Pakistan Wateen WiMAX – Broadband Internet and Telephony


Pakistan Wateen WiMAX Internet and Telephony

Sorry i haven’t been posting here much but i haven’t been on the internet for a while, i was moving to a new house and finally got the house balanced and cleaned.

I’ve moved near (Gulestan-e-Johar / Johar Mor) – Yes! its in Karachi, Pakistan.

After moving here i wanted to get myself connected to the internet ASAP – I first asked around about the local ISP’s here (Cable Internet) but there was only 1 around here.. and their services were very very poor not meant for a frequent & active internet user.

I knew i will surely regret getting their services so i just passed on. I was looking for better alternatives but didn’t have a whole lot of choices in my arsenal. I contacted World-Call and found out that they don’t have coverage available here, so i had to move on and then i heard about Wateen WiMAX.

There was a Wateen Franchise not far from where i lived, so i went to there. It was Friday that day. I asked one of their Representative about the packages and if they have coverage in my area. They said they do have coverage in my area. Then the guy started explaining me about package plans, I chose the second package which was 512KBps with 4GB of monthly bandwidth. I would have chosen the third package, but i thought I’ll first try them out. Then the guy started explaining me about the pricing – He said it would total up around RS 6500.

I asked him “When will you be coming over to install the Wateen CPE Device?”, he said “We’ll be there in a hour”.

I went back home and after waiting about an hour that guy showed up, installed the device and explained me about the usage. The Do’s and Dont’s. Afterward i paid him his bill and he went telling me that my wateen username and password could take around from 1hr to 1 day to be activated – I said “No problem, but please make it asap”… and so he left.

The next day, He said “I’m sorry but we haven’t been able to get your USERID/PASS yet, Its still in the process we will let you know as soon as its done”. I said “Sure thing, no problem… I’ll be waiting”.

I got nothing that day – next day was Sunday, so nothing there either. On Monday i called again he said we’re very sorry but our portal has been down; and we activate userid/passwords using that portal, we’ll have it ready by the end of this evening.” I said OK… please, i need it asap!”

By the end of the evening, i didn’t get anything so i just had to call again; I called and they said that we were in the middle of activating your account but suddenly there was a bomb blast! So we had to close the office and Run! – At first i laughed alittle thinking about the situation and was thinking that it was just another excuse. But then i heard from a friend that those bomb blast did really happen. I couldn’t know because we don’t have any sort of cable and TV was not working either anyways.

I let that day past patiently… Next day, i told them that i want my Wateen UserID/Pass today, i don’t care what your problem is… its not my fault. (They even refused to give me a Demo user/pass :s) and that really got on my nerves. I told them either give me the user/pass by the end of the day – or take back your junk and give me a Full Refund.

The guy responded “I’m extremely sorry about your experience with our services but this is due to our Portal being down, We understand your concern and we will activate your account the first thing when the portal is up”. I said “I don’t care what you do now, either you give my account today if you can’t do that for what-ever reasons you have, you can come and take your device tomorrow. i wont need your account tomorrow i will only want my money back!”, Finished!

Later on i went outside to get something, and there i noticed there’s a LinkDotNet Office over here 😮 I was really shocked if i knew there was one here i would have never contacted Wateen in the first place. I still went inside and asked the staff about there DSL packages and all. They told me that "We can provide you with the DSL package right now, but i recommend you wait for a few days since we will be launching our new Product this month", which is sure to hit the market big time! He said it will be WiMAX technology! I said OK sure. He asked me my name and contact details so that he could let me know about the services as soon as its ready. I said “Please do, Thank you!” – Mobilink’s WiMAX does look very promising unlike Wateen which i had a-lot of doubts from the start!.

After coming back home i got my user/pass in a snap, i logged into my account started surfing and WOW was i amazed! The speed is surely rocking cool! Sometimes signal does have a problem in the CPE device, it tries to search multiple times. I am getting like 3/4 signals here. But sometimes i manage to get full 5 signals too 🙂

I’ve noticed sometimes that all the signals are up and yet still the internet is not working that is pretty confusing. Wateen is surely a new service but they need to make their staffs more reliable and skilled.

Wateen is just picking up people with no experience, and i don’t know who is training them it must be some one like them. I’ve seen Wateen staff who don’t even know how to Delete Saved Passwords from a users browser! Seems all they want is to sell and make money!

Below is a picture of the Motorola CPEi600 WiMAX device i got from them 🙂

Wateen Motorola CPEi600 WiMAX Device

The first thing i opened after getting connected to the internet was Google, I searched the term “Wateen Wimax” and got some results that leaded me to dozens of user complains. I was quite shocked and worried at the same time – people were complaining about Wateen billing them SO much like 12,000 RS and i even heard one person yelling he got billed about 1LAKH (1 Million) Rupees!

Well, most of the people whom i have seen complaining yet so far were 90% Post-Paid users, others seems to be fine – but most users praising wateen online could be there own Employees / Staff Members 😀 On the other hand most people complaining could be some-one from the competing Company 🙂 trying to give a bad name to the other company.

If you’re one of the Wateen User I would really like to hear from you so please do post & share your experience with us!

  1. Zakhir Ali says

    Wateen is just another rip-off company.. Established in a rip-off country!

    I am not surprised by the level of quality they are providing considering they are in Pakistan after-all!

    I’d best say to move away from this Company there is a better solution arriving very soon which is LDN (LinkDotNet). they are launching there new WiMAX services very soon.

    I will also switch from Wateen to LDN as soon as its available near my local area!
    LDN is better in every way! They have a very friendly customer service, They provide the service they offer Unlike wateen who i think don’t even know what they’re doing! and last but not least i am pretty confident that LDN will provide a much cheaper solution then Wateen.

    Wateen is only making the Future Green only for themselves and their investors!
    Wateen can proudly be called Yateem! i say lets make it offical 🙂

  2. Fahad Ahmed says

    Very nice post. You know that you can also use Wateen for Sip calling See the details here

  3. Arshad says

    I’ve been getting 5 signals on my CPEi600 device but the thing is i don’t actually think it makes much of a differnce.

    Specially the internet speed.

    I speed is the same for me if its full signals or half signals!

    The only thing i think it affects is that it will send data in and out of the CPEi600 device much faster…

    Damn it, i just had 5 whole signals on my CPE device seconds and now when i turned out and l0oked it had only 3 signal bars!.

    btw, its an Indoor CPE unit and i didn’t even put it near any window or something I have it close to my Computer.

    You’re absolutely right about one thing mate – Wateen doesn’t know one bit what they’re doing.

    Thanks for Reading!

  4. Fahad Ahmed says

    Hmmm I think Mobilink Wimax is pretty good. Many people advice me to use Mobilink Wimax except Wateen. Now I’m thinking to test it.

  5. Zubair says

    Yes same here, i’ve been getting 5 signals sometime here too. But the internet service remains same. Thanks for pointing that out Arshad.

    Mobilink will surely be much better then Wateen i’m pretty sure! I’ve been browsing to find more about Wateen’s Services i came across some posting that were saying that Mobilink paid Wateen about $10 million USD to slow down the operation 😮

    That is surely is weird and odd to hear but it is just a rumor upto now!

    I also saw in a news paper site that Mobilink is having trouble with their new WiMAX product in karachi… so thats why i was thinking it could be true because if Mobilink is having trouble establishing their WiMAX service in pakistan then, they might have paid that amount to the CEO of Wateen – I just hope thats not the case though!

    Other then that my Wateen service has been running smooth sometime and then all of the sudden went down to 5-7 KBps :s and sometimes the service completely goes down no pages / websites are browse-able. I even tried restarting the CPEi600 Router device but it doesn’t help much. So i am pretty confident that the problem is on Wateen’s Side. Yet i still haven’t tried contacting Wateen’s Customer Service because i know how stupid they are.

    Last time i called them – A lady picked up the phone they gave me stupid answers like “Click on the 2 computer icons on the bottom right of your screen Then click on the Support Tab and Then click on the Repair button. Does it work now?”

