WateenConnector v1.0.2 – Exclusively for Wateen WiMAX Consumers


Wateen Connector for Wateen Telecom Users

Click Here to visit the offical website of Wateen-Connector.

I’ve been talking about this lately, and finally i am putting it up for public.
I actually made this on a request from a CyberPK’s Loyal and Regular user, i didn’t thought that
other users would be experiencing the same problem like him, Until i recently fell into it myself.

It sure is annoying, having to keep logging in to your Wateen WiMAX account – so Wateen Connector was created. Wateen Connector is Exclusively made for Wateen WiMAX users – Read More Below…


The only thing you need in order to run this application is .NET Framework installed on your computer, if you are Windows XP (SP 2) or higher user you must most probably have it installed already, if not you can download it from Microsofts Website.

Wateen-Connector is a new application and to be honest my second application that i ever released. so it might have bugs – though I’m surprised to see that its being downloaded frequently after putting it up online and adding it to stumbleupon’s listing i noticed that it was already downloaded 15 times 🙂 in 25 minutes to be precise.

I tried to make the application has sleek as much as i could for now, if you would like to support the development of this application use it and report all bugs either here or by visiting the CyberPK Community – You can also let us know if you have any suggestions to make this application even more useful.

I would really appreciate if people who have found this application useful to stumble, digg this post and spread the word about Wateen Connector 😉

  1. aamir attaa says

    great work zubair…

    will come back after some performance tests…!

  2. Sumera Munir says

    Very Very Good!

    I didn’t know you were a software maker zubair!
    wanted to kept it a secret? :p

    I installed the software on my pentium 4 dell laptop, its working smoothly i just had one question, why doesn’t this software work on different internet connection?

    mera matlab hai kay, mere pass 2 connections hein aik to wateen wimax or doosri ordinary cable connection meri cable wale net se jab main login karti hoon to chalta nahi hai 🙁

  3. Suna khan says

    Good Work!

    My brother has a Wateen WiMAX service i am using Dialup, i will try to install it on his PC and will tell you the results. I stumbled your site 🙂

    Take care!

  4. Zubair says

    Thanks guys 🙂

    I’m glad you liked it 🙂

    I’m sure you may have witnessed some problems since i got some emails complaining its not working.

    Theres a problem, a minor issue which i’ll resolve in few minutes.. i’ll upload the next version 🙂 The current version is missing many feature, a file called WateenConnector is created in your “C:\” directory. That file saves your login details into that flat file, it is created when you login the first time, it saves it so that you dont have to keep putting in your username everytime you disconnect. But for some reason that file is not being created in the current version i found the problem and will shortly post an update regarding it.

    Thanks for the feedbacks 🙂

  5. Zubair says

    77 downloads and counting ++ 🙂

    Thanks for the support 🙂

    New – version added which will fix almost all of issues you are having with the current version.

    please report any and all bugs you find.

  6. aamir attaa says

    Zubair Tested this application, and must say… good job done, there are little bugs, but i know you will manage them soon : – )

  7. Zubair says

    Thanks Amir 🙂

    yeah, i noticed 🙂 i tried to fix as many as i could and uploaded the revised version – grab that one and see how it goes 😉

  8. Bakhtawar Khan says


    I appreciate your effort in making this software, and i’ve been using it for about 2 days flawlessly.

    however, will you be adding more features to it?

    Keep up the good work bro!

  9. billa says

    Better not use this software. It may contain malware and may steal your user id / passwords or other useful information.

  10. Zubair says

    @bila: I can assure you there is no such thing in this application, it doesn’t contain any sorts of malware.

    This software doesn’t connect to any website expect Wateen’s authenticate. Thats It!

    You should first give it a try and then spread your false claims.

    This app creates a file called WateenConnector.txt in your C:\ directory which is used to save your userid/pass to YOUR computer thats so you dont have to enter your details multiple times and that’s almost the purpose of this software to make it ease for all the wateen consumers.

    Thanks for your concerns.

  11. Amin says

    Zabardast man this software is working easily it hangs sometimes but i just close and reopen it and it works.

