Google Launches Voice for Gmail

The search engine giant Google has recently launched a new service Gmail Voice. which allows the ability to let Gmail users Call others from within their Gmail Account. No need to setup a phone connection or any other technical mumbo-jumbo.

Using this new Gmail feature is a quick and simple process, you basically have to agree to the terms and conditions followed by a quick installation of a Plugin which does all the hard part of making and managing your calls from inside Gmail.

Calls anywhere in the United States and Canada are free, at-least for the current year – International users unfortunately can’t enjoy this free benefit, on the other hands Google offers extremely low rate for International Calls.

This new Gmail feature allows people to use a single number that can be linked to their other phone numbers, much like a single email address which can receive messages from multiple accounts.  Other high tech features include programmable time schedules for when you want to receive calls, non-disclosure of your telephone number, and advanced caller ID features through your Gmail account.

Do note that by installing the plugin Video calls are also made available as they part of the Gmail features already.

Extra:- According to Google, over 1 million free calls were made in the first 24 hours of their new Internet-based phone service.

Calls from Pakistan to other nations are not working at the moment of writing this post.

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  1. I tried to use this new service but i wasn’t able to, BTW i’m in pakistan and it isn’t letting me make outgoing calls at all, obviously unless i pay which makes this nothing that worth while.

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