    Man that really pissed me! I told them i already tried that.. They were telling other things to do which i already did such as Clean my cache – Restart The Computer – Etc, etc… So at the end of the day i just had to slam the phone and disconnect the call.

    Wateen’s Customer Support Representives are like they don’t even know What they’re talking about and starts making things up that are unbelievable.

    Wateen needs to get their act straight or else once Mobilinks WiMAX is up and running. Wateen will surely disappear from the market quickly!

    By the way Fahad, are you using Mobilink WiMAX are they already out for public?

    Whose Internet Services are you currently using?


  6. Fahad Ahmed says

    Yup I’m Using Mobilink WImax and it’s out publicaly. And I’m happy with this.

  7. Zubair says

    WoW, awesome!

    I really wish i had Mobilink WiMAX 🙁

    Hey fahad i got a deal for you :d Lets switch services 🙂 Yateem is also good 😀 heheh…

    I’ll have to be be visiting Mobilinks Office tommorow to see if they could provide coverage in my area. 🙂

  8. Tulip says

    salam folks…!
    got the link to this blog while googling….
    well … using wateen.. no speed issue.. ’tis fantastic… the downloading limit is not enough for a person who’s an IT freak,… so i had to grab ma hand back when clicking on ‘download this software/video’ blah blah… Thats 10gb for 512.. but i think thats more than enough for a normal user…

    in the last…
    NO COMMENTS for their billing issue….


  9. Zubair says


    Great to see some people are really happy with Wateen 🙂

    Which city are you in Nashrah?

    ATM, wateen is really getting worse on my side..
    I have been noticing the CPE device searching and searching too often for some few days..

    Not sure why, it got alittle better today and their internet speed went down wildly..

    I haven’t had any sort of billing issue thats for sure 🙂

    I agree 10 GB cap is not good. i wish they could raise it to UNLIMITED 😀

  10. Sara says

    Unlimited downloads for “What”?

    Hello Folks, It is nice to see so many people discussing commendable issues here. Got this link at google blogs. So, i thought I should also plunge into the discussion.
    Emmm…Well, in my case, Wateen’s services are pretty good, (make it pleasant). I’m getting a good 120 Kbp without any issues. Though, the speed slows down from 120, depending on the signals strength but I’m talking about an average.

    About the unlimited downloads, I don’t know what you guys want to download! 10 Gb is a hell of a limit! Is it not? Use internet for the sake of benefiting yourself. Movies and Softwares are available in CD/DVD, if that is what makes you crazy. (I don’t know what to do with Pakis’ Complaining Habits .Ugh!!)

    I appreciate the current technological developments being made in Pakistan. The service is not only fresh in Pakistan but also in the entire world. Even in Australia, they are having problem with wimax services. Such basic problems always occur but what is admirable, is the establishment of a brand new technology in our country. At least, it gives us connectivity where other wired services cannot. Moreover, it has raised our name in global market.
    By the way, I’m living in DHA phase 5 Khi.. I don’t hear anyone blaming Wateen for anything. Its good here. Lol. I think I’m lucky 🙂


  11. Zubair says

    Thanks for putting your feedback, i agree with you on everything except that even though CD/DVD’s are able to be bought from a retail cd shop..

    Its really not possible to get everything you want from there.. i’m not saying that wateen should offer unlimited downloads and put theirselves in a burden.

    10 GB is nothing – specially not for me. even if i dont download loads of junk and all it still dies on me.

    I usually watch youtube videos and surf and by doing that i managed to use over 6 GB of my bandwidth :s in about a week :s

    as i am a developer i also tend to upload files and applications alot for testing and development purposes – but thats alone not the reason.

    Wateen should atleast offer a unlimited package even if it cost alittle extra $$$.

    One of my friends who was also using Wateen managed to use up all his bandwidth (10 GB + 20 GB = 30 GB) in 2 days!!

    He was using Wateen’s PostPaid plans, and boy his bill surely weren’t too graceful 🙂 he showed and i freaked out… after contacting wateen’s CSR he found out that he used over 20 GB extra bandwidth.. The weird part was that he was never informed that his bandwidth is finished.

    Good for you sara, i’m glad that you’re not having any sort of trouble with wateen and hope that it stays like that. 🙂

  12. abbas says

    i am using wateen prepaid package 768kbps 4GB.i get 3 signals at my location in sukkur.i am pretty happy with wateen, getting downloads at 90-100 KBPS. there are problems associated with the firmware of CPE.if you are experiencing problems, just contact the company about updating the firmware.sometimes the CPEs they are giving do not have latest firmware version installed.

  13. Shazia Mehmood says

    I am seriously shocked to hear your experience with wateen, although i dont use wateen’s services i am just shocked to see such a big and reputible company to act like this.

    I can thank god that i’m not using these balony services otherwise i might end up like you. I was found this blog while searching for wateen related issues and problems to decide if i should switch with them or not; i’m using PTCL Broadband right now, its not bad but i feel like i need something more then this. Wateen was my first thought now i think i’ll have to consider finding a better one… Maybe Mobilink? 🙂 I haven’t heard much complains about it so far.

    Regarding Bandwidth-
    I dont believe there are moments when you need much more bandwidth then offer specially compared to a 10 GB Bandwidth CAP, i have in more then one occasions required higher bandwidth from my Internet Service Provider – Streaming music, videos are getting pretty common in pakistan and has already throughout the world but since these stuff tend to use more bandwidth then it would normally it requires users to have higher connectivty speed and also higher bandwidth.

    Internet Service Provider should have more concerns for their consumers regarding their usage and not just stick them with a alloted bandwidth that is much more scary then having a low internet speed!

    I heard worldcall are reducing their tariff plans (making it more cheaper) i’m also considering to go for that, if thats the last available option i have!.

  14. M.Arshad says

    i’m also live in dha, near saudi embassy but wateen is not good for me!
    how much signal do you get?

  15. Sara says

    Firmware of CPE needs your attention

    Zubair, you look crazy lol. 6 GB on youtube!!! Man. Now I knew why Pakistan ain’t progressing economically. How can it when its generation is whirling around youtube 24/7 : p
    And I get four to five signals (may be because of the pleasant view from my balcony loll) but it works fine. I agree with Abbas, the firmware of CPE really needs your attention.. Call Wateen or go to their office. Secondly, you guys are not only internet geeks around. Business companies and five star hotels are using these services, establishing wifi hotspots for the businessmen. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about the Wateen’s services. Have you? Of course not, because they know how to use these services and most of us do not. Instead of looking for Wateen’s comments on google, try searching WIMAX, its uses and How To etc.

    Shazia? Your post made me smile (lol). Well, the choice is yours. Depends on the kind of services you require and the place where you live. People here are expressing their experiences and views. We haven’t been hired to convince you saying DO THIS, IGNORE THAT and BLA BLA BLA ?

  16. Zubair says

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂 but i would really recommend using something better then Wateen, one of my friends got a new mobilink connection to his house, he invited me over to have a look. i was quite amazed by looking at the differences not just in terms of speed but quality as well. I can assure you will be much better off with a broadband cable connection.

    @Sara: i’m not sure why you think i’m crazy 🙁 but none-the-less i dont spend countless hours wasting my time on youtube, high bandwidth was consumed because i was watching high quality videos unlike normal / low quality videso, theres a option on youtube to set that.

    anyways, i have confirmed 2 twice my firmware is already upto date and stable. i’m getting 4-5 signals.

    but i’m actually quite surprised that you haven’t heard any complaints of wateen yet? i surely have!

    Wateen’s Customer Help Service is a joke, they have no clue what so ever about what they are suppose to do. it’ll just be better if you contact PTA instead of wateen directly IMO.

  17. Ameen says

    Its not just about their stupid firmware!

    Firmwares are mostly updated automatically so theres. Wateen is just not taking there customers seriously. I was using Wateen up until last week when i decided to throw away the trash out of my house.

