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Google Launches Voice for Gmail

Google Launches Voice for Gmail

The search engine giant Google has recently launched a new service Gmail Voice. which allows the ability to let Gmail users Call others from within their Gmail Account. No need to setup a phone connection or any other technical mumbo-jumbo.

Getmooh – Free Call backs to your Phone!

Free call backs to your phone

Get me out of here (Getmooh) is a free web service which enables you to schedule calls to your phone. Imagine you are stuck and have to attend some important meeting or go out with someone; but you do not want to that is where Getmooh comes into play you simply just have to open up […]

Free Web 2.0 Logo Generators & Creator

Web 2.0 Logo Generators

Logo’s are already a main aspect of our websites, you have to design your logo carefully and thoughtfully and not only that you have make your logo Eye Catching for the audience! The era of Web 2.0 Logos has already begun almost all big and small business and communities are creating Web 2.0 Logos. Often you will see that Web 2.0 Logos are classified as Simple yet very professional & creative, but in reality there is no real definition.