Google Analytics vs Clicky Web Analytics

GetClicky Web Analytics makes web analytic easy, fun, powerful, and drop dead gorgeous. I have been using GetClicky for over a week now and i have to say it is pretty amazing. The statistics that are available to you are pretty simple to understand not to mention highly detailed. GetClicky is giving every single detail… Continue reading Google Analytics vs Clicky Web Analytics

Dragonball-Z Anime, Goku’s Picture

Well guys, These are for all the Dragonball & DBZ fans out there… Recently while i was doing some search on designing and 3D topics i found these great pictures of yours truely… GoKu!! One of my favorite characters ever! and not to mention still is.. 🙂 Goku is a popular character from a popular… Continue reading Dragonball-Z Anime, Goku’s Picture

Free SEO Directory Submitter Software

Submit Helper is a very handy tool for people who wants to submit their websites to directories with ease, it makes the process less time consuming and simple. This is a very nifty and handy SEO Software, those who get tired of submitting their websites to numerous directories because they have to keep copy/pasting their website… Continue reading Free SEO Directory Submitter Software

Google Adsense Changes TOS

I’m sure everyone have heard by now about the recent change of Google Adsense TOS (Terms of Service)? Well, if you haven’t now is a good time to pay some attention! You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your… Continue reading Google Adsense Changes TOS

New WordPress 2.5 Coming Soon!

WordPress Version 2.5 has scheduled to be released in March 10, 2008. After  checking out the demo i don’t think i see anything “COOL” in it though the admin interface does seem to look a bit more flexible, i hate what they have done to the upper-top navigation menu, its hard to see. I’m talking about… Continue reading New WordPress 2.5 Coming Soon!

Free SEO Link Directories

Here are a list of Free SEO (search engine optimized) Link Directories that i have compiled, feel free to use them 🙂 Why would you need them? the main and most important reason would be to build backlinks for your blog or website, which would in-turn increase its Pagerank. Newest Addition: FREE… Continue reading Free SEO Link Directories

Deal or No Deal? Yahoo-Microsoft

Breaking News! The rumor has been going on for long enough, and now finally i am proud to say that Yahoo! has rejected Microsoft offer of 44.6 Billion USD (sorry previously i stated this amount a bit higher). According to the rumor some officials at Yahoo! said that will not be giving Yahoo! to Microsoft… Continue reading Deal or No Deal? Yahoo-Microsoft

Windows Folder Options missing – Windows XP

This post will help you solve your windows explorer tool options missing problem or windows registry (regedit.exe) being disabled in Microsoft Windows XP. Read further to see the simple step by step instructions to resolve these issues.

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