Youtube is unblocked and working in Pakistan

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After a recent tweet from Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday saying that YouTube would be unblocked and unbanned in Pakistan within the next 24 hours, The PTA has ordered all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IT companies to unblock Youtube immediately.

I can currently confirm that YouTube, the most popular video sharing website is unblocked and accessible to the users of Pakistan as of today (December 29th, 2012). This was very unexpected as i wasn’t really expecting Youtube to be unblocked before the New Year.

Youtube was banned in Pakistan 3 months ago in September 2012 following widespread outrage over the anti-Islam film. It has remained so from there on, while users have still had access to the video sharing website but it was through means of third-party services such as Proxies and VPNs; Though those that did not have any idea on how to use these services were left out and even those who had access to these type of services can’t enjoy Youtube, since their browsing speed degrades automatically when using these type of third-party services.
Prior to this, Youtube had been blocked in Pakistan back in 2008 and 2010 aswell.

Speaking to Geo News, DG PTA said talks were underway with Google to remove blasphemous content from Youtube.

Youtube Blocked Yet Again

Within a short while after the news of unblocking of youtube spread, another news started brewing up about Youtube being blocked again.. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf has intervened and ordered to block Youtube once again.. was he sleeping all this time? or is that just to tease us?

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