Pakistan Telecom – Wateen WiMAX Signs of Improvement!


Wateen WiMAX Launches Self-Care Portal

Wateen WiMAX in Pakistan is showing some signs of improvements…

Wateen has launched a working Self-Care Portal – that gives many useful advantages to us the wateen consumers.

You can click on the above picture to go there or see the link at the bottom..

Wateen has included some features that most users were praying to get so badly.

Features Includes:

  • Service Information – Regarding your current package and other information.
  • Favorite Links – Save your favorite links.
  • Remaining Balance – Shows your remaining account balance.
  • Internet Usage – Shows how much data has been used from your account. (Highly Demanded!)
  • Last 5 Internet Sessions – Shows detail statistics regarding your sessions.
  • Last 5 Calls – Details about your last 5 calls called from Wateen Telephony Services.
  • Email Notification – Receive notifications alerts your usage limit depending on your chosen settings.

You can see the Features in the Picture posted below:

Pakistan Wateen WiMAX Selfcare Portal Features

Seems like Wateen is still alive and listening – I really like this portal.

Finally they provided something useful.

You can login to this portal by using your Wateen Account Username / Password.

Selfcare Center URL:

If you are a wateen customer and would like to share your thoughts and opinion on the matter, please do comment and tell us.

  1. Adnan says


    I can’t login to Wateen Self Care Portal?

    I am using my Wateen Internet user/pass to login?
    plzzz help

  2. Zubair says

    Walikum Assalam

    Thanks for your feedback

    Adnan if you are wanting to Log Into the Self Care Portal you will have to use your Wateen’s Internet Username/Password which Wateen Provides when you join Wateen.

    Username : [email protected]
    Password : your-password-xyz

    Please take note that if you have changed your Internet login password and dont remember what it was – then you will have to Contact Wateen to get that password back.

    I was lucky that i saved that password on a flat-file on my computer – for backup reasons.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Faisal says

    It does not work with me too. Wateen Copied internet service style that behaves abnormal too.

  4. Zubair says

    Hmm, i’m not sure exactly what you mean by Wateen Copied Internet Service Style?

    Did you try the above method i posted to login..?

    Did you ever change your Default Password that Wateen gave to you upon signing up with them?

    If you did change it that maybe the problem.. The new password you changed to wont work on it. You’ll have to enter the old (Default) password to login in there.

    Also are you a Post-Paid Customer or Pre-Paid?

    I have a PrePaid & Post-Paid Account but only the PrePaid account logs into the Self-Care center :s

    Not sure why, the sames with my friend who has a PostPaid connection can’t log into it – i am guessing that maybe Wateen will have a separate Portal for the Post-Paid Customers… Not sure though.

  5. says

    Dear Zubair, Thanks for your cooperation in sharing this news and updates about this improvement

  6. Adnan says

    Thanks Zubair

    yes it works now i changed my password and now it working for me when i got old password from wateen call center

    thank you

  7. ruhaan says

    @adnan are u a post paid or pre paid user?

  8. Adnan says

    @ruhaan – i am Wateen Prepaid user

    wateen service has been going down ? anyone noticing?

    wateen gaming portal is bekar!

    help me ๐Ÿ™

  9. Kashif Ahmed says

    Wateen has been using a pre-made template probably from a TemplateStore like (TemplateMonster, BoxedArt, etc.)

    This is such a ripoff, a multi-million company using cheap websites – i dont know if Wateen’s senior executives know about this.

    They cant even hire 1 good developer/designer? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ why the hell are they using those shit templates that you can go and purchase for $10 and if you’re like a professional pakistani you will most likely pick it up from a Warez Website for FREE!.

    There new portal is shit and ugly too! not even working correctly.

    I’ve been getting calls everyday from Wateen’s CSR everday about 3 times a day!!! and they keep telling me to purchase their stinken services!!!! i already told them that i have already availed your fucking services but they still keep calling back and i’m just tired of this!!! WTF are they trying to proof… that they are completely a moron – dont know shit Company!!!!!

    Look at the nerves… when they call me buy their services and i tell them i already have it that fuckin lady asks me can you please give someone elses number who you would like to referr!! YEAH RITE! so that they could come to my home and flame me for referring to them!!