    Wateen stamped me with a bill of RS.64,000!! and i barely used it. The telephony connection that came with it was never used from my side not even once and still i got charged RS.3325 for it!!! its completely a GOLMAAL! product.

  18. Anoushey says

    Positive Blogging! Share Your Opinions, Don’t Pull Your Roots

    I have witnessed several bloggers putting down the wimax culture in Pakistan, whether its being provided by Wateen or Mobilink, they all hate it and are constantly campaigning to abolish latest marketing, business and innovative trends from Pakistan.

    Well, I know wimax is a very expensive service and not everyone is able to afford it, but it is an innovative application, people. It needs to flourish cause it holds numerous advantages for us.
    I’m currently looking for some technical problems that anyone of you has faced while using wimax services. I’m currently using Wateen’s broadband and telephony and I do not have any issues with the availability or any other thing. I strongly agree with the awful service experience in the past but I seem to have a lot better service after upgrading my CPE firmware. Why? Because I researched and solved this issue.

    I have been browsing internet and collecting information about wimax culture, its future and troubleshooting its complicated problems. Believe me, the results are astonishing as well as shocking. Even in developed countries like UK, US and Australia, wimax is suffering from a hard time, regarding its service problems. They are certainly better than us in technology and many other things, except a few morals, but they too are having problems in establishing this service.

    If you browse through their blogs, you will always find a technical problem faced, the reasons, troubleshooting tips, their own opinions and several worthy things, which are helpful for a service provider. Why don’t you guys go for some positive criticism, your opinions and suggestion? If Wimax culture is really having problems in Pakistan, we should play our cards right. It might help ISPs to locate the problems and ensure provision in specific localities, where there really are problems and people who do not understand terms such as Firmware, upgradation and even the ISPs. What do you say guys?
    Lets start a discussion, which details the advantages that we can have using wimax, (except the simple home internet). Detailing all the positive aspects and its problems, we can get a very prominent benefit of online media. We can certainly succeed in spreading the proper information that needs to be known. We are the consumers and we know better how these services can bring ease in our lives. So, What do you say?

  19. Sara says

    Lets sort it out!

    @ Ameen,
    Really? :0
    Its not possible!! I am shocked to hear that. Why would such a big company charge you 3325 Rupees for nothing? In my case, it was firmware of CPE. I got it solved by upgrading its version. But I don’t know what is wrong at your side. Have you contacted any technical person to analyze why its not working there? Sorry if i’m offending anyone but the bill thing is just a crap! Looks like anti-marketing campaign to me. Why on earth would anyone pay a bill that he is not supposed to pay!!!
    Hold on here… It not old PTCL system guys! The bill comes with a list and you can claim that whether you have made calls, used the internet or you haven’t done anything at all.
    Its not Pakistani police come on! Go to their office and talk to senior management if you have any issues. This generation is still acting like a babe in arms, I didn’t know it.
    Secondly, what do you think is the real cause of a bad service (if you really are experiencing it)
    @ Anoushay
    I agree with you Anoshay. There must be a reason eh? Lets point it out and come to a point where, at least, it is unveiled that THIS or THAT is the reason, which creates problems. We can sort it out together.
    Wimax is not the same in every city of Pakistan, different locations come with different problems and they cannot be sorted out until we know them.

  20. Ameen says


    thanks Admin for your email i went to PTA website and contacted them after 1 day Wateen Manager contacted and ask what issues i have

    they sent 2 people at my home one was sales manager i think and they said there billing system has problems and thats why its showing incorrect price there he said i have to Rupees 200 only. he said my internet usage did go upto Rs 64,000 :s i explained and told him that i dont use internet that much and i been out of city for over 2-3 weeks with no using internet from my PC

    he said i dont understand how is possible he said some one else was using my post paid account i said to him i gave no one my pass or id to login i did not even tell anyone i was using wateen internet

    he said ok sir and called to some one after 10 minutes of talking he said you dont have to pay this bill and instead just pay us Rs 8,500 :s which i did

    but darn it, i didn’t use anything :@ they are still ripping of

    i also told them to switch my account from post-paid to pre-paid account, i think it is safer to use prepaid since it wont use more then available balance

    thanks for all the help admin and everyone
    jeeye pakistani 😀

  21. Anoushey says

    Guys, I had posted a story and requested everyone to give a feedback about Wateen and Mobilink’s wimax and it has been hell TWO days but I haven’t seen any response so far.
    What I think now? Everyone was literally crying for the bad taste of services that was being provided by Wateen, but now, when they have been asked to get their feedback in a polite manner to sort things out, I see no response at all!

    I knew there is something fishy going on here and there, everywhere. But now I can clearly see that these bloggers would have been working on anti-progress campaign against the country. Man, why the hell do we always have to act according to our old definition of Pakistanism as well as anti-patriotism?

    Just barking out loud about everything is easy, cutting others’ business is easy as well, but I’m requesting all those freaks to share the technical reasons or their self-made technical reasoning to put it over here. So, all of you who have/had problems with either Mobilink or Wateen’s wimanx services, please let it unveil. At least we all have the rights to know the possibilities of bogus bills, (reaching hundred thousands), those dum rolls who can pay 90,000 or more (becuz I’ve read the same post on several blogs, but with different names), when they haven’t even used that bandwidth. In addition, all those people who lose their signals but do not know why they lost them, and what actually does it take to resolve it. Well, lets get things rolling, have your say.

  22. Ebrahim M. Dawood says


    Wateen is providing high quality services and support.

    As a part of our continued support and appreciation and also to celebrate the upcoming independence day Wateen is running a promo from which all the new subscribers can benifet.

    Wateen is excluding the Subscriptions Charges (PKR 2,500) and also excluding the Installation Charges (PKR 1,000) for all the new subscribers that decide to join the already growing community of Wateen. (Save PKR 3,500!)

    **Please note this offer is valid upto 14th August.

    Contact# : +92-322-231-1135
    Ebrahim M. Dawood
    Corporate Sales Executive

  23. Saad says

    @ Anoushey

    I don’t think any kind of “anti-progress campaign” is going on here though your pro-wateen ideas raise my eye brows a bit.

    As for the quality of service I’d agree with most of the people as I am myself a victim of poor connectivity and poor after-sales service. My 512kbps/4MB conncetion is slower than dial-up. The reason is that my location is over 2.2km away fromnearest tower when its supposed to be within a radius of 1km. How can they sell like that? If I call at their helpline, no one answers for like 25 minutes. Good enough that you researched and solved your problem, but don’t you think that an expensive WiMAX service shoudl be a cure-all in itself. If I am supposed to find solutions for connectivity prblems myslef why should I even switch to “latest” technology?

    I work in a communication sector and I know how services are delivered if you intend to deliver them in a professional way. Wateen’s only focus is more and more sales. Perhaps you didn’t know but right now what sells a product best in developed markets is teh after-sales service.

    Its been 18 days since I got my connection and I’ve had to visit teh franchsie 5 times (since you cant connect to their helpline). They haven’t even acivated my phone line after repeated complaints,and they’re charging me for that. The guy visited the premesis but nothing.

    As far as teh rpactices in the country go here’s a reality check: Pakistan has now formed Consumer Protection Courts (after 60 years of independence) and they haven’t done anything to create awareness. The directions fromHigh Court are to solve cases within one week, but they hang on for months without results. While in West, the consumer is powerful to such an extent that companies make conscious efforts to provide best services. In case there’s a lapse, they pay heavy amounts for out-of-court settlements. In Pakistan, they know most of teh people are illiterate and don’t know about their rights. I’ve seen people in mobile companies’ franchises begging CSRs to solve their problems – the problems casued by the operator themselves.

    Technology is very god and it must be welcomed but only after we deserve it. Right now I don’t think we do!

  24. M.Arshad says

    WOW! – WTF 😮

    4MB !!!!! 😮 does wateen even provide 4MB? 😮
    i thought they were limited to 1 or maybe 2 MB?

