WordPress 2.3.3 – Security Flaw


Wordpress 2.3.3 Security Flaws

So there’s a new wordpress upgrade available? But this is just a security fix, a flaw was found in the XML-RPC implementation that would allow users to edit other peoples post/comment this is bad for those who allow registration on their blog. There is only this security fix to be noted other-wise you can download the complete package of wordpress and upgrade it to version 2.3.3.

Please note that version 2.3.3 also fixes some other minor bugs. You can have a look at that small list by Clicking Here.

There is yet another exploit found, but that is for users using the WP-forum plugin, it is advised by wordpress itself that you stop using that script until the author fixes the exploit.

You can download the XML-RPC Security Fix by Clicking Here. or goto www.wordpress.org to get the complete upgrade if you want that.

You can checkout the complete news about the changes by Clicking Here.

  1. Aaron Peters says


    I just stumbled upon this blog post.
    Will definitely check this out.


  2. unTECHy says

    I upgraded. Not for the security updat really, but for the tag support. Great post though. Didn’t know about the WP-Forum flaw, thanks.

  3. Cialisel says

    Nice Blog. Good Look!

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