

    Following is my server for counterstrike source,,

    Password: flamer

    Pls join…..

  68. hassan says

    hi zain,
    kia hal hain maine tumhara comment parda hai wo mujhe nahi pata ke kia ho raha hai tumhari speed slow kyun hai zubair sahi ke raha hai tum us ki site se try karo or phir mujhe batao

  69. Zain says

    Yar tum mere sath online to ho aur tum cs 1.6 kab khelte ho yar tum kia keh rahe ho id par bheja kar facebook par

  70. ishaq says

    main ptcl user hon jab cs ka server concet karo to sxe-injected ko download karny ka likha ata hay wo donwload kar lya 8.7v install kya ha magar paher bhe sever jo sxe-ijnected waley hain en se disconcet ho jata hay
    koi es ka solution batey Plzzz

    1. Zubair says


      What is the error you get after downloading and installing sxe-injected? are you downloading the latest version of sXe?

      I have noticed in the past that PTCL servers are not updated regularly and have been seen to use older versions of sXe-Injected on their servers, if that is still the case then your only choice is to find the version of sXe-injected they are using and install that one (which in my opinion is a waste of time).

  71. Sohail says

    @ ahmedirfan
    Would you mind telling me how did you fix the b/m error??

    2009/12/31 15:22:14 –
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – ——————
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – sXe-I dll starting
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – version: 8.5
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Driver Initialization
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Open success
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** OGL started
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Link ready
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – **** Image ready
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – Code altered, difference found
    2009/12/31 15:22:14 – (ERROR) Image error

  72. ishaq says

    thanks for reply
    the server has sxe 8.7 i have download it from sxe-injectd.com
    now when i install and run it a window open of sxe 8.7 local stike in wich language option is given i minimize it and then open counter strike it does not excute now when i close the sxe window the cs runs normal.
    i re install sxe and cs1.6 but there is same prolbem plz can u give me the link to download full version of cs which runs with sxe and also give the link for sxe downloading.

  73. ishaq says

    and plz tell me the method of downloading and installing

  74. Zubair says


    It is forbidden to post links to warez here, so i can’t do that for you, sorry.

    You will have to Google it, I’m not sure which version of the patch you are using, it might be the CS patch, try installing v21 or above.

    You can download the latest version of sXe Injected anti-cheat by clicking here.

  75. CyPH3r says

    Dreamnet Server ip’s have been changed so note down the new ip

    or you can add also with


  76. ahmed says

    thank u!

  77. Zubair says

    thanks, i added them to the list above 😉

  78. Sami says

    I want some cs cheats can u tell me ?

  79. GAMERSXS says

    IP IS :
    2ND ip :
    first ip from 4:pm to 5:pm
    second from sunday to tuesday 4:pm to 5:30 pm
    please add to your list

    1. Zubair says


      I’m sorry but i can’t list your IP’s above, because the IP you provided are not good enough, nobody can play on your server like that – that’s because you gave a Local IP Address and you should have a (Real) Dedicated IP Address for that.

      Who is your ISP?

      To find your Real IP you can visit this website http://www.whatismyip.com and that will show you your real ip address.

  80. GAMERSXS says

    mera ip ye hi hai us waqt main local chala kar khel raha tha
    4:pm to 5:30 tak chale ga

  81. [Cobra:XS] Pakistani H3ro says

    Zubair humare servers bhi add kar lo apni website main
    normal server paki.selfip.com
    tournament server
    death match server

  82. GAMERS:XS says

    yar main ne http://www.whatismyip.com main geya tha udhar ip ye hai lekin jab main hlds se dedicated server bnata hoon to ip kuch aur ata hai yani
    ab main doosre ip ka server kaise bnaun
    tell me plz…………………………………..??????

    1. Zubair says


      The ip shown on (http://www.whatismyip.com) is your real ip, if someone is going to join your server it has to be achieved using that ip.

      The ip you mentioned (, etc, etc.) are local ip address, you can use that address only when you’re connected to a local network, then you can pass that address to the other users connected to the network so that they can come and join your server.