  10. Saeed says

    Thank you very much for the valuable information, Zubair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Zubair says

    @saeed: You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Kashif Ahmed:
    That is really bizzare.. the template does look kind of weird and badly editted.

    Not sure about the gaming portal, there services is most surely going down for the past few days. but it seems its back and running fine atm.

  12. [email protected] says

    dear all we are not able to connect to wateen for last 2 days .wateen services is availbe in quetta or not. pl infom

  13. Amin says

    @[email protected]
    I believe wateen telecom is providing services in Quetta and i have some relatives over there who are using Wateen’s high quality services without any sort of problems.

    where are you associated in Quetta?

    If you’re still experiencing trouble with you wateen services – have you tried to contact wateen customer service? try calling them or visit them in person.

  14. A.Qureshi says

    assalam o walikum

    i reside in karachi, dha
    my wateen service is not having problem but my current monthly bill exceeds my expections ๐Ÿ™ RS 24.000
    support people talk bullshit ๐Ÿ™ someone has to stand up and sue this ***holes

  15. [email protected] says



  16. elnao says

    the new one is here:

    It works Fine !

  17. kashif says

    i want wateen proxy ip for use xlite in uae

  18. Zubair says

    Did you try this Kashif? :

    Wateen Proxy:-

    You can use the above Proxy I.P for X-Lite SIP.

    Let me know if the above Wateen Proxy works for you, if not i’ll try to see if i can find more.

    Happy Ramadan ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. kashif says

    tnank u mr zubair but Wateen Proxy:- its not working

  20. Zubair says

    Oooh, sorry about that..

    Here i found another Wateen Proxy IP i am looking out for more just incase, Try this for now :-


  21. kashif says

    zabir bahi its not working wateen proxy ip

  22. Zubair says

    its Zubair ๐Ÿ™‚ not Zabir ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe.

    anyways, i’m still on the lookout to find one that actually works give me some time i’ll report back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Zubair says


    Just a follow-up update:-

    I’m extremely sorry Kashif but it seems Wateen isn’t offering this service anymore.. i visited the Wateen Franchise today and ask them about the details for it but they refused and said it isn’t currently available and it may or may not be available in the near future… They said “Theres no Promise that this service will be available but if it does become available we will notify you about it.”

    I told them, that recently Wateen was offering such service and they said it was being offered but not anymore for reasons they didn’t prefer to tell :s or maybe they just didn’t know the Answer.

    I’m sorry but i couldn’t seem to find any solution for this friend, but if i do i’ll report back.

    Let me know if you found a solution too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Riz says

    SelfCare portal is still working and I am using it. But there was some problem during last few days when I was unable to login to portal.

    What problem are you facing?

  25. Zubair says

    Sorry for the confusion

    But i was referring to Wateens SIP service not working anymore – Wateens SelfCare Service is working fine here too.

  26. Zubair says


    i was speaking with a wateen manager about half and hour ago, it seems they are doing something after i see they are taking in suggestions for improvements, they are also monitoring consumers – and calling them to check up – But sometimes this can really get annoying, like earlier when i was getting those calls from Wateen for purchasing there services even though i was already a subscriber – and i told them many times but it seemed they were from another planet where english and urdu were some funny words nothing else.

    The manager i was speaking with was pretty nice and was the only person yet who could really understand what i was talking – he also knew what he was talking about ๐Ÿ™‚

    Until next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. SEO company pakistan says

    I will say, that Wateen solutions including domestic and International voice services, video conferencing, as well as video telephony, and a real true broadband Internet and data connectivity has helped the corporate business customers as well as the individuals or residents in here in Pakistan.

    Thanks to Motorola, A company that is always there and being helping hand and helping Wateen explore the Pakistani market.

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    Wateen has surely helped companies like us (in the Outsourcing Industry) and Offshore business, as well as the leading Industry e.g. Textile and Leather and Sports Industry, telecommunication and other corporate business and residents.

    Wateen now becomes the only company in Pakistan, providing cost effective professional solutions to all your communication ranging from video conferencing to a hi-speed internet.

