Youtube to be Unblocked in Pakistan

Youtube to be unblock / un-banned in Pakistan

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) Farooq Awan has stated that the popular video sharing website Youtube will be unblocked and back in service to the entire nation of Pakistan in the upcoming 15-20 days.

They are saying that talks are currently being made with Google, who is the owner of Youtube, to remove the blasphemous content from their video sharing website.

Youtube was banned in Pakistan 3 months ago in September 2012 following widespread outrage over the anti-Islam film. It has remained so from there on, while users have still had access to the video sharing website but it was through means of third-party services such as Proxies and VPN’s; Though those that did not have any idea on how to use these services were left out and even those who had access to these type of services can’t enjoy Youtube, since their browsing speed degrades automatically when using these type of third-party services.

It is obvious that Google is loosing business from this, but “we” the people are also at a great disadvantage by blocking such a popular service, it was however inevitable and a necessary action that needed to be done to calm and control the situation in Pakistan.

Update – December 04th, 2012
According to the latest news, Director General of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Farooq Awan takes back his own words and says that there has been no decision to unblock YouTube nor was it officially opened.

Farooq Awan said the PTA would investigate those Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who opened the video sharing website in some cities of Pakistan on Monday.

So according to him also, some of the internet service providers in Pakistan have already started unblocking YouTube. But he wasn’t done there as he also added that action would be taken against the ISP’s which opened YouTube and their licenses could be suspended.

Lets see how well this turns out be, please comment below and let us know your opinion regarding this announcement made by PTA 🙂

Since there is not much news on when YouTube is really going to be unblocked in Pakistan, we have decided to write some articles in which we show you how to unblock YouTube, Facebook or any other website you are having trouble accessing due to censorship.

Update: Youtube to be unblocked in 24 hours, tweets Malik

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that a decision has been taken to unblock YouTube website within 24 hours following ‘a great demand’.

In a message tweeted on Friday (Dec 28th, 2012); Rehman Malik said that he chaired a high-level meeting with all stakeholders on youtube issue. He said that notification in this regard is likely to be issued today. Malik further said that those who had been pressing him to unblock the site should be happy now.

He also added, PTA is finalizing negotiations for acquiring powerful firewall software to totally block pornographic and blasphemous material.

Youtube was unblocked and made accessible on 12/29/2012, but only for a short while after the PTA ordered all ISPs and IT sectors to unban the Youtube website. But surprisingly moments later the Prime Minister of Pakistan ordered to re-blocked the video sharing website, once again.. and it has been since remained inaccessible.

By Sana Khan

Sana Ali Khan is a IT Professional who works in a multi-national software house as Head of IT Department - in Karachi, Pakistan. I like web designing, programming but most of all i am very passionate about writing and i really like people reading what i have to share with them.


  1. Yeh block hi kyun ki thi???? kya mila yeh kar ke?? jo isko istamal karte hein bus unhi logon ko farq parha tha, adhi se ziyada awaam to use nahi karti kyun ke adi se ziyada awaam ko iska pata bhi nahi hai. Bus kya hai? Total Drama-Baazi…

  2. aslamolicam. mery khail me youtube banned kerni ki bajy ,anti islam film k jovab me aik asi film bani jay jis me islam ki talimat or serat tyba ki puri tara sey tashri ki jay. or is film ka moh tor jawab dia jay.

  3. DEAR SIR, Sorry 2 say!
    but RALLIES, STRIKES AUR YOUTUBE BLOCK krne se kya hua?
    kiya HUm jeet gaye? no!
    wo Movie tu bni b and release b hui, aur dekhi b gai in entire world. n EXCEPT MUSLIMS wo Movie sab ne dekhi b hogi..
    plz Sir, next time jb koi decision liya krn tu soch liya krn k kuch aisa krn jis k bad Hum proud feel krn dt u have won.

  4. That’s great news!
    I am very dependent on Youtube, if I knew it was blocked down here, would’ve never came here for holidays! proxies is a pain to use too -.-
    Thanks for the update Sana ^_^

  5. Gud job, band rakho youtube ko humko aisi websites ki zaroorat nahi hai. Awaam jago aur samjo ke aisi sites hamare bacho ko kharab kar rahi hain!

    1. @Danish, Youtube is a good site it is both educational and resourceful. Even though some unwanted content can be exposed through it but that still doesn’t make it a bad website, if you call that bad then you might as well call Computers and even TV bad.. Which i suppose you do.. It is upto you on how you use Youtube, because every good thing has a bad use.. but you can’t call that good thing a “bad thing” for that, or ignore it; as that will only be hurting you.

      1. sana khan i absolutely agree with u as u said *every good thing has a bad use, so i think it is up to us how to use it.

        thanks for your nice comment

  6. PTA should demand or remove the video from YouTube which is made against Islam. When PTCL department officers are not sincere, YouTube is block from 4th Sept 2012, PTCL has introduced such time ago SMART TV with great quality picture channels without Indian Channels. The Smart TV device is costly and charges too but no indian channel is working.

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