      But if you want to make your server available online, you will need a dedicated ip address by dedicated i mean a static ip and not dynamic.

      For example, right now my isp is PTCL Broadband and they offer dynamic ip address to all users, i can obtain a static ip for an extra fee if i wanted to though.

      If i wanted to make an online counter strike server then i would get that static ip, and then setup my server.

      I was going to post a tutorial about setting up your own counter strike server without purchasing any static ip, but i have been overloaded with work so am not getting enough time.

      You can also join our community forums (http://www.forums.cyberpk.net) and ask around there too.

  83. PAKISTAN says

    zubair mere pas aik website hai us ko google par kaise show karon

  84. ShariqDON says

    Yaar me Chect-Protected server par Try kerta hon to
    SXE kuch Download offer ati he .
    Jub me SXE to launch kerta hon to CS Execute nai hota

  85. HITMAN says

    i wana b the admin of wateen 1337 server of cs 1.6 can i ??
    i play mostly in wateen i m wateen user i knows all the server commands .. my score in wateen is always on top so plz give me chance

  86. PAK says


  87. babashah64 says

    my problem is that that i connect the server they are kicked me. i have a sxe injected but why the are kicked me what is the reason.
    please told me this problem solution. thanks

  88. PAK says

    download sxe from http://www.sxe-anticheat.com then client.when it download install it.then create a shortcut to desktop then open it and click on update and minimize it it say sxe is up to date the you open counter-strike then see in console the message appear (sxe command offline) it means your sxe on. then join a server of sxe….

  89. Cobraxs says


    To make counter strike 1.6 server download the following: –
    1.hldsupdatetool (note: donot install it)
    2.swds 47+48 patcher
    3.ultimate sounds plugins
    4.country welcome for cs 1.6
    OK we download these tools then see follow steps
    1.Now make a folder in “c” drive and name it “HLDS”. Install the ” hldsupdatetool ” in c:\hlds (Note: Dont open file)
    2.Then click on start and go to run and type cmd. A black window will appear write this in it ” cd c:\hlds ” and press (Enter)
    3.Then write this code: –
    hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dirc:\hlds
    4.Then the message appear like this : dowloading etc. It will start downloading your cs 1.6 server (50 %). When it done the message appear ” hlds installation up to date ”
    5.Then you must press enter then write this code:
    hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir c:\hlds.Then your server install full.again the message appear
    ” hlds installation up to date ”
    6.then extract the swds 47 + 48 patcher in c:\hlds click yes
    1.Go To C:\hlds\cstrike and there is ” server.cfg ” file open it with wordpad and erase all in it and copy the following in it

    // server name
    hostname “Server Name”

    // rcon passsword
    rcon_password “password”

    // server cvars
    mp_friendlyfire 0
    mp_footsteps 1
    mp_autoteambalance 1
    mp_autokick 0
    mp_flashlight 1
    mp_tkpunish 1
    mp_forcecamera 0
    sv_alltalk 0
    sv_pausable 0
    sv_cheats 0
    sv_consistency 1
    sv_allowupload 1
    sv_allowdownload 1
    sv_maxspeed 320
    mp_limitteams 2
    mp_hostagepenalty 5
    sv_voiceenable 1
    mp_allowspectators 1
    mp_timelimit 25
    mp_chattime 10
    sv_timeout 65

    // bots
    bot_quota 0
    bot_quota_mode fill
    bot_difficulty 2
    bot_chatter off
    bot_auto_follow 1
    bot_auto_vacate 1
    bot_join_after_player 0
    bot_defer_to_human 1
    bot_allow_rogues 0
    bot_walk 0
    bot_join_team any
    bot_eco_limit 2000
    bot_allow_grenades 1
    bot_allow_grenades 1
    bot_allow_pistols 1
    bot_allow_sub_machine_guns 1
    bot_allow_shotguns 1
    bot_allow_rifles 1
    bot_allow_snipers 1

    // round specific cvars
    mp_freezetime 6
    mp_roundtime 5
    mp_startmoney 800
    mp_c4timer 45
    mp_fraglimit 0
    mp_maxrounds 0
    mp_winlimit 0
    mp_playerid 0
    mp_spawnprotectiontime 5

