Free SEO Directory Submitter Software

Free SEO Directory Submitter Software

Submit Helper is a very handy tool for people who wants to submit their websites to directories with ease, it makes the process less time consuming and simple.

This is a very nifty and handy SEO Software, those who get tired of submitting their websites to numerous directories because they have to keep copy/pasting their website information for each site manually. Submit Helper will automatically insert your site details as soon as the page loads. Saving you bunch of time and effort 🙂

It also has a good amount of web directories in its engine which are search engine friendly, the best part about this software is that its completely free to use 🙂

Submit Helper Features

  • Built-in database of free, non-reciprocal directory list.
  • Manage your site information and suggest new directory
  • Automatically fill in submission form
  • Free & Green Software, No installation needed!

Click here to download the software! Link Removed as the website seems down.

Let me know if you need any installation help or something 🙂

  1. sb225 says

    I havbe tried many free submitters but what i see in them is they give allwaste urls adn they doesnt work for free submitter
    I want to know can i able to add my list which i want to submit
    I mean directory list since many dont have pr or they dont validate


  2. Gamer says

    Will we be able to add our own directories to add in this software?

  3. Zubair says

    I see what you mean sb225, the problem is that directories usually become paid after they have gotten a good amount of submissions onto their web directory.

    I have also used many other & similar free website submitters they all lack this feature what you’re asking about 🙁

    One thing that software features is that it lets you suggest your web directory to their list, which is quite big and neatly organized.
    The above URL is their list of web directory, and where they manage the list of directories they have in their software it is quite neat, so i recommend checking it out to see what they have to offer.

    btw, i also tried suggesting a directory to their list and it was approved in a few hours 🙂

    Thanks for commenting sb225 & Gamer 🙂

  4. Beckham says

    For directory submission, the most important fields are: Title, URL, Description and keywords. In this software, it also allow each field to have multiple values. The software will random select value for form filler based on the weight assigned to each value.

    High recommend it.

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