    We see great future lies ahead for Wateen and its subsidiaries and Thanks to Motorola again!

    Best regards:

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  28. Riz says

    Dear Tina ( “SEO Company Pakistan” ) is this a paid advertisement campaign for wateen ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. SEO company pakistan says

    Hello Riz:

    Thank you for your comments.

    To be frank, its not a paid advertisement or I am not here internet marketing or search engine marketing for M/s: Wateen Telecom Pakistan or Motorola.

    Both these companies are helping both Pakistani Business Companies or the corporate sector as well as the residents in here in Pakistan.

    Therefore, I see a valid reason to talk about these companies are currently helping Pakistan a lot.

    I remain at your disposal for any information or assistance you may need. Please feel free to contact.

    Thanks and have a good time ahead.

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  30. Asad says

    Good News for all bloggers Wateen is providing free Wimax facility to bloggers in the ICT P@sha awards at Karachi Marriott Hotel On Oct 31, 08 at Friday. Here you can meet with wateen management & share your ideas regarding wateenรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs improvement.
    For more details

  31. masoodahmed10 says

    I dont have big complaints about Wateen but there seems to be a mess in their offices at Islamabad (I-8 Markaz). Its now 20 days now that I had asked Islamabad office to provide me a public IP. I am still waiting and there is no one whom I can approach and take the feed back as to what is the problem while all the documentation has since been completed.
    I will say someone should be given the responsibility and he should be made publically available.

  32. Analyzer says

    Wateen record hit broadband market causing Etisalat(PTCL) to rollback its broadband infrastructure from pakistan.

  33. [email protected] says

    y wateen is costly then others also i have speed problems other networks gives unlimted downloadind y not wateen
    . any cheep packacge with 1MB speed any body know that ?

  34. [email protected] says

    wateen plz do it unlimited down loading or atleast 100 gb i m thankful to u hope u will do it for ur goodusers

  35. [email protected] says

    hey wateen i with 1 mb speed and 4 or 5 gb is looks like that a big man and a little loolypop for eat ,. i think wateen will hear my iltaja and give the users unlimted or 100 gb for the whole month hope we will soon hear that wateen do it ,. WATEEN ZINNDA BAAD when we will hear abt it ,. urz service is exelent too good 7star service but the the problem i m facing is space plz plz plz give us unlimted hope we will not mayoooooss from WATEEN take care wateen urz wellwisher

  36. Wateen CS says

    Dear All,

    Just wanted to inform you that Wateen has recently lowered it’s prices for internet services. Furthermore if you have any pending concerns regarding Wateen services, you are encouraged to send an email to [email protected] and we will ensure timely resolution.

  37. Ali says

    Hello Buddies,
    Is it true that Wateen is no more providing sip A/C password?

    1. Zubair says

      Hello Ali,

      Yes, you are correct.
      Wateen is not providing SIP accounts anymore, and says they are not sure if they will in the future.

  38. Ali says

    Hello Zubair,

    It’s a sad news from Wateen ๐Ÿ™ anyways thanks for the reply!!!

  39. Faheem says

    My name is Faheem and have just had wateen today,

    but really am so worried coz of reviews i got from different people about wateen, and they all say that its bad, there is signal issue, and stuff like that, and especially pls increase the 5gb limit, i mean spending 1300 rs and getting just 10gb, pls enhance it to 30gb atleast,

    and pls improve ur customer service, am myself a bba student adn the problem u people r facing is that ur making new customers quickly but loosing previous customers because of ur poor customer service, pls if u want to be a customer friendly service provider make sure customer customer support is really important to solves issues for them, pls, hope it will be a nice journey with u people, and service remains gud and does not get worsened as consumers grow, INSHALLAH.

    1. Zubair says

      Hi Faheem,

      Thanks for your response – Wateen improved alot since the old days.. i am noticing that now!

      So has their customer support ๐Ÿ™‚ but still let us know how your expereince goes ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not sure if i remember correctly, but i think wateen doesn’t give a 5GB Bandwidth limit i think Wateen is limited to 15 GB Bandwidth maximum. but yeah that still sucks!