    // bandwidth rates/settings
    sv_minrate 0
    sv_maxrate 0
    decalfrequency 10
    sv_maxupdaterate 60
    sv_minupdaterate 10

    // server logging
    log off
    sv_logbans 0
    sv_logecho 1
    sv_logfile 1
    sv_log_onefile 0

    // operation
    sv_lan 0
    sv_region 0

    // execute ban files
    exec banned_user.cfg
    exec banned_ip.cfg
    setmaster add
    setmaster add
    setmaster add
    setmaster add
    setmaster add
    setmaster add

    2.Now go to c:\hlds\cstrike there is a file with this name liblist.gam open it (Warning Donot Erase anything in it)
    add this line in last
    gamedll “addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll”

    NOW OPEN hlds.exe and click start server.Now your server will be start
    wait for peoples to join
    Thanks for read this Contact us on
    Good LUCK

  90. Nemesis says

    2010/07/08 21:20:19 –
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – ——————
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – sXe-I dll starting
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – version: 8.0 (Fix 3.0)
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – **** Driver Initialization
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – **** Open success
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – **** Link ready
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – **** Image ready
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – Code altered, difference found
    2010/07/08 21:20:19 – (ERROR) Image error
    I am not using cheats even tried reinstalling cs.
    Erm im not sure about the content of my cs i downloaded it from the net can u tell me the link of a sxe injected friendly cs?

    1. Zubair says


      Something is wrong with your CS Installation, according to the log you sent the code has been altered this error usually appears when a hack / cheat is being used – try reinstalling counter strike on your system (maybe a different patch if possible).

  91. Arham says

    I have unisntalled my cs and then reinstall it and when I try to connect with any of the cheat protected server my cs anonymously closes…and sometimes there is a error that “ur windows virtual memory is low” I dont kow what to do…:(
    With regards Arham

  92. angel says

    @ arham!

    if ur virtual memory is low, that can be solved easily!!

    1st of all u need to know how much is your ram is in MB.
    1) press win+R
    2) type dxdiag
    3) look for memory (and write it down on a peace of paper)
    4) open a calculator (u will need this later)
    5) enter the value of your memory x 1.5 =
    for example:
    Initial Size 1024 x 1.5 = 1536
    Maximum Size 1024 x 4 = 4096


    1) right click on my computer > click properties
    2) Advanced System settings
    3) Under Performance > click ADVANCED
    4) now click Advanced Tab
    5) click on change
    6) you will see list of Drives, like C: D: E: F:
    7) click on the largest drive in you hard disk other then the C: Drive
    8) click on custom size
    9) Initial Size (MB) (put the value of your memory size * 1.5)
    10) Maximum Size (MB) (put the value of your memory size * 4)
    10) click set
    11) click ok, ok, ok
    12) restart your PC.

    Life is good!
    I can understand it looks difficult to describe and implement. but trust me these are very simple and easy steps. when you follow the steps don’t panic, every thing will be easy and smooth.

  93. Abdul says

    Hayyyeeee Yah konse Masley ka haL bata rhe ho AngEL

  94. Angel says

    @ Abdul.

    agar apka system ye warning message data hay.

    “you system virtual memory is low”

  95. Ali says

    hey Zubair can u plz tell me wats dat mean

    Kicked :”Sorry but you have too high ping, try later…”

    i have too high ping…wats dat mean ???

    1. Zubair says


      That messages means that your ping is High, in simpler terms it means your connection is very laggy. if you are kicked due to that its probably so that the server environment remains lag free.

      sXe Injected message refers to you not having sXe Injected injected installed on your computer. It’s a anti-cheat client used by almost all online servers now to defend against hacking/cheating.

      and Yes, you need to install sXe Injected on your PC in order to play on sxe enabled servers.

