Getmooh – Free Call backs to your Phone!

Get me out of here (Getmooh) is a free web service which enables you to schedule calls to your phone.

Imagine you are stuck and have to attend some important meeting or go out with someone; but you do not want to that is where Getmooh comes into play you simply just have to open up your browser visit there site and fill in your phone details and tell what you want to say in the call.

This is a real lifesaver  you should use it wisely and carefully too..

How it works from the Getmooh website:

Getmooh is an automated call back service. It is designed to help you escape a variety of situations by calling you automatically on your phone at a pre-specified time and playing you a recording which will either instruct you on what to say to elude your tormentor(s), or which will simply give a convincing sense of you being on an important call.

Here are some things should know about Getmooh:

  • MAX Calls – You cannot make then two calls daily – so this is a big limitation but its better then Nothing right?.
  • Caller ID Policy – At the end of every call, the mobile number of the person who placed the called is read out very distinctly by a computer-generated voice.
  • Availability of Minutes – Getmooh can only make a certain number of calls a day. As People add calls, the minutes available get used up. Select the closest time to when you want a call. If the time you need is completely booked out we apologize.. We are working to increase the number of calls we can make all the time.
  • PRANK or CRANK Calls – Keep a note that Getmooh has all records of every calls made so they can easily hand over your information if the person you made a prank/crank to comes to them to ask about it.

So what are you waiting for Click Here and add your call 🙂

Update (Aug 24, 2011): This service is no longer available.

By Zubair

Zubair is a professional freelance Web Designer and Web Developer, and is also the founder of eBloggy. He has been creating highly scalable and accessible web applications since the early days of web.


  1. Are you kidding me? You have 28259 readers? How did you accomplish that? My blog is fairly new but I get a lot of hits for a new blog well at least I think I do..maybe I’m delusional. I get like anywhere from 200 – 2000 hits a day. It’s been going up and up as I get my url out there but I still only have 40 readers. Oh and getting people to comment is like pulling teeth. Thanx for your comment back by the way that was nice. 🙂 you want to trade links? So far I havn’t traded links with anyone..haven’t asked anyone yet either though. I’d love to hear what you think I should do differently too if you have any ideas.

    toodles….. ~ Divageek

  2. Great Tool!
    This service is not stable though, the team at should have released this service as a beta there are many bugs and lack of features – one which is the ability to change your own passwords.

  3. This service is totally interesting! Seems like something Tim Ferriss would want to use in his whole 4HWW scheme! Thanks for letting me know about this!

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