  25. Anoushey says

    @ Saad

    4 MB? Guy, what are you really talking about? And why in the world would you apply for a Wimax connection when you already knew that you place is pretty far away from the tower, which certainly doesn’t make it look pretty anymore. So, why would you go for wimax on risks? I’m sure there would be several other services serving you with extra care and concerns. Aren’t they? Well, that is the question. There are other services in majority of our areas but we choose innovation, because it is the human nature. We like changes; we like moving on and so are we.
    I know there have been several problems with wateen’s services and that is what I am really talking about. Anti-progress Campaign does not mean being hired by the competitors, Mr. Sophisticated. It is our unconcerned behavior and an ideology that really sucks. Can’t we just dig about the heads and toes of anything that we hear of?

    I appreciate your concerns and the dignity that you showed while sharing your experience. That is exactly what I have been looking for. If that, what you told me, is true, it’s really sick! I don’t know why haven’t you taken any steps for this problem. The buzzing phone is a minor problems, may be manufactures fault. We are talking about broadband and wimax coverage. I’ll appreciate more people responding to this query. Please keep slamming your heads against your keyboards until something worthy comes out. When it does, put it down over here. We gotta do some serious action against the things that have been more than enough but we gotta know if there really are things or its just our bad habit of filling empty spaces according to our own logics? That, is what we look for.

    Oh, you are talking about courts, judiciary, law and Rights? Hello? Mr. Sleepy, wake up
    now. Dream is over, welcome to Pakistan.

  26. Sara says

    Wateen and IBM – Why shake hands?

    Folks, does anyone know about the latest offers being provided by Wateen? I heard they signed an agreement with IBM and being provided with some more integrity. Well, I don’t know much about it but just read about it on a blog. But I can’t get it. Can anyone help me out? Why Wateen is shaking hands with IBM and what are going to be the advantages?

  27. M.Arshad says

    I also stumbled upon such a page that was talking about Wateen joining up with IBM.

    Heres some line from it:
    Wateen recently signed a million dollar plus deal with IBM to implement Tivoli Netcool across its enterprise. Netcool is a suite of products accquired by IBM (and subequently placed in the Tivoli bucket) that helps track and monitor large networks for errors and downtime. So chances are that next time your local wimax router goes down, it got reported to a support engineer’s cellphone through Netcool.
    I’m not sure if it’ll help much. but wateen certainly needs something like this because their staffs are already very lazy.

    The only possible way i think it could us would be if they really use it correctly, as said above – if any downtimes or errors occurs for us it will be instantly reported to the technical engineers and may solve our issues sooner.

  28. Sara says

    Hmmm. Thanks for the help. I’m a little bad with the search thingy. Well, it says ‘More than billions’, and if it really says more than billions, there must be a use of it. In my opinion, as i have already read many complaints against wateen, it will definitely help. Because there are people who have technical problems and etc. Some of them do not know how to solve, and some problems cannot be solved.
    IBM is a big name, this collaboration will work. Don’t you think?

  29. Salman says

    Hey, I know about that deal. Both these companies are focused on providing better services to the customers and IBM is providing data center solutions for Wateen. The deal is sure a big one. More than billions!
    And Sara, you find all the details of Wateen’s events and progress in newspapers, as they are available online ?

  30. [email protected] says


    anybody knows on wateem wimax,
    is it possible to play counter striker in wimax network not on internet.


  31. Zubair says


    @Atif :-
    Wateen is really not the solution if you’re getting Wateen to play games such as Counter Strike. It really isn’t!

    I tried to connect to an internet server and it was horrible my cable connection was doing much better then that which 128 Kbs.

    If you are really a gamer and are wanting a gaming solution you should get a Cable Connection instead of wirless wimax or any other wirless service because Wireless services tend to have much more latency then cable services, you’d be much better off with a cable i can promise you that.

    Although, wateen does claim they have gaming servers which i think aren’t stable. the latency there isn’t that bad – playable to say the least. but only on their own servers (which shows up sometimes and not always).

    One more factor is that you wont be able to create your own counter strike servers so Forget that!. I was really disappointed when i found out this because i usually and alway played on my own server =P

    I have heard some stories saying that they have managed to run their own servers of counter strike on Wateen, but even if you have managed to do that ( which is done by making using of Port Forwarding). you would still not get a playable server. The latecy would be horrible. Over the charts!

    To put it simple: -> if you need an internet service for gaming Go for a Cable Connection Wirless Internet is not meant for online gaming.

    Now – Some of my stories 🙂

    Sorry i haven’t been much active, i was working on a project – i got my first chance to make an offcial application. Its for Mixcat Interactive – an online search engine and hosting company. (One of the Top 10 Search Engines)

    The software isn’t complete yet though, its almost there.

    The other thing id’ like to share is that i’ve also been working on a application for the Wateen Users. Its called WateenConnector i’ll soon be putting some more lights on it later in a new post but all i can say for now is that its just a connector as the name says.

    WateenConnector will let you connect as you usally connect to the internet, the added feature i’m putting into it is that it will monitor your internet connection and will auto-login to Wateen.

    This is pretty helpful if you’re in a situation where you keep disconnecting after minutes and are fed up of reconnecting again and again.

    Until next time 😉

  32. Saad says

    Guys 4MB was a typo, its 4GB, now stop pulling my leg :p

    @ Anoushey
    sharing an horrible experience does not mean that im a pessimist. yes this is pakistan and law and order situation is not ideal, but the way u mention it feels like you’re hopeless. im not. nations have pulled through from far worse situations, we’re gonna do better then them, im sure.

    i went for wateen cuz i can’t have DSL (PTCL/ NayaTel/ LinkdotNet) becasue of some problem with teh telephone exchange. i had no idea how far i am from teh tower. wateen guys called me up one day and said its available in ur area NOW. when i had problems, teh guy came and checked and THEN i found out that i was sold a dummy.

    the problem is solved now but not the way i’d have preferred. i filed a suit for damages, teh court sent notice to teh company and then the company contacted me, they sent a guy who replaced my CPE to the one with antennas (older one) and now its working perfectly.

    the problem however is…why not install the right equipment when u know whats gonna wok n whats not! why does a person have to go thru all the pain to get it rectified. and how many people know about consumer courts, hiring lawyers and filing suits!

    but interestingly, in the end its LAW that worked, peraps its time u changed ur viewpoint about courts in pakistan :p

  33. Sharjeel says

    @ Zubair.. Dude, I think wateen is promoting online gaming competitions on a very large scale and they are offering it on Wimax technologies. I had witnessed it live at National Park a few days ago. It was working fine.. And they have improved in the last two weeks. Try it out now.. you will see a difference.

  34. Zubair says

    @Sharjeel – i do know they are but just because they’re promoting doesn’t mean they are offering it Good. WiMAX can’t be used as online gaming platform.

    You will alway see your Latency higher no matter what – though some users 10 out of 100 users might find it useful if there house is really close there Access Point center in which they host there servers to send and receive the data.

    Otherwise wimax or any other wire-less technology is worthless for a Online Gaming platform. Just try to ping the server you are about to play and you’ll see what i mean or if in Counter Strike look at the latency those high latency are not to be called as Playable.

    I haven’t tried playing Counter Strike or any other online game on wateen since the early days when i switched to wateen i was horrified and extremely disappointed by the results after some research i got to a point thinking that Wireless Technology is just not the technology made for an Good online gaming expereince..

    I just tried connecting to counter strike, and it still seems the same.

    Thanks for your feedback Sharjeel

    btw, theres some stupid maniac on the loose whose posting a website claiming its a wateen’s offical – the domain starts with or something like that.

    its not wateens – he just copied it. and has been trying to post his URL into this blog but thanks to good old Askimet he has been caught. 😉

  35. Fantastic Ameer says

    I am using Wateen Wiimax svcs since January 2008, I am a post paid customer having the package of 10GB with Telephony package of Evergreen unlimited. Now all of the sudden i came to know they switch me from Postpaid to pre paid. Now they r gonna charge me Rs.270+33% on my telephony package/month. I ask them to switch me to Rs.90+33% package/month, they said this option is not available right now.

    n u have to continue it till this package change service available to u. I said what about the new walk in customer they can choose the plan of Rs.90 and there answer was yes. What a rip off, they first charge upfront for the whole year as a postpaid customer now they switch to pre-paid and not giving the option to change the package. I think i better switch to Mobilink Infinity.

