Deal or No Deal? Yahoo-Microsoft

Deal or No Deal - Microsoft and Yahoo

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The rumor has been going on for long enough, and now finally i am proud to say that Yahoo! has rejected Microsoft offer of 44.6 Billion USD (sorry previously i stated this amount a bit higher). According to the rumor some officials at Yahoo! said that will not be giving Yahoo! to Microsoft because they think that Microsoft is just trying to steal Yahoo! from them by offering them only 44.6 Billion (which i myself agree) Yahoo! is worth more then that for sure.. think about it! Yahoo! one of the most respected names on the internet Google OR Microsoft i don’t like them as much as i like Yahoo! it would’ve been a shame that Yahoo! had to be acquired too just like all the other big names were acquired and tampered with.

Microsoft says – They’re acquiring Yahoo! to get all the traffic they can get Yahoo! is one of the top ranked website and not to mention heavily traffic-ed, Yahoo! has a real sense of fun while Google seems quite like the nerd they are Yahoo! knows how to dance and also how to make Others dance 😉 Yahoo! is one of my all time favorites.

I’m not sure about everyone but i surely was crossing my fingers, i really didn’t want Yahoo! to be sold especially to someone like Microsoft or even Google :s

Lets just chill out and let the competition stay intact 🙂 It does favor us (users) alot.

To be beat the other competitor These big companies throw off cool offers and special services and always tries to improve what they are offering, and if there’s no tough competitor left in the market –  things will turn out to be very… very dark 🙁

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