      Hope that helped 🙂

  96. Ali says

    and plz also tell about this

    Kicked :sXe Injected is required on this server, download from http://www.sxe-anticheat.com

    wat is dat ? Do i have to download it… ?
    plz tell

  97. Ali says

    tHANSks Buddy …

  98. shaz says

    guys plz tell me how to fix this load error problem wid sxe 11.0

  99. Ali says

    Zubair do u know…how to make our own ip address so i can play CS with my friends….????
    plz tel me

    1. Zubair says


      I’m not sure exactly what you want but for people who have Dynamic IP’s (IP Address that change every time their router restarts) they can use a service such as http://www.no-ip.com, No-IP gives you a static ip that you can use to redirect traffic to your own ip which it keeps tracks of all the time.

      So my point is that, people can use no-ip.com services and obtain an static ip from there to host their own counter strike servers online, i did this for a friend a while ago and its free.

      I have been wanting to create a tutorial regarding this but have been to distracted by other stuff.

  100. elnet says


    1. SK!!SPAWN says


  101. GamerXS says


    1. Zubair says


      There is no one more reliable than Google on the internet right now.
      and Google offers their own sets of Free DNS Servers:

      Primary DNS:
      Secondary DNS:

      and then there is also OpenDNS:

      Primary DNS:
      Secondary DNS:

      Finally, these are PTCL DNS Servers (which offers better latency & response time):
      The following DNS is suggested by PTCL to be used.

      Primary DNS:
      Secondary DNS:

      There are more on this link, but i didn’t check if they still work.

      I know alot of PTCL users use Google’s & Open DNS.

  102. GamerXS says


  103. GamerXS says

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

  104. GamerXS says

    HEY ALL Counter-STrike 1.6 USERS JOIN MY CLAN register here http://gamerxs.webs.com

  105. SILENT KILLER says



    1. Zubair says

      Silent Killer:
      Well, it has been said DNS often but not always helps you increase your browsing speed (and not your downloading speed), the time it takes to load a web-page are often improved using third-party DNS services such as Google & OpenDNS, but it isn’t always the case as sometimes your ISP may provide a better DNS than these third-party ones.

      Most of the third party DNS Servers are much more secure and up to date than your ISP’s too, they are dedicated and well designed for DNS. Which can offer just more than the basic dns functionality.

      If you want you can read what google has to say about the Google’s Public DNS.

  106. GamerXS says

    HEY Zubair How can i get a FREE Static Ip Adress (Free)

    1. Zubair says

      You can obtain a static ip using no-ip.com and also dyndns.com.

  107. GamerXS says

    hey Zubair i have this ip
    the dydns says your current ip is
    i add domain to this ip i activated this ip but i dont know how to use it plz tell me

  108. GamerXS says


    SERVER NAME IS “Pakistani GamerXS Server” and Ip IS

  109. CH@MP says

    my wateen cs servers not appearing when i put the ip in them 🙁 i was a user of connect.net.pk and the connect cs servers were great but here on wateen i cant get connect to servers and even on garena gaming client i cant play dota all stars because wateen ping is high and its not a good experience tell how ill i fix my csp orb of watreen 🙂

  110. sss says

    HEY ZUBAIR I HAVE dyndns.com account but how to use dunamic ip plz tell i dont know it. reply plz

  111. javed says

    Hello, all
    i just want to warn you all, dat plz dont buy any thing from this guy, adnan, who is giving his number above in comments, he is just a fraud, a lier.
    There is no 15 days money back guarantee from wateen, this guy claims every where that wateen will return all the initial amount which was 3100 in my case.
    There were no good signals, but thus guy said me, that u check this for 15 days, at any time, u want to return the device, u will get full amount back,
    but when the 2nd day, when i wished to returned device, that guy just kept me telling stories, dat m coming in 1 day,today, tomorrow,in 2 mins, etc,but never came
    and when disappointly i went to wateen frunchise, i came to knw dat wateen has no such policy,
    once the account is activated,there is no money back thing,
    and this guy just told lie to me, just to make his sales commission,
    and i returned device now, with half price, and with 10 days tension juzt because of this guys cheat,
    stay warned,
    His name is adnan mirza
    and his number is 0303-4285967

  112. GamerXS says


  113. GamerXS says


  114. ~ DarK Angel ~ says

    Your ip changes everytime your computer restarts because you don’t have a static ip…. you can ask your isp for a static ip but that will cost you… or you can use the services mentioned earlier above by the blog admin..