    Guys u know how much they r charging for telephone service per month. and on top of that Infinity unlimited downloads. Wateen cant beat this offer. And in general i think lot of Wateen Customer gonna switch to Infiniti, including myself.

    Sara i saw yr comments y v need lot of bandwidth, because here in pakistan picture and sound quality on DVD r below standard. u cant enjoy in home theatre especially. So i usually download English and Indian movies from the net.

    After all Zubair give me advice of changing from Wateen to Infinity.
    Bye to u guys and Happy Holy Ramadan.

  36. Zubair says

    @Fantastic Ameer:-

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, i understand how you feel and it really is not suprising since its Wateen we’re talking about..

    Wateen has been playing with its consumers and are way behind the other competitors… Wateen is just All Talk and No Action – They just brag what they can do and will do but never seem to take any serious action.

    I can assure you that Mobilink Infinity is much stable then this, but i would really recommend if you do alittle research on Google – regarding Mobilink Infinity services.

    To be honest, Mobilink Infinity has flaws too.. The whole darn WiMAX Technology does but Mobilink Infinity much much better then Wateen ANY DAY.

    I myself haven’t switched from Wateen to Mobilink because of the fact i’m being too lazy and am caught up with some other projects i have in hand – plus Wateen currently is Not giving me any serious problem right now for awhile – I do have plans on switching either to LinkDotNet or Mobilink Infinity.

    Also, i dont think Mobilink Infinity’s Unlimited usage plan is going to stay for long, its just a introductory offer i think they will very soon be removing this and making it limited – but i am sure it is Much better then Wateen.

    Oh, and Happy Ramadan to all the beloved readers 🙂
    have a great and blessing ramadan 🙂

  37. Fantastic Ameer says

    Thank you Zubair for your advice, let me search more on google and make my plan accordingly.
    Thank you once again.

  38. Zubair says

    Great, You’re Welcome 🙂

    I just found out today by visiting a LinkDotNet Franchise that LinkDotNet’s WiMAX service is not yet up here in Karachi, so our best bet should be with Mobilink Infinity.

  39. Abdul Aziz says

    Well wateen is garbage real garbage…
    I got 10 GB with 1 Mbps speed
    and its just like dial up……….. can anyone tell me where CPE device will go if i want to switch from wateen to somewhere else…… Well u may all be thinking i m living in an area where there are less signals ……..
    NO i m also in Johar .. Gulistan e Jauhar near der franchaise which is near to Jauhar chowrangi…….
    damn can anyone give me a solution now wat 2 do ?

  40. Zaidi says

    Guys.. I don’t know what is there that we see on these blogs and what it really IS. I have been reading news about Intel and Wateen, their brand new ways of promoting technology in an efficient manner and all that stuff. Do you think these companies are doing it for NO PURPOSE!? They have improved, in my opinion.

  41. Zubair says

    @Abdul Aziz: i am really sorry to hear that – wow you really are close to me 🙂 i am near johar mor i was just by Wateen Franchise yesterday came there to get my Wcard 🙂

    How many signals are you getting Abdul? are you a postpaid or prepaid customer? (postpaid tend to have more problems)

    How long has it been since you using Wateen Services if its been less then a month i think you can claim a refund for which they will only charge you for the usage of the current month and refund all the other fees including CPE device. (have you tried asking for a refund?)

    You should ask for a Refund if you are getting the service you paid for – i think i might know your problem but thats only if you are a postpaid user if you are postpaid user let me know..


    @Zaidi: i’m glad you expressed your opinion openly i do think they are improving but they are moving at a speed of a snail. They are multi-million companies they should be able to get there jobs done much fast IMHO.

    Internet is and eCommerce had start to spread in pakistan but thats old news.. Internet has already been dominating worldwide but it has now caught the attention of our country – People here are not interested in helping others or the environment of this country they are just making new ways to fill their own pockets. There pockets gets filled fast but they deliever their promised services with poor quality and just like a snail.

    I’m really happy you guys shared your expereince and opinions – its always great to hear more from fellow citizens.

    Happy Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂

  42. Sara says

    Zubair, I don’t know what to say.. you are very diplomatic. I must say. I read your previous posts and in your last one as well. You have been continuously talking ill about wateen. But at the same time, you are using Wateen and buying Wcard! makes me wonder.
    I think the company is doing quite GOOD! Just look at the areas where they have provided wimax connectivity..n its not jst abt and telephony.. They are implementing a big deal of services. far more than the average wimax users knows. Though, it is a big company but to do it efficiently, they gotta play by the rules. Emm.. Thats what I think. And pioneers always take the benefits so does wateen. I’m satisfied with its services. minor problems like inactive connection and stuff don’t matter that much. The company is constantly improving its services and it definitly isn’t a snail’s speed.
    Mobilink started mobile telephony in Pakistan. And just remember how poor it had been in the beginning. But it survived though.

  43. Zubair says

    @Sara: Thanks for sharing your toughts.

    The only reason i am using Wateen right now is that i am quite lazy to get into the hassle of contacting wateen and dealing with them and then looking for another solution in my area – I would have switched to LinkDotNet by now but the thing is they said there WiMAX services isn’t available yet – i recently visited their franchise fews ago thats what they told me else i would have signed up for it.

    I am not removing Wateen right now because its not giving me any serious problems (as i stated prevously).
    Though i am not seeing any noticeable changes.. They haven’t yet fixed there so called Online Wateen Self Care Center all the information there is not accurate except for the billing stuff. Theres still no way to till when you will be out of bandwidth – There is a remind feature on it but it Doesn’t Work.

    They are going at a snail speed.. They have to speed things up they should first focus on there current resources they are providing other then going off and looking into the next big thing for it.

    I do want to say that there Internet Speed has been working well for me for like 3 weeks or so without any sort of serious issues.

    I am currently bundled with some projects in my hand so i am not able to afford the cost of loosing the internet connection right now.. but if i do see a better solution i will most likely switch to it – For now i am all Wateens 🙂

  44. FSD says

    Wateen People are Thugs!

    They have billed me 15000/= for extra internet usage (that I never did) and never warned me of any limit-crossing. Now they want me to pay the bill and I want to kick their *sses. I am moving to Mobilink and hope they won’t turn out to be Crooks like Yateem Telecom.


  45. Faisal says

    Hello People. I have just bought Wateen wimax service around a month ago, and able to use it only for 5 or times, rest of the month talking with cutomer support or the local franchise.
    They are realy idiots. Dont have any clue what the customer is talking about. they simply ask to do lay-man steps, that restart your pc, clear your cache etc.
    I am writing to this blog using my PTCL vWireless and looks much better than wateen (at least it connects and can download important files).
    What my problem is that, when i start my CPE device (the motorolla one). The computer tries to get the IP from the device DHCP server (the device is actually running embedded linux inside, which makes this device serve as a gwateway). After getting the IP, the device starts to find the WiMax. Then after few minutes (some time less than 2 minutes) The device get connected with wimax service showing 3 or more bars, and the tick mark and wimax LED turned on. After getting the signals, when i try to ping the CPE (, it doesnot ping at all. In the LAN activity, the bytes are sent from the computer, but no bytes received.
    I am not sure what the actual problem is, but i think that the firmware is the cause. So, if any body experienced the same problem, please shed some light on it. It would be very helpful for many of us, as the actual service provider (the owner of this shit) Wateen can not solve this problem even after 100 years!

  46. Zubair says

    You’re certainly right when you said “They are idiots” i think even that is a great word to say for them – they are way beyond that :@

    I’m sorry to hear your terrible experience using this low-class service – I am not sure about your problem but have you tried resetting your setting on the Router?, you can do that by following this step.

    – Goto
    – Click on Tools
    – Click on Restore Defaults
    – Done!

