WordPress 2.7 New and Improved Dashboard

Wordpress 2.7 New and Improved Dashboard

The team at WordPress has done it again – This time it looks even better 🙂

WordPress team posted the new look we will be seeing in the upcoming release of WordPress – WordPress has been gathering feedback from bloggers around the globe to learn how there blogging experience is and how WordPress can help and improve it.

The feedback gathered resulted the layout to be switched to a three-column style view, the design is quite appealing you must have a look if you intend to upgrade and even if you do not you still must – You never know maybe it will help change your decision. (See below for screen shots)

The style and layout should be one of the most appealing upgrade I think, The release of WordPress 2.7 is expected to be out by November 10th, 2008.

You can checkout the screen-shots of the new and dazzling look of the dashboard interface by scrolling down a little or by going to WordPress blog.

Wordpress 2.7 New Dashboard Screenshot

Wordpress 2.7 new and improved dashboard

Is that a much better look for all of us? It looks superb I cannot even keep my eyes off it. I can tell you this again means that the future releases of WordPress are sure to improve big time, this also makes our blogging days happier. Improvements such as these are what makes blogging even more fun!

One neat feature that i found pretty interesting and useful was the inclusion of QuickPress!

QuickPress is a new feature that provides the ability to start (or publish) a simple post from the Dashboard when you don’t need the full feature set of the Add New Post screen. Currently, these posts can contain title, text, media and tags. In 2.8 we hope to make the module configurable, so that each user can decide which few fields make the most sense to display.

If you Save as Draft, you will see the new draft appear in the Recent Drafts module right away. Clicking Cancel will clear the form. Publish publishes the post. Posts made using QuickPress are the same as other posts and may be editing by going to Posts > Edit and selecting the post in question.

One last thing: both in this module and on the Add New post screen, we’ve put as much space as possible between the Save Draft and Publish buttons, so for all of you who’ve asked at WordCamps or emailed or posted somewhere to request this, ta da! Hopefully this will reduce accidental publications.

You can checkout more about this new and amazing release at the WordPress Blog.

  1. Chris.Statzer says

    I have been waiting for a major update to the WordPress dashboard. I have been using xmlrpc for a while now. It might be time to go back to the web interface and see what they have to offer now.

  2. kuyanin says

    looks like wordpress got loads of improvement this time. they’re making it as user-friendly as blogger. 🙂

  3. DivaGeek says

    Hey you..sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I added your banner to my site and I finally made a couple for mine(there on my website’s sidebar). I’d be honored if you’d link me back. Stick it in a corner somewhere. haha!
    I FINALLY got my site the way I like it. 🙂 but knowing me I’ll continue to tweak and pick at it. Hope your doing well. Your blogging friend..


    ~ divageekdesigns.com

  4. Sushi Freak says

    This is a huge improvement for WordPress.

    The screenshot really caught my eye though. I’m on 2.7 now but I don’t have a stats window available. I haven’t upgraded to 2.7.1 yet, is that it?

    WordPress has always satisfied me with functionality. But with the new interface, it’s really going to be hard to beat. Ever.

  5. Zubair says

    Thanks Sushi for your kind feedback 🙂

    I havent upgraded to wordpress 2.7.1 yet myself – i think wait for something major.

  6. essemRobHep says

    very intresting

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