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Chrome vs Firefox Review – The Browser Battle

Chrome vs Firefox - The Browser Battle

In today’s digital world, the wide availability of high speed internet requires the use of an equally adequate browser. Modern browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are built to take advantage of the latest web technology and maximize its full potential. The following compares the features and capabilities of both browsers. Mozilla Firefox […]

Google Chrome – another web browser?

Google Chrome - Another Web Browser

Yesterday, While browsing i noticed a link saying Download Google Chrome (beta) while i was on Google’s Homepage, i just couldn’t resist so i clicked it and went for a download. While it was being installed i did a small search for the new Web Browser but couldn’t find anything interesting to hear about it. […]

More Free Linux CDs (Ubuntu / Ubunto)

More Free Linux CD's - Ubuntu / Ubunto

Previously, i wrote a post about getting different flavors of the Linux distribution for FREE. But this time there’s only Ubuntu (Ubunto). Ubuntu is another flavor of Linux, unlike pure Linux which doesn’t have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Ubuntu comes with a new GUI. So, let me get down to business. Ubuntu 7.10 – […]

Free Linux CD’s Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian & Gentoo

Free Linux CD Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo and many more.

That’s Right, now you can request the open source Linux operating system CD’s from the above site for free, there are many flavors of Linux being distributed on that site so request whichever you like including Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora 🙂