    See if that helps, it helped me in more then one occasions, also theres a connection option on the Router page stated above ( try pinging from there and see if it works from there.

    You can also try connecting your computer to another port on the router, otherwise i’m not sure but it can obviously be because of the Firmware – let me know what happens.

  47. Sehrish says

    Hey guys…
    I have seen so many people are creating bad image of Wateen by word of mouth, discussion on different issues like poor customer service, overcharging etc, is happening on continuous basis. I do not use Wateen and I do not have much idea about its Wimax but whatever it is, this is not a write way to show the anger and complain, if u have any queries please go and contact the management of Wateen instead of wasting time in writing negative blogs on daily basis, this is just a suggestion rest is up to you.

  48. Abbas Ali says


    I agree with everyone who says Wateen is dumb and lame!

    @Serish :- What do you think? obviously people have complained to those jerks, But they are quite stupid enough to help anyone. I am not sure about the others but i have been calling wateen CSR for a week and getting no help at all – when i goto there Franchise they say call the Help Line. What the fuck are they doing at the franchise there?

    I appreciate every and all blog authors who write about there experience using such service. This is a way to tell other fellow bro and sis to stay away from such bad neighborhood such as Wateen Telecom.

    Unfortunately, i found these blogs and complains about wateen very late.. if only i had seen these sooner i would’ve not been a victim of such low and third class service.

    If you think this is a waste of time… seriously, you have lost it.

  49. EnLanger says

    oh well…Sehrish the thing is..
    “Who Care” sort of attitude we have been experiencing from the lower tier of Wateen’s staff is because of short-sightedness and lack of strategic vision of the top brass.No doubt Wateen sucks but actually they suck big time.It looks like chimpmucks are on the controls.
    I subscribed to their service since 2 months (1MB 4gb) , believe me or not I am getting 7/8 KB/sec transfer rate and I have complained them hundred times but no freaking valid reason was given to me except telling me clear your PC cache and tmp files (rofl) .Sorry to say they went for quantity and cheap resources and compromised on quality.
    Thumbs down !

  50. sehrish says

    2 months before I had a problem in downloading by that time I complained at their customer service centre, with in 3 days my problem solved. I think any company has aim to provide better & better service/ customer service because they know customers are the King?. So if their customers are not satisfied so they definitely switch from competitors side. Because of this point any company like wateen always try to provide better service for their users.
    Why don’t you people try your luck and submit your complain at [email protected]

  51. sehrish says

    Only few people like you say wateen is dumb, most of the people happy with wateen. People should complain but in a good manner & complain in customer care centre not here. Because you people only want to write negative with out any complain because Human nature is never shown positive thing so should be positive. I suggest you to all first to call and inform about problem may be your problem solve by a phone call?.
    Ya I give ID You should complain at [email protected]

  52. Moon says

    WAteen is making me mad
    its net is working perfectly
    got connected to net within a day(got my id/pass in a day)
    surfing speed is good but they havent activated my telephony
    doesnot work at all, they say it will work within an hour, by tomorrow

    and such things!

  53. EnLanger says

    I have already tried my luck by emailing them on the desired email address provided by you but…uhmmmmm no response came from their side yet.I am trying my luck with wateen,I personally don’t complain them for fun mind you,actually I am having a problem with their service.I don’t wish to write anymore lines because I am already fed up of complaining about everything in my country rofl,BUT tell you I won’t give up until and unless I achieve my desired goal 😛 …(the thing which didn’t make me subscribe to other service is because WIMAX technology is something excellent)

  54. Asad says

    Good News for all bloggers Wateen is providing free Wimax facility to bloggers in the ICT P@sha awards at Karachi Marriott Hotel On Oct 31, 08 at Friday. Here you can meet with wateen management & share your ideas regarding wateen’s improvement.
    For more details about

  55. EnLanger says

    If I were in the room,I would have abused them by GOD.I would have told them look SIR my complaint ticket number is still pending since two months,what have you done in this regard?I have payed you 20,000 when your services started.What made me subscribe to your connection?I thought your brand would be somewhat different but NO NO NO.Right now compensate me for the damages.If you won’t then I am gona sue you,you people are liable under section 24-25-415 (dishonestly,fraudulently & cheating) of “Pakistan Penal Code”.Their big tads are liable for swear punishment and shall be liable to fine.WATEEN where will you go then?I know this punishment is not enough for you.I don’t want to punish you,its not my aim,my aim is to insult you in the political way.

  56. Asad says

    Why You people always think negative & write negative??
    I don’t know why your aim is to insult Wateen but If you are not satisfied or you are facing problem so you should be complained at customer service centre. Being a Pakistan we have to consider Wateen’s effort to provide latest Wimax technology. If You are in problem regarding wateen Why don’t you compalin at this ID“[email protected]”
    your problem will be solved.

  57. EnLanger says

    Its our damn right that they provide us all the best technology of the world,we are living in an independent country,what are our providers doing?fooling us?taking money and then never look back,I always say that wateen has compromised on quality and no doubt they have badly failed to deliver what they promised for.Man we have paid them bucks, 20,000 bucks!?It means something.No country in the world charge you that much & if they do then they take care of their customers like their own kids.I have tried all the cards present but damn they never solved my problem.These big tads with their big fat asses never feel pity on their own people,these chipmunks have ruined their own people lives.The email you provided is just a waste of time,they never reply nor they resolve your issues.I ave tried my heart out but nope failed.Never ever try wateen,if you did then its your biggest mistake of life.
    to hell with this wimax,chipmunks are on controls and they doesn’t know what are they doing..

    WATEEN WIMAX = 2008 modern dialup.

  58. Asad says

    @ EnLanger
    Angry young man
    I truly understand what you must be going through, according to what you stated but I also stand true in my statement as I have wateen connection since last 9.5 months and I always get a good response whenever I face any problem, I simply email the ID they gave me ( customerservice@wateen .com). I would again suggest to have yours problem conveyed here, and if you find it okay, you can email me your contact information/ wateen user ID, I will make sure you are satisfied.
    My ID is ” [email protected]

  59. EnLanger says

    Asad bro, I didn’t want to be an attention seeker but I am facing serious problems with wateen,I’ll email on this desired email address and see whether they will resolve my problem or not,I have lost my hope,maybe things didn’t work out the way I wanted.Man sometimes I feel like I should burn the modem and stop using the internet.Sometimes I feel to cry lol.By God our own people are making a fool of us.Three years back I was in USA,Newyork ,I subscribed the services of comcast cable dsl…uffh it was so cool ,it was a nice experience..there were no downtimes ,customer support was fantastic.I used to watch online movies ,matches..everything I want ed.Why can’t our ISPS like them?why are we lagging in every department of life?Last year I visited Denmark..there I subscribed to a wireless internet connection ,it was more then 4 mb connection,it was blistering fast,I stayed for 1 month and there were no downtime nothing at all.Sorry I started to write stories lol..
    My downloading speed rate is slow.. I got these values
    -63 RSSI and -22CINR and sometimes it gets below -60 and with full signals.

  60. Asad says

    I am pleased too read your reply, haven’t receive your email yet but looking forward. We should appreciate those companies who effort to boost our country n these companies are playing dynamic role n upgraded their services to facilitate us. You have traveled the world experiencing it all the way. Well! I agreed with you and in my personal views. I appreciate the fact that wateen has laid base.
    I am waiting your email. I am hopeful k your problem will be solved InshahAllah.

  61. ehtesham says

    Wateeen is Best using it from 8 months , no problem speed is 50 – 60 . i downloaded above 10 gb , hehe no problem.

