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Windows Live Space Merging With WordPress

Windows Live Space Merging With Wordpress

It’s Official now, Microsoft’s Windows Live Spaces (or MSN Spaces) are partnering up with the guys at Wordpress.com to upgrade and migrate more than 30M bloggers. That basically means now Wordpress.com is going to be the default platform for every Windows Live Space user.

New WordPress 2.8 Released

Wordpress Logo

WordPress 2.8 has just been released.. Well, i just saw on the admin panel of wordpress that wordpress v2.8 is ready for public, so i just had to upgrade as soon as possible. I haven’t got the time to browse for every single feature, but i did notice the plugin manager seems to have improved […]

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

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The new spectacular WordPress 2.5 is rocking cool! The reason i upgrade late was because i wanted to be completely sure that it is compatible with my current plugins and not mention theme. i am glad it is ­čÖé Well, to be honest there is nothing cool or new on the front-end of wordpress. what […]

Google Adsense Changes TOS

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I’m sure everyone have heard by now about the recent change of Google Adsense TOS (Terms of Service)? Well, if you haven’t now is a good time to pay some attention! You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your […]

New WordPress 2.5 Coming Soon!

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WordPress Version 2.5 has scheduled to be┬áreleased in March 10, 2008. After┬á checking out the demo i don’t think i see anything “COOL” in it though the admin interface does seem to look a bit more flexible, i hate what they have done to the upper-top navigation menu, its hard to see. I’m talking about […]

WordPress 2.3.3 – Security Flaw

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There is yet another exploit found, but that is for users using the WP-forum plugin, it is advised by wordpress itself that you stop using that script until the author fixes the exploit.

Feedburner Headline Animator

Feedburner Headline Animator

I was just looking into my Google’s Feedburner account today, I saw a big decrease in my subscribers i am sorry that i haven’t had the time to keep my blog updated. I also recently caught a problem in the blog software, i was able to fix it by somehow – so i just upgraded it to the latest stable version of Wordpress. I think i was using a very old version of Wordpress not sure but maybe the (1.x.x Series) version.

WordPress Bug OR Typo

Wordpress Bug or Typo

There is a bug in Wordpress latest release 2.0.4 or maybe it’s just a small Typo? Anyways, the problem is in the wp-rss2.php file exactly where the config file is located.