  115. GamerXS says


  116. GamerXS says


  117. Prince.R says

    I hv a wateen connection nd im nt getting able to join servers even wateen servers:(
    so wht i should in order to be capable of joining servers. Im using patch v23.So please suggest me smthing!

  118. ~ DarK Angel ~ says

    Prince.R:: make sure you have sxe injected installed before trying to go into any of the counter strike servers. You can download it here Download Sxe Injected

  119. Prince.R says

    Dark @ngel when i run my sxe nd than run the game an error interupted tht sxe injected will be closed
    nd i didnt join sxe servers i use to play on hackers server like ptcl server 5 the one wth port 27019~!

  120. Prince.R says

    nywayz dark thnx fr ur suggestion!

  121. ~ DarK Angel ~ says

    Prince.R, You’re welcome & i think the problem is your patch. Remove the current CS patch you have and try installing a different one i recommend v26 or above.

  122. GamerXS says


  123. GamerXS says


    Server Name : Pakistani GamerXS Server
    SERVER IP : gamerxs.no-ip.org:27016


  124. ShaYaN says

    @GamerXS — how did you make ip static plz help me…. i try no-ip.com but server not working…… YOUR server is offline tooo..

  125. Prince.R says

    I think its neither the problem of sxe nor the problem of reinstalling the game i think tht wateen users hv to do something wth port i guess nd zubair bro cn better tell me abt tht.If u guyz kno smthng so tell me abt tht i dnt kno much abt wateen cz im new user of it.1st i ws using ptcl nd it ws a gr8 experience bt im facing problems wth wateen so ny1 kno smthng abt it so plz hlp me out~!

  126. Zubair says

    Sorry for not being around that much, I have been working on a new look for eBloggy – it’ll be up soon 🙂

    Sorry, but i can’t add that because the server seems to be down.

    I can’t be sure what the cause of your problem is, i need more info i don’t understand what exactly the error you get is – feel free to post your Sxe Injected error log here so i can better understand your problem.

    But as far as i know, you don’t need to do anything special to run Counter Strike on Wateen, Port Forwarding is required when you want to host your own counter strike server otherwise you don’t need to configure anything else.

  127. Prince.R says

    Thnk god u responsed!I dnt need my own server im jst saying tht i am unable to join a server wth wateen even whn i join a server from console it cnt establish a network connection to server i hv tried these all servers wateen too bt none of these works so wt should i do in order to be capable of joinng servers.Hope u cn suggest me something !:)

    1. Zubair says

      I know you’re just trying to play counter strike and not wanting to create your own server, that’s what i was saying you only need to doing port configuration if you are trying to run your own counter strike server, but you don’t want to do that so it isn’t necessary.

      I don’t really understand what kind of problem you’re having but here are some things you should try:

      Open you command line console (dos) and type:

      Let me know if you get a reply or timeout when you ping that address.

      If you receive a reply when you ping, then i think the issue could be with your counter strike patch.

      It would be more helpful if you could provide the exact error message you are getting.

      You will only be able to play on cracked servers.

  128. Prince.R says

    As far as the case of sxe leave it i will manage it by my own.Jst suggest me something so tht i cn join any server even ny 1 in the master server list.:D

  129. Prince.R says

    Hey when i ping that address i got a reply

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=72ms TTL=121
    Reply from bytes=32 time=71ms TTL=121
    Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=121
    Reply from bytes=32 time=70ms TTL=121

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 65ms, Maximum = 72ms, Average = 69m

    So now wt cn i do?

    1. Zubair says

      Looks to me like a counter strike patch issue – have you tried reinstalling counter strike? or maybe trying a another patch v28 or v29?
      I’ll email you the link to download it.

  130. hasnain shah says

    yar i have cs and i am using wateen net but wateen servers r not adding i dont know wats the prob i downloaded my cs 3 times but they r not adding

  131. hasnain shah says

    hey zubair bhai i am also having the same prob which prince is having and i am a wateen user and when i wrote in console that “ping”
    it says “not connected” thanku!