  62. Enlanger says

    I am really sorry I was lost somewhere,my email is [email protected] ,ill anxiously waiting for your reply

  63. Enlanger says

    they are maggots ,they haven’t yet resolved my problem since 5 months, these fuckheads don’t feel to resolve my issue, how on the earth do they call this freaking shit a dsl?my freaking downloading can’t go above 10KB/s on 1MB.. what kinda 1MB is this?did they share the 1MB connection among 100 users ?spit on wateen .. suckers , bloody suckers of Pakistan

  64. m36pk says

    Well, from what I have read here, I think i made the right decision by suing wateen.
    So many people are getting ripped off in this country by unprofessional conduct of MNC’s like wateen. Actually, I think wimax is a good thing, compared to the worldcall i had been using for a year. Orascom is good too. But, i eventually ended up with PTCL..YES..PTCL..surprised??? Well after the wateen F-Up, i opted back to ptcl and haven’t had a complain for the past 4 months.Works perfectly and since it’s unlimited, i can download and upload as much as i like. Wateen gave me an unlimited package too, but after a month, they decided to bill mefor extra usage… Wateen just redefined the word “Unlimited”. In the wateen dictionary, UNLIMITED=10GB …PERIOD!!!!!No agrument on that…!
    For the benefit of people still using wateen or new users they know, please tell them to change their user name and passwords as soon as they get their accounts activaed. Usually, Wateen gives their own generated user name and password, but some of their staff (supposedly) sell the same to other people who are constantly uploading and downloading from the internet. This actually affects the person who legally has the account and pays for it. Normally, the wateen staff does not instruct you to change the user name and password when they install and niether do they tell you where to locate on the opening page the option to change it. Hence if you have had excessive billing on internet usage, this is what might have happened.

    Hope, this post will be of some help.

    BTW…consumer courts are pretty active nowadays, so if you feel cheated, thats the place to go..


  65. Asad says

    pata nhi aap why are you people not happy with Wateen. I am old user of wateen or still happy…………………………………………………… Alwayssssssss happy

  66. Enlanger says

    Asad,if you are happy with their services then it doesn’t mean every single person in Pakistan is happy with it,their service quality is different in different cities, in most of the cities these fuckheads have cut the bandwidth like if the users who are using doesn’t know what they have done to their service lol.. you know what I have closed the complaint ticket myself, they didn’t do anything regardin my complaint , they only did was to call me on daily basis. LOL.. WATEEN SUCKS,they are blood suckers

  67. Asad says

    Engage HR announced the launch of HR Academy in Pakistan on PSHRM, 2008:

    Paul Keijzer, CEO, Engage Human Resources, emphasize their contribution to developing HR in Pakistan. Following this, he announced the launch of HR Academy in Pakistan and its first Advanced Certification Program for HR professionals from January, 2009. He also appreciated the efforts of PSHRM for organizing HR Awards and quite ambitious for the next year’s awards gala. Considering HR is one of the most critical issues that plague internet and telecom-related companies, this is most certainly a step in the right direction. The PSHRM Awards 2008 took place in Karachi on the 25th of November and two telecom companies also won awards: Telenor and Wateen.

  68. EnLanger says

    There is a genuine problem in their setup,I am tired of complaining them again and again so I stopped to call them as I have wasted lot of bucks on them. Here is the prove,open your eyes and see it. I am downloading a file from and look at the speed on 1MB connection & now don’t say its the problem with you.I am not a illiterate person who doesn’t know how to use internet ,I am literate,I know how to check something whether its good or bad.I am no mad to complaint again and again,I have an issue ,if I were not having any problem I would have been happily using it.I think I need to talk my lawyer.

    here is the snap of my freaking 1 Mb connection..look

  69. Zubair says

    @Asad: LOL, why have you been trying to post with different usernames? you thought the admin wont find out? or notice? lol but i did. So i changed the usernames to your original username i.e (Asad).

    Man, that really sucks. just saw your snapshot.

    Sorry i haven’t been updated with this topic, it seems most of my problems with wateen have been resolved including speed. I am still concerned about Bandwidth Cap though it needs to be raised.

    Enlanger, i can try to help you out – i just need the following information from you:

    Name on Account:
    Address at which services are being rendered:
    Contact #:
    Internet log in ID:
    Voice Line:

    You can email the above information at my email zubair11 [at]

    I am extremely sorry for those who came here and posted a comment but his/her comment didn’t show up. The reason for that was because i receive alot of daily spam on this site so it becomes quite difficult to go over every comment – I’ve made some serious changes to Askimet Spam setting to prevent such a thing to happen again 🙂 Once again sorry.

  70. fantastic592000 says

    Dear Wateen Users,
    Let me share a nightmare story of wateen. I was a postpaid customer of wateen paying them Rs.19,500/= upfront. Reason of paying upfront was Wateen is not gonna charge me for CPE and i can use there services for 2 Months free. in August 2008 i received a notice all post paid customers switch to Pre paid. I checked my balance at the end of Sept.2008 it was 12,506. I asked for refund and return the CPE alongwith my cancellation. On December 6,2008 i received a call from Wateen Frachise we got yr check for Rs.5,000/= They rip me of my Rs.7000 aproximately. Is this fair without giving me any account statement or justification why they sent me only Rs.5,000/=. If you try to talk to those dumies on so call complain centre they have no answers of your questions. I hate Wateen, i advise every body to switch to PTCL DSL it is really good. and unlimited bandwidth, what else you want from them. As for wateen you have to pay Rs.3,500/= for extra 1GB bandwidth. what a waste of money. If any wateen hi officials reading this blog (which i know they don’t) for improving there services and learning from there mistakes please take care of my problem. U guys rip me off. My Cell no. is 0321-2041004.
    I am really happy not using wateen services anymore.

  71. sameera says

    Oh Eid Mubarak to all!!
    Now Wateen is offering exiting Eid package that is free downloading n free national and international calls with 50% extra minutes. My friend is a user of Wcard and she told me about this offer, WHICH IS VERY SPECIAL FOR me because my brother is an Canada. We daily talked with other calling card when we did not know about W card. But On this Eid I used this Offer and always using:)
    If you peopl want to talk your friends and relatives, so don’t waste your time because this offer is 8 Dec to 10 Dec.

  72. Abbas (software Engr) says

    well i dont know why u r blamming..let me sort out..
    wateen is providing Shared Bandwidth mean
    512KBS or 1Mbs (512Kbs mean 64 Kilo bytes per second)
    512 kilo bits per second 512/8 bcz one byte = 8 bit. got it?
    so they divide 64KBS(Kilo bytes per second ) in 5 users.
    so mostly user gets around 15 or some time 30 Kilo bytes per second . and PTCL is giving u Dedicated 512Kbs or 1 mbs link.. mean u gets mostly aroung 60 kbs.

    First of all …wateen is not too good.. i m a software Engr.. so telling u some points..
    first if u have 512Kbs mean 64kilo byte per second. speed its shared between 5 users.. so mostly u have 15 or 20 Kbp or sometimes 30Kbp..
    and another prob 5GB limit..

    PTCL : they gave u Dedicated DSL 512Kbs (64 kilo byes per secobd) mostly i got around 60Kbps…its way fast… and little bit cost effective..
    bcz i have both….

    PTCL is way fast.. and specailly Good For Gamers..
    if u r normal or average user go for wateen..
    if u wanna download lots of movies…music wanna play online games….
    GO For PTCL…thanks
    and one more thing
    why wateen introduce WImax bcz.. lack of infrasturture in pakistan..
    its ture when i was in Calgary last Canada.. Canadians have also wimax problem.. and
    mostly they use DSL..

    dont blame them..prob is our pakistan telecom infrastucture and also lots of PTCL Taxes included Govt .taxes.

  73. Screw Wateen says

    For all of you, no matter how loyal and satisfied you present yourself with wateen the fact of the matter is wateen is just a lousy peice of cramp not as regards to the company but as regards to the services it provides under the influence of our hudd haram pakistani workforce. No matter what u think or say, the problem is not with these foreign brands its just us. These same foreign brands work like a charm in Europe or at their parent location in consideration of there own people.But when any of these arrive in Pakistan, even if they don’t want to they are forced to degrade their reputation thanks to our hardworking Pakistanis..

  74. nadeem says

    i am happy with wateen. everything is ok. is there anybody who wil share the way that how can we get the detial of total downloading in GB


    1. Zubair says


      You can view your internet usage information by visiting the login area @

      When the page opens click on Status and you will see the details.

