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Firefox 17 Released with the new Social API

Firefox 17 Released with the new Social API

Well its true, Firefox 17 was just recently and with it released a cool new feature which is the new Social API, also known as the “Social Bar” or “Social Sidebar”.

With the Social API, you will be able to see incoming messages and notifications and also quickly begin chats with friends and colleagues. The whole idea behind the Social API is to be able to have a quick view into a site without having to switch back and forth between tabbed pages in the browser.

Chrome vs Firefox Review – The Browser Battle

Chrome vs Firefox - The Browser Battle

In today’s digital world, the wide availability of high speed internet requires the use of an equally adequate browser. Modern browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are built to take advantage of the latest web technology and maximize its full potential. The following compares the features and capabilities of both browsers. Mozilla Firefox […]

Firefox 4 Enable Save Tabs On Exit Warning

Firefox 3 Save Tabs on Exit Warning Dialog

Those of you not aware, Firefox 4 was just recently released. I just downloaded and installed it a few hours ago and found it quite amazing. Though it has adopted the Google Chrome Visual Style alot for the Interface (Like how the menus and tabs are displayed, etc…) But, there was something odd which i […]

Google Chrome – another web browser?

Google Chrome - Another Web Browser

Yesterday, While browsing i noticed a link saying Download Google Chrome (beta) while i was on Google’s Homepage, i just couldn’t resist so i clicked it and went for a download. While it was being installed i did a small search for the new Web Browser but couldn’t find anything interesting to hear about it. […]

Internet Explorer VS FireFox

Internet Explorer vs Firefox - The Browser Battle

I just started browsing through some cool sites and blogs i was looking for Wordpress plugins to add to this blog to make it more enjoyable, I’ve added some which i saw were cool enough – But while i was browsing through all those sites, i came up to a site where there was a big discussion regarding Microsoft Internet Explorer – vs – Mozilla Firefox the person who started the discussion was actually offering a plugin for Wordpress which was some way related to Firefox to claim that it isn’t good enough!