Jayde.com – Security Habits

Jayde.com Security Habits

Today, I was wanting to write some thing about security habits, I’ve went around visiting some sites, doing abit of search and found a very popular site Jayde.com to have some security issues, to think that Jayde.com is a very Popular PPC engine it has not been improving there engine at all.

They have been using GET method to send out all the user information, this is quite surely some times very risky for the end-user, i was once about a few days back browsing through their website to submit one of my sites there. I signed up, filled all the info, and submitted on the second page after the submission process i noticed that my username / password was clearly exposed on the Address Bar of the web browser. I was in a computer cafe at that time with some friends so one of the peaking eyes caught it too, so this is quite risky and some what the old-style way to handle user information. The process of passing private data through POST method is an ideal and i believe always will be an ideal way to transfer private data, i think Jayde.com should try improving there coding abit.

Think : – http://www.jayde.com/script/blah/blah.php?user=ebloggy&pass=pass123
is that the way you would want your private data to be transfer to the browser and onto your computer screen? i surely don’t!.

So if they would’ve just recode / improved there code to use POST variables it would be quite better for all of us. I personally hate sites using GET method where POST is another, much better option for them.

Well I’m getting kind of sleepy now, so am going to run off to the bed.
its getting quite cold so will have a long and relaxing sleep đŸ™‚

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