  40. Faheem says

    pls give me ur email id, i wan tto talk to u,
    i mean i ve just got my wateen and i am very disappointed from thier response, i mean such pathetic customer service they give, a person came and gave me the device , now there is not 1 single signal i am recieveing, and they are just making wired, coz no one is the person who i am communicating just does not respond in a gud enough manner , and i think that i ve ruined the whole money ,thinking of returning it, but they wont accept it now. pls help me bro, am very irritated and worried, and ur id pls.

  41. yuppie says

    hey what if you dont remember the initial password like when you purchase the service ,that mean you could not log on to that selfcare site .thats absurd i mean they always tell you to keep chaning the passwords ..shady cunts

    1. Antrax says

      @To Yuppie: I guess your best bet would be to contact the service center – you can ask them to reset the password for you.

      They ask you to change your password often because for your own security, but i dont do that i just stick with 1 password that is very very hard to guess.

  42. Muhammad Tariq Javed says

    I am a regular user of internet since long. I am always searching for best internet connection. So, I decided to take an advantages of broadband technology chooses wateen telecom for this purpose with a speed of 1 MB. Unfortunity, I have faces so many problems like connectivity, slow browsing and slow downloading transfer rate for type of data form the net since the activation of my connection on 14-08-2008 till the date. I repeatedily made a request to connect your helpline and concerned business centre at Okara for the same.If, I make a comparission of this connection with a dial up connection It would not hard to say that dialup connection is better. Now, I have to decide for future usage with wateen or with PTCL broadband with unlimited downloading. Kindly, make some help or otherwise I have to leave this network.An early cooperation from your side is awaited.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    (Muhammad Tariq Javed)
    House No.117 Street No.02, Aziz Yaqoob Town, Okara

    1. Zubair says

      @Muhammad Tariq Javid:-

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience, how long has it been since you became a wateen consumer?

      if you still have the chance to get a refund – DO IT.

      Yeah, i bet you’re better off with PTCL – you can try other services such LinkDOtNet, i’ve heard they are good but you should probably still do alittle research online on any isp you are thinking of going with.

  43. paramore says

    hi i am a wateen user and i had a problem with rapidshare recently the problem is whenever i try to download anything from it it says your ip is already downloading a file but i am not downloading anything actually!!!!it was working fine 2 weeks ago until today i tried to renew ip/flush dns/clear cookies nothing happens even if i try to do it from my laptop same thing happens!!! my chachu says wateen network gives same ip for every user thats y it is happening so if anyone could give me an ip which is not in use zubair dude probably you!!……….(PM me caouse if anyone else knows that ip its no use!!:P) thanx very much

    1. Zubair says


      Hi, sorry to hear about your troubles.

      Yeah, Wateen has been using static ip-addresses – i found out this later after getting the connection aswell.

      But after contacting Wateen i found out that you can get dynamic ip’s if you take your CPE device (the wateen wireless device) to your nearest Wateen Service Center, they’ll do some tweaking and you will then be able to use Dynamic IP instead of Static.

      Hope that helped ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. paramore says

    hye thanx for your reply!…….but i contacted wateen they say we dont have any ip’s they say its could be a rapidshare prob……………………well anywayz they wont give me an ip so i will buy ptcl unlimited they say ptcl assigns one specified ip to every single user and no one else can use it!!………… w8 do you suggest me??? also wateen give me stupid downloading speed of only 50-60 kbps plus limits downloading for 15gb only at 1.5K!!!!!but ptcl offers downloading speed of 200+ speed with unlimited downloading!!! so i rather buy that……..but i contacted them for fiber optic but they say its not available in your area!!:( so w8 should i do?? should i buy the copper one???? my friend says copper one gives you alot of downtiming but a another friend with fiber optic ptcl says its fantastic…….so should i buy the copper one??

    1. Zubair says

      No problem, i think the guys at Wateen CS mis-understood you because i have confirmed that wateen is providing dynamic IP’s for everyone.

      You just have to take your CPE device to the service center and they will do the rest.

      But yeah, you are right about the capped bandwidth – Wateen needs to increase their bandwidth limit.

      As for PTCL, i would say they are good.

      I’d recommend going for the PTCL Broadband connection – if possible. Though you will need a PTCL (Telephone) connection.