  132. Prince.R says

    Hasnain you hv to ping tht in your comand prompt go to start click run type cmd nd than write ping 1 MORE Suuggestion tht if u wanna play cs you can play on other servers tht u can see on gametracker.com http://www.gametracker.com/servers/ this web gives u online servers ip addresses jst add there ip address.

  133. Prince.R says

    Hey Zubair bro. cn i make a server if i hv a wi-tribe net.Is portforwarding required or not?

  134. sami says

    HI.. yr let me know about zombie server i want to make zombie server but i dont know how to make it so plz plz plz lets me know its procedure….

  135. hasnain shah says

    i know i am using other servers and i have been playing on that servers since 2 weeks but because of high ping i can play i can play on tht severs but i want to know y arent my wateen servers working!!! plz helP thankyou!!

    1. Zubair says

      @Hasnain Shah:

      Do you see any servers online in Counter Strike when using Wateen? if not it might be some sort of a restriction or error on wateen’s side. It will probably be if you contact and consult with them to see if they have any restrictions set for you.

      Again, the best way to check would be to ping the server using the command prompt > ping command. if you don’t get a reply from the IP (try using one from the above list, you can try pinging / accessing this IP: (PTCL CS SERVER) – i confirmed it is working before posting so you should get a reply from it.

      I’m not sure about Wi-Tribe Wimax yet, but i’m pretty sure you can make a server with that as-well just like Wateen Wimax, I have to assume that you will have to set port forwarding for this though just like with Wateen to create your own counter strike server online.

  136. Prince.R says

    Salam! Is there any solution to reduce the ping of the player tht use to connect on my servers.Im using wi tribe server nd they r ptcl users is there ny slution fr tht?

    1. Zubair says

      @Prince.R: Download and Install the Booster Plugin on your server it helps reduce lag on the server, also the more mods you have the worse it will get so try not to install too many useless mods.

  137. hasnain shah says

    yar i think the wateen ips are dead thats why they are not working i am using some of the ips and playing online. none of the ips from the above list r working except for linkdotnet brain net micro net go4b and multinet thwsw r working but there is latency i cant play can u check out that are the wateen servers dead or alive from gametracker!!thankyou!!other wise all of the ips from gametracker r working with very big lag can t play!!

    1. Zubair says

      @Hasnain shah:
      I’m sorry but i’ve had my hands full for a while and couldn’t keep track of all the servers above, but we are also working on setting up a live counter strike servers tracker, you can see that by clicking here – it’s not 100% ready but its working smoothly and shows the server which are online right now and other info too.

      At the moment, i see only 2 wateen servers online right now.

  138. Usama says

    hello…i have a problem with sxe injected. i have installed it but still servers tell me to download sxe injected….could you plz help me out 🙁

    1. Zubair says


      Is it on just one server? or are all the servers saying that?

      Have you downloaded the latest version of Sxe Injected? sometimes servers have different versions of SXE Injected required, For instance the last time i checked PTCL Counter Strike Servers were using an old version of SXE Injected so to play on that server i had to download the exact version they were using.

  139. shehzad says

    hey zubair can u tell me if i play on wateen server my bandwidth which is 5gb will be consumed??? i am playing CS:S

    1. Zubair says


      The last i remember it didn’t use to consume bandwidth when playing on Wateen Counter Strike Servers, but the best way to confirm this would be using all your bandwidth 5GB and then try playing on the server 🙂 but i’m pretty sure it shouldn’t use your bandwidth when on wateen only server.

  140. hasnain shah says

    hey when i ping i get a reply timed out what shud i do i am wateen user and i am haveing problem in wateen servers i cant join any of them!!! plz help

    1. Zubair says

      @Hasnain Shah
      That server ip is down now, its the same for me too. thats why it timed out.
      P.S:- (You have a mail from me).

  141. mohiuddin says

    ptcl ka cs server new kia hai ip plzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Zubair says


      I’m not sure which PTCL Servers you are asking for, I’m not aware of any new servers of ptcl. The ones i’ve found are in the above list.

