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Finally! I have officially registered an account at Google Analytics – I had a very old invite in my inbox which i was saving to register later on, but time flied so fast that i forgot about it. The invite was pretty useless now since everyone can register an account now.

I submitted my websites to Google Analytic, but it seemed that the reports doesn’t start coming in as soon as you insert the code onto your site, it took about 12-16 hrs for me.

But still after waiting quite some hours it still doesn’t show any sort of statistics on it; But my website URLs are valid stating that i have perfectly added the code to the right place. Can’t figure out whats wrong here, i guess i have to play the waiting game now.

I thought it would be quite a stress to put the Google Analytic Code to eBloggy wordpress blog but it actually was a breeze; all i had to do was get into the admin panel > Presentation > and edit the footer.php file and add the Google Analytic code some where above the </body> tag.

I found a  WordPress Plugin that would have done this for me very easily, but for some reason i thought it would be better if i just do it manually, because i don’t really like to fill my admin panel with unnecessary plugins – after all it was so easy! I don’t remember the name of the plugin. But if some one wants it you can just let me know and i am sure i’ll be able to find it for you 