      I think it cost about 1200 rupees for the ptcl broadband connection with 1MB uplink and unlimited downloading.

      If you are able to get a PTCL connection, i would really recommend that – the experience really differs from person to person, meaning while i might have a good experience with Wateen & PTCL your experience might not be the same.

      This is not just for PTCL, Wateen or Mobilink this goes for every ISP.

      Some of my friends have had a great experience with PTCL broadband while others had a terrible one.

      If you’re using Wateen currently and are not satisfied by there services or support – you should definitely switch your ISP.

      Wateen has been going good and bad not very stable to say the least.

  45. saadia khan says

    Dear Paramore , you can try to change dynamic IP . Read article at
    This website will not only tell you your dynamic IP but also procedure to change it. I have not tried it yet however share the path of article.

    1. Zubair says

      @Saadia Khan:

      Thanks for posting that, but unfortunately that wont help you change your “Real” ip address.

      Below is a quote from the article you posted:

      If your IP is static, then you CANโ€™T change your IP address without contacting your ISP.

      I believe what is being explained there might only be useful for those who are connected from Local Area Network (LAN).

      none-the-less, you are free to try it out and experiment.


  46. saadia khan says

    You are sayng right Zubar regarding static IP . However i dont think so that paramore has static IP. As you know that every Wateen user has IP ether static or Dynamic:)

  47. paramore says

    hey i was downloading from rapidshare just fine yesterday but then yesterday night my wateen stopped opening every website and now in the morning when i logged in rapidshare says already a download from your ip in progress now w8 the hell m i supposed to do???? r u sure that if i go to wateen office they will assign me a dynamic ip???i can go to the one in 1/8markaz…..will they do it????and second thing should i buy the ptcl fibre optic or copper i already have copper but fibre gives better speed but its not available in my area so w8 should i do???

    1. Zubair says


      I totally agree with Azghar Ali.

      but i am also positive that if you take your Wateen CPE Device to the service center, i am sure they’ll covert your static ip into dynamic – anyways, it doesn’t hurt to try?

  48. Azghar Ali says

    Paramore – i am using PTCL DSL Package 1

    Paying 1200 rupees per month, but its a heck of alot better then Wateen.

    You should try that – i dont know what you mean by fiber or copper but i am referring to PTCL Broadband package 1 (which is 1 MB per month + unlimited downloading).

    i dont know if wateen will give you dynamic ip though, i was using wateen until 3 months ago when i finally made my switch to PTCL Broadband.

  49. paramore says

    well i dont know stupid slow speed drives me nuts!!! so i will just discontinue use of wateen and buy ptcl 2mbps, i have already ordered and will soon get it inshallah………just tell me if ptcl downloading speed is 250 kbps in I/8-4 or not???or are they just rumours?and also tell me how to register an account with i visit that website everyday they say registrations are close and zubair if you or any other person in this place is a demonoid user plz plz plz send me an activation code at [email protected] ……….yara apnay musalman bhai ki kuch madad karo…:P demonoid say mene drake and josh kay four seasons karnay hain aur wahan par loog kehtay hain aala speed hai torrents ki:P jst email me thnx!

  50. saadia khan says

    Dear All,

    Just wanted to inform you that Wateen has recently lowered itโ€™s prices for Wimax tariff. Furthermore if you have any pending concerns regarding Wateen services, you are encouraged to send an email to [email protected] and we will ensure timely resolution.

  51. Wateen user says

    According to me Wateen is very good service after unlimited. and hope that they will provide more packages in future as well

  52. saba says

    no issue with me by using Wateen after unlimited

    1. Asif Khalil says

      Yes Wateen is now No. 1 for Internet here in Pakistan. Wateen WiMax now more powerfull.

  53. [email protected] says

    Hi, may I know Wateen Wimax service in Quetta Cantonment mainly in Infantry school premises, I am under posting there. Can some one help me

    1. Zubair says

      @Zafar Yaseen

      I’m sorry but i dont quite correctly understand what you’re asking?

      If you want to know if Wateen Wimax service is being offered in Quetta? then yes I’m pretty sure i’ve seen someone from Quetta post that.

