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WordPress 3.0.2 Security Update

New Wordpress Update

Wordpress has released a mandatory security update with the wordpress version 3.0.2. It involves resolving some of the bugs and security holes in wordpress.

Windows Live Space Merging With WordPress

Windows Live Space Merging With Wordpress

It’s Official now, Microsoft’s Windows Live Spaces (or MSN Spaces) are partnering up with the guys at Wordpress.com to upgrade and migrate more than 30M bloggers. That basically means now Wordpress.com is going to be the default platform for every Windows Live Space user.

Upgrade your blog to New WordPress Version 3

New Wordpress Version 3 Released

I have been waiting for this wordpress release for quite a while, its a major update and its finally here. This is a great time to make sure you update all your wordpress blogs, since this is a major update and it might be a while since we see further updates too. Without any further […]

WordPress 2.7 New and Improved Dashboard

Wordpress 2.7 New and Improved Dashboard

The team at WordPress has done it again – This time it looks even better 🙂 WordPress team posted the new look we will be seeing in the upcoming release of WordPress – WordPress has been gathering feedback from bloggers around the globe to learn how there blogging experience is and how WordPress can help and […]

WordPress 2.6.1 – Minor Bug Fixes

Wordpress Logo

It seems there is already a new release after the major release of WordPress 2.6. Its nothing much important or something to burden the wordpress bloggers, it looks like its just a maintenance patch that fixes some issues that were found in the last major release of wordpress which was WordPress 2.6 – WordPress 2.6.1 […]

localhost wordpress installation problem – Using Permalinks!

Wordpress localhost Logo

I have a installation of WordPress on my local server (localhost), and i was fooling around with some themes and code – then i noticed that there’s something wrong and it was the Permalinks. It hasn’t been working for me ever since i installed wordpress. i was pretty confused why it wasn’t. I made a […]

Feedburner Headline Animator

Feedburner Headline Animator

I was just looking into my Google’s Feedburner account today, I saw a big decrease in my subscribers i am sorry that i haven’t had the time to keep my blog updated. I also recently caught a problem in the blog software, i was able to fix it by somehow – so i just upgraded it to the latest stable version of Wordpress. I think i was using a very old version of Wordpress not sure but maybe the (1.x.x Series) version.

WordPress Bug OR Typo

Wordpress Bug or Typo

There is a bug in Wordpress latest release 2.0.4 or maybe it’s just a small Typo? Anyways, the problem is in the wp-rss2.php file exactly where the config file is located.

A new begining of blogging!

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Hi, This is going to be my second blog though – My first blog had a life-line of 4 days i was running the blog, updating it daily with several new post but suddenly a problem with a wordpress plugin caused the entire blog to go down. so i couldn’t do anything about it, but this […]