Upgrade to WordPress 2.5


Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

The new spectacular WordPress 2.5 is rocking cool!

The reason i upgrade late was because i wanted to be completely sure that it is compatible with my current plugins and not mention theme. i am glad it is 🙂

Well, to be honest there is nothing cool or new on the front-end of wordpress. what is changed is the back-end of admin panel.

The admin interface has completely changed from a cosmetic point of veiw – Its beautiful!

The new wordpress seems much more simpler to use now – plus wordpress is now something we can really call Web 2.0. I would like to thank every single developer who has been working on providing us with such a great upgrade. The 6 month of work they put to build this amazing upgrade has truly paid off.

One of the greatest feature that if you’d install a plugin in the past version of wordpress – and suddenly the next day the plugin author puts out a major upgrade for its plugin. Many people don’t like the hassle of upgrading things so often. Like me 😛

But in the new WordPress 2.5, There is a great feature that will check to see if there is any new update / upgrade to the plugins – if there is it will ask us if we would like to do it manually or it’ll offer to do it automatically 🙂 its purely Awesome! Saves blogger like me good amount of time 🙂

Oh!, and if anyone(s) having problem upgrading to wordpress let me know I’ll upgrade / install the new worpdress free of cost!

A big Thanks to the WordPress Team! G-J 🙂

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