  54. noman says

    the persons praising wateen, in my opinion are just fool.
    my every friend using wateen are facing a number of problems with this shit service.
    i suggest all wateen users to get rid of this service.

  55. Malik imtiaz says

    rates for wateen
    256-5gb 599 permonth for usb and 750 for wifi blade
    512-5Gb 699 for usb 1mb-5Gb 799 per month for packages of 10Gb and unlimited mode please contact at 0333 5946370

  56. israr says

    Used wateen’s WiMax about a year ago, and got poor signal strength and all sort of problems, so reverted back to PTCL’s broadband. Well after a year now it is showing signs of great improvements. Improvement in download speed is clearly noticeable, so again converted back to wateen in all of our offices.

    HosterPK Pakistan

  57. ameen says

    password problem

  58. scriptlance jisoft says

    To paramore:: i am also getting the same problem like you, wateen is giving me the static ip when ever i reconnect it & if i connect usb after 12 hours it will give me a new ip, i am also having the PTCL DSL conection its fine & when ever i restart the Ptcl modem it will give me a new ip address everytime but in wateen case when ever i logout from wateen portal & also unplugged device it will give me the same ip address which is to bad.

    i am pretty old user of rapidshare they will allow only 2 downloads per ip in 24 hours & if you wanted more downloading from rapidshare you will need a new ip address or use a proxy to download a file, i am going to try “Zubair” method about dynamic ip, i hope so it will work, i am getting 60% signal’s from wateen usb dongle (1Mb) & it will giving me 90kb to 115kb maximum, thanks

  59. adnan says

    salam every one,
    main wateen telecom main
    job karta hoon,agar kisi ko wateen wimax ya usb ki zaroorat
    hoo to plz call me

    free home
    only lahore

  60. adnan says

    EDITED:- your comment was edited to prevent spamming.

    1. Sana Khan says

      @Adnan from Wateen –

      Please stop spamming otherwise we will have to send all your comments to the spam filter.

  61. Sohail says

    Toady 03-05-2010 I return back to my DSL Modem to Defence telephone exchange due to improper service.
    I lodge my first complain on 23-04-2010 or 24-04-2010 and than after every day I lodge my complain about the improper work of my DSL,But nobody give me satisfactory reason, Some times they blamed to Modem setting and sometimes due to telephone exchange technical fault,
    Helpline service is very bad for talk to operator/technical staff need an hour, Plaese check the data from my call history of my landline and cell phone 0333 3685566 for confirmation, Every time after a long wait some times 58 minutes and more than an hour I didnโ€™t get any positive result, Today I visit to Defence telephone exchange at about 9 AM but no DSL staff was there, The DSL staff come on duty after 10 AM and after that they told me that they have not received any complain about my DSL from the concern department.
    Sir, What is this joke ? I expense couple of hours from my cell phone and PTCL landline to register my complains but no one if forward my complain to the DSL staff, Today I left my DSL modem after improper answer at telephone exchange,
    Now my modem is lying in the Defence telephone exchange and What may I do ? What is the solution ?
    Please exchange my modem with a proper working modem or disconnect my DSL service if the PTCL staff is not interested to give me DSL facility from our company
    I hope I will get the reply soon

    1. Zubair says


      When you submit a complain do they provide you with a complain number# ?

      If not, you should demand one.

      If you don’t receive a complaint no# that means your complaint wasn’t registered into their systems.

      It sounds odd, but some of my friends who are using PTCL Broadband are pretty happy with it, I will be writing a post regarding it soon too since i have switched from Wateen to PTCL as well about 1-2 months ago, i am very satisfied with the changes and support i received.

  62. asim says


  63. wateen sucks balls says

    this company is full of money sucking cunts, period.

  64. Ayesha says

    Wateen has improved its service a lot do check it out now

  65. khokhar says

    bro i have wateen wimax but yesterday i forget my password dnt work any one help me and replu me this male [email protected]

  66. khokhar says

    bro allz wateen member dnt worry if u forget password dnt worry firt reset ur wateen dovice and 2nd open and enter password morotola….. ur password is 100% working

  67. mehrdad says

    what about coverage and signal in Islamabad and Rwp

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