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DragDragonball Z RPG Game - Unreal tournament mod

Dragonball ZHeroes of our destiny

Here’s something cool, i just found out about this awesome soon-to-come mod that will be released as a Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, it is being developed by Gokussj , along with some other members who are supporting this project by offering there skills.

There is no release date up-to now, as to when this mod will actually be released. it seems it has been in development for years.

From DBZHood:
Dragonball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004 is the newest and improved engine based on the popular manga series Dragon Ball Z. This mod will be a single player (RPG) & multi-player type game and is the first dbz rpg game ever to be made on the UT 2004 engine. Play through the series and live the adventure. Fight the most feared enemies in the Universe and control the greatest heroes of all time like Goku and Vegeta and even the young saiya-jin Gohan.

All maps and models will be 100% from DBZ only. The Multi-player which will be our first release will be based on fight 1 at 1, and missions to protect the Earth or other important places like Namek, Saiyans Planet, Kami’s Look Out, Capsule Corporation or other places from evils Garlic Jr, Freeza, Cell, Buu or other evil character from DBZ only.

If you’re interested there are some in-game screen-shots that are looking very promising, there also some animation videos ready that you can look at.

Updates: http://www.moddb.com/mods/dbz-heroes-of-our-destiny

I have been a BIG!! fan of Dragon Balls, so this is very exciting for me.

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