      1. 33 says

        mango mara sala koi server bi add ni hota bund ka zooor laga lia ha i hate cs sali gandi game hai

  142. Qaiser Khan says

    i want cs servers without sxe injected plz if any1 know plx tell me

    Thank You

    1. Abdul wahab says

      yar ap mera server join kar lo ip ha

  143. HAMMAD says


  144. Nuty boy says

    ye sub jhot hai , ptcl ka koi bhi server kaam nehi karta sub jhot hai pakistan zinda bad.

  145. ateeb says

    please tell me some ip address of counter strike 1.6

  146. Joallysson Do brasil says

    // UNlimited Team [CPL/4FUN] – 16 slots
    // Servidor Dual Protocolo Steam/NonSteam // // // // //

  147. Muneeb says

    Plz Help Me I Cant Add Ips in My Cs 🙁 SO Wat can I Do nOw.?

    1. Zubair says

      @Muneeb: Change your counter strike patch.

      1. Abdul wahab says

        yar zubair many server banaya ha aur my isay sxe sy kasy protect kro apna yahoo ka id zroor da dana plz!!!!!!!!

      2. Zubair says

        @Abdul Wahab: If you want to protect your server with Sxe Anti-Cheat, you have to download the Server-Side Client from their Website. They offer two version of their software One is the client-side version (thats the one the players on the server use) and the Second one is the server-side version (which is what the server owner uses to protect their servers).

        Just visit their website and find the Server-Side version which is just below the Client-Side version.

  148. Abdullah says

    Zubair bhai can u tell me which version css wateen servers you are using because when i try to join they always kick me out saying that i have a older version reply soon 🙂

  149. shantsnoli says

    he i want to play c.s to ma kia karo

  150. saddam says

    yaar koi bager sxe wala server banao mera sxe error de raha hai

  151. muhammad Ubaid says

    yar bahi koi help karay ga mari yar
    baz dafa saray server NOT RESPOND ho jaty hain or PTCL ki net hy or PTCL ki he IP nahi lag rhi Dreamnet ki do ip lagtin hain bus

  152. faiziak47 says

    Welcome To Fariya Network Xtreme Gaming Servers.

    Live Counter-Strike Server List For International Users.

    1. khan says

      mera naam waqar khan hai or main apna server banana chahta ho plz mere madad karo my number 03065001830 call me now

      1. amjad says

        mjhe apni iP bnani hai woh kaise bnegi .. or server please mjhe btaye jalDI.. m W8ing

  153. Muneeb says

    main counter strike source khelta hun pr pakistan main is ka koi acha server ya phir hain he nahin is liye plz css ka server banao

  154. azib says

    i have windows7 and i’m using wateen connection.my counterstrike is not connecting with any server on internet.

  155. faisal says

    muje whiteout sxe wali ip den jaldi plz

  156. mirza says

    i m new user is liya kon si ip lagao i have ptl conection

  157. Syed Rafay says

    Mujhay sv banana aata hay…
    mere sv par aajana main bta dun ga

  158. farraz says

    salam bhai aap new game kar k khelo ap ka server bn jaye ga waqar hai.Tension na lo aap

    1. imran says

      yaar mujhay counter strike online khelnay ke server ki setting hai batao.
      plzz friend

  159. mR.FaKe says

    Yaar jaani Bagair Sxe Ka Koi SerVer Hy.? Agr Hy Thow Plz Rply KardeNa.

  160. minhaj says

    sxe fazool ha jab run karo sxe ko to game hi nai chalti if any one knows how to solve this plz contact me 0324-4269777

  161. ali says

    aNy One fOr Wateen

  162. SumAIt says

    YAr server h connect nai ho raha hy plzz bataoo na kese karooo Master server ka bol raha h ! 🙁

  163. anas says

    yaar yeh game kio nahi chal raha jaldi batao plzzzz

  164. Naeem Fida says

    plz yar help me…….
    mere sath wateen device hai counter striek server nahi utaraha
    i am waiting your message

  165. mohammad aamir says

    yar ye servers wi tribe pe chalte hai ya nai
    jaldi bta dena plzz

  166. umair mengal says

    muje apna pk server banana ha plz kohi muja batya ya kis tara banta ha or jo b madat karna chaye to mara facebook id par muje batana plz mara id ya ha [email protected]

  167. kiran says

    yar mere pas bhe wateen hai koi server nahte utha raha koi hal batao plz

  168. ptaha525 says

    cpub.gw.lt:27015 pulik 24/7 +18
    cpub.gw.lt:27015 Csdm+Surf 24/7
    cpub.gw.lt:27017 GunGame Comand 24/7

  169. ahsan says

    mere pas device net hai mai kese connect ho server mai kis bi any time plz tell me any one

  170. haris says

    mobilink infinity server kahan mily gy plzzz batao koi

  171. kamran says

    yar koi acha online gaming software batao plz hlsw ko pata nhai kia hoa ha k open nahi ho raha ha gt tu bakwas ha open nahi ho raha ha

  172. kamran says

    han sb isp pe ye servers chalte hen.. isp=internet service providers ok

  173. -nR^vip says

    yar plzz koi city cable ki ip to do plzzzzzzzzz

  174. -nR^vip says

    bohat sv hy
    google mai likh do c.s 1.6 server in pakistan ajayy gai

  175. ramzan shaikh says

    mere pass bhi wateen hai magar local server lan pe kise ka nahi hai yeh lo ip meri hlg server ki

    1. awais memon says

      PLESE join this

    2. saif ansari says

      mera counter strike online nai chalte

  176. ramzan shaikh says

    Wateen Users Plz Join My cs Dadicated Server Not 24 hOur On sAme TimE

  177. shahab says

    koi batai plzz fariay ka server unknown kue arha ha yar ha ??????????????

  178. akbar shah says

    koi batay ga k cs kesay chalay ge plzzzzzzz answer me

  179. khan says

    ptcl server is the best..sxe pe required hai..

  180. shahroz says

    hii salam! jnb! mere pass koi b server nae chl raha h! in server me se bhe koi nae chl raha h! help me! how can i got these servers!

  181. zohaib khan says

    yr merey pas b fariya hy tm world call ki ip use kro connect hojaega ips yeh hyn ….

  182. majid abbasi says

  183. niti says

  184. ahsan says

    yar wateen k jitne bhi sv hain in main se aik sv bhi mere pas show nahi ho raha hai plz koi mjhe bataye k kesy show honge yeh sare sv aur mjhe ping low karni hai apni meri ping 145 146 a rahi hai aur mjhe 10-20 se zada ping nahi chaye plz anyone help me….

  185. Bugti says

    Mere ko online counter strike khelni hi, kya koi banda mere ko bata sakta hai kay mai kese banao?

    Mera number yeh hai is pay sms karain please 0333-3429565

    BB Pin: 26BCE741

    please koi jaldi bata day thanks

  186. umer says

    Yaaar mujay plz koi Qubee ki cs site bata do yaar me preshaan hoon. Mujay nai pata is net par cs kese khelte hain plzz koi bata do koi ip ya game kese chali ge Qubee ki device hai merey pass plzz.

  187. muhammad baqir says

    1. rayan says

      i need awp server’s can you give me?

  188. abdulsami says


  189. sajjadhussain says

    yr aik aisi ip batao kai shroyyy mai 205

  190. Nice list of servers ,I hope they still active .

  191. Hayyan Khan says

    I m not able to connect any of the death match servers… Non of their ips are added to my favourites list :S

  192. Farhan says

    Kisi ne CS khelna hai to mera apna server hai
    contact me 03152108126

  193. kashan says

    yr main add server kase karo mara 5 server hai plzz help me yr ptcl ka gaming ip number do plzz

  194. kashan says

    IPadd kase kar ta hai gametracker and ptcl ka gaming ip ka number do plzz help karo mara plzz

  195. kashan says

    hosting kar na hai plzz bolo help karo ptcl gaming ip number

  196. IPadd :
    ok add now

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