  12. M.Arshad says

    Happy Ramadan Kareem

    I wish every muslim Happy Ramadan.

    I wasn’t sure if i would try this out but after reading these comments i had to step in and use it but i was too afraid so i downloaded this software and copied it to my Flash USB and took it over to my friend house 😀 (Hope doesn’t read this).

    He was also using Wateen WiMAX. I told him to use this software he installed it (took less than a minute).

    He opened the software and entered his Wateen Username and Password and pressed the login button The next window said that he is connected and showed his username on the Top Right screen.

    As you said Zubair this software created the WateenConnector.txt text file it was in the C:\ Drive.

    I was satisfied with the results and after waiting 2 days i heard no serious complain from my friend i decided to installed it on my pc too.

    Good Work, a job well done 🙂

  13. billa says

    thanks Zubair

    first every one can see this user id / pwd which is in clear text format and may use it for any purpose.

    secondly we don’t know what is inside the program and therefore there is a potential that this program may send the user id and pwd to some one else.

  14. Zubair says

    i’m not sure where you’re getting at but this program in no way sends or retrives any kind of information from the internet some users have already using it.

    The userID/pass is saved in text file, it is only visible to the computer user/administrator. It doesn’t send that info any where but to wateen (for login purpose).

    If this program was to retrieve your login info then i would’nt have placed that file there, i could’ve just embed that code to send me your details inside the code – But thats not the case here this application does not do that if you have a firewall you can check that this software does not send any information except to Wateen Website (again, for logging you in).

    I dont think you have tried using this program else you would know by now that it doesn’t do anything like you are saying so but i do appreciate your concern regarding the safety of the program.

    For those people who are worried about there private details being send – you tell your firewall to block outgoing request to internet for this program! – BUT don’t block Intranet!

    Intranet and Internet are different Intranet is Local Browsing if you block that it wont work. Intranet should not be disabled because then it wont be able to access Wateen’s website (“http://internet.wateen.net”) which is used to log in the user.


  15. ruhaan says

    Zubair ur efforts are nice the only problem ur application isnt cross platform and me bein a linux user i cant use it

    so i created this javascript


    and for the security freaks its more transparent in that u can easily go through the code to find if the script is sendin the login details to any1 or not

  16. Amj@D says


    Such a silly ppl we have in this country. By this software all your data username/passwrds can be easily hacked. Everything you enter can be easily e-mailed to the Hacker or the so called Developer of this software..

    Damn It!

  17. M.Arshad says

    @Amj@D –

    The only fool around here is you mate(.)

    You have no earthly idea what you are talking about, as the guys said it isn’t a software to hack you info.

    I’m not sure about the others but i tested this by using Zone Alarm Firewall – i blocked outgoing internet packets for this software and then opened the software and input my info to login – it was working and i think it has been a month and no such problems.

  18. Digital.surgeon says

    BRo it doesnt work on Windows 7 .
    after successfully installation it give errors upon login
    the error is
    “Something Prevented you from logging in ,try restarting the application”

    I tried everything,It do create a file on c drive.
    any ideas????

    1. Zubair says


      I can’t really say why you are getting that error 😮

      But i am guessing that you are using an older version?

      Did you try downloading the latest version from http://www.cyberpk.net/wateen-connector/

      If you have the latest version, i am not sure what the problem could be but it is something related to your OS – it makes a whole lot of difference if you have a different browser too.

      But what i would like to suggest is that you visit the CyberPK Forums and post about issue there with – it would help a great deal if you can also post a snap / screen shot of the error too.

      Last but not least, check the newly created file in the C:\ Drive open that file in a text editor such as Notepad and verify if your login detail is correctly written in that file?

  19. Digital.surgeon says

    it was my ultra high secure MR KASPERSKY 2010..

    NOthing worng with the software after all its a great effort.
    I managed to run it after configuring my Kaspersky…
    and it is working now..
    thanks for your kind reply.


    1. Zubair says


      Great to hear you got it working 🙂

      Thanks for posting back 😉

  20. asim says

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