      A easier alternative is that you can also use CyberPK’s Wateen Connector.

  75. Faheem says


    Hope everybody is fine. I was going through the complaints by some wateen users. I would like to tell you that wateen has finally launched there unlimited internet package as well. 🙂

    Just to notify you one thing that even right now it is not completely unlimited but the download limit is 100 GB in a months time which does not include your browsing and streaming.

    As far as there service is concerned I am a DSL user since 2004 when Micronet was recently launched and I have used PTCL and Micronet because of my job nature and now I recently switched to Wateen because the PTCL employees dont take care of lines and they are not that supportive to provide you the quality services.

    To be honest I live in an area which is declared dead by the most ISP’s including LinkDotNet and Mobilink. I dont have any signal problem with Wateen now and the services are also very good.

    My package is 1MB with so called unlimited package where there is a limit of 100 GB in a month but still that is not a bad download limit even for an advanced user is concerned.Though the monthly payment is Rs 1600/- which is relatively higher than PTCL and Micronet but I believe that now the services of Wateen are worth more than that.

    I heard that Wateen was not good in the past and people had issues with the post paid connections and all but now they have really improved there services and I believe that at the moment Wateen is the better ISP as compared to PTCL and Micronet.

    The reason of this improvment is basically the launch of Wi-Tribe whose packages were much cheaper than Wateen and most users were switching to Wi-Tribe when they launched these packages which are simply awesome.

    I would recommend Wateen to every type of users.I also want to get comments of different users of Wateen who moved to this package recently and they were using different services before.

    Thanks alot

    1. Zubair says


      You are very much right and thanks for sharing your experience and opinion here.

      I am using both Wateen and PTCL Broadband at the moment, and seriously Wateen is no where near compared to PTCL Broadband.

      But as i’ve said in the past, every person gets a different experience – Wateen’s (so called) unlimited packages are still relatively too high, but i am sure the prices will go down soon due to the competition 🙂

      Wateen Telecom has improved alot since the old days, but it still has a long road waiting ahead for it.

      I believe, i’ve seen smarter techs in PTCL Broadband then in Wateen Telecom – seriously! 🙂

  76. Faheem says

    @ Zubair

    I am myself an IT person and know a lot about these networking things. I agree with you the PTCL got smarter techs as compared to Wateen but you know the government organizations of Pakistan very well. PTCL people don’t take care of things like maintance of your telephone line etc. I dont think that the rates of Wateen is going to go down as right now Wateen is the only service provider that is providing service to even places which are not accessible by PTCL and Micronet.

    But you never know as there is so much competition in the market that every company is trying to get as much business as they can.

  77. [email protected] says

    start service good 140kb to 120kb 10 days use service very very bad i hate no costumer service im dailing 7 time 3 days 5 5 mint per call not respons 5kb to 10kb very bad bad karachi.

  78. saifullah says

    please anyone tell me some of the wateen ids… i really need them as i can’t afford myself ……. i would be very kind of you all if you would lend me one!!!!!


  79. [email protected] says

    this wateen network is fucking shit ….all shit ..bakwaas hai …no signal …dump this company ..mother fuckers …making people fool ..Ptcl Evo the best of alll …chaps for ptcl

  80. Haroon says

    Wateen is 3rd class wimax service, which only knows how to collect money from customers.
    They dont have any after sales service.
    even if you will returned device due to bad service thay will not refund your money before 4 months after deduction many unjustify charges.
    In short: CHOAR COMPANY

  81. Muhammd Waris says

    really my hands up to god saids all day and nights very happy your all stiafs and yours all famaly my really hope this commpanys this is only muslims company sir i am really pooar mean if u not moiends my comments sir agen your all happy all life
    Muhammad Waris kalat balochistan

  82. adil says

    no support available wateen service is raly a big shit on there face.

  83. shahid ali says

    mujhe 2 mb package chahiye. ya coprate package chahiye

  84. ZAHID MEHMOOD says

    Assalam o alikum;
    Any one want any kind of information about wateen telecom in Lahore city,call me on this number.0321-4090028
    free home delivery & instalation:
    [email protected];
    Best Regards:
    Zahid Mehmood;
    Wateen telecom Lahore; (FM Telecom Faisal town)

  85. Faisal says

    ptcl broadband is most of the best network in pakistan fastest broad band ptcl feel the difference love ptcl 03339339565

  86. RAHEEL says


  87. Sarwar says

    I cannot send my mail. Tell me smtp address.
    Dr. Sarwar

    1. Zubair says


      I believe the smtp address is

      Wateen also has a online POP Interface available at:

      Click Here for more helpful info on this topic.

  88. Asghar says


    i m using wateen since last 3 months but i think they are not able to run this company in a better way because speed of net is too much slow when i contacted to customer service he asked me your connection have a problem its called DYNAMIC IPS they are just earning money and dont realy interested to provide better service and

  89. Asghar says

    Asalm Alaikum;
    i m using 1mb unlimited connection and my connection speed was very slow when i contacted to customer service he asked me my connection have a problem its called Dynamic ips problem and he told me pay 2000 rupees in our franchise office then they will set your connection speed constant. If my connection have any low speed problem then it is not my fault it is wateen’s system and service fault they should correct my connection speed and if they can not set speed then they should return my card fee instead of i pay again them more money.
    I think they dont know how to run a internet company and just know how to earn tooo much money.
    If any one wateen’s official is readintg my comments then i request to him kindly give my message to their higher management.

  90. Ayesha says

    Very Good Job Wateen

    Wateen has improved now

    do check it out

  91. Pakistani2010 says

    Zakhir Ali Said,
    July 17th, 2008 @7:54 am

    “Wateen is just another rip-off company.. Established in a rip-off country!

    I am not surprised by the level of quality they are providing considering they are in Pakistan after-all!

    I’d best say to move away from this Company there is a better solution arriving very soon which is LDN (LinkDotNet).”

    You piece of a wasted shit, after all that LinkDotNet will be established in Pakistan too, before having any product to offer you. So, it’s not about Pakistan. It’s about individual characters. Don’t blame country for the shit caused by you, yourself.

  92. Nishat says

    Dear All,

    both of service provider Wateen & Mobilink is hot by area wise, in my area Mobilink is fail but Wateen is good, but other areas situation may be reverse. So, before get either one service must be test at your workplace then buy.

    Thanks – Nishat, Happy Surfing……..

  93. Hasnain says

    Buy Evo usb in just 2500 with exciting packages.1 month free usage with browsing 3.1Mbps
    contact 0303-6570025

  94. faisal says

    wateen aik dm baqwas hay man tang a gaya hon is say har 2 roz bad is ke jga change krne parti hay iak dam gand hay ya my num 03125905091

  95. Farhan Khan says

    I have Internet service If u need so please contact me 256,512,1mbps and above
    only Karachi offer guaranteed speed 100% in your area if u need plz contact:03452153186

  96. Tahir says

    Bad Service

  97. Witribe Victim says

    Wi-tribe is a biggest Scam and Cheater. The sales person openly doing fraud sitting on their seats and eating money like hell. It has been realized that Wi-tribe is the no.1 fraud company of Pakistan.

    Kick Wi-tribe here ==>

  98. Arif says

    how much is the monthly package for evo. can we use evo usb with more than one computers ?

  99. hammad says

    dosto mere net wateen ka he os me ping kafi he or 1mb ka he or upload speed kabhi 20 30 hoti he 50 q nahi hoti plzzz help me

  100. raja says

    yar aj kal kuch din sa adult site open nahin ho rahe hain kya prob. ha?

  101. raja says

    Your requested site is blocked by PTA. Please consult PTA if you have any query regarding requested site …………….ya likha ata ha all adult site open karny per

  102. Abdullatif says

    it’s ok

  103. Nasreen Naushad says

    I have wateen internet service but this service is very poor and hopeless my ID:001E738C2E17ye MAC.
    please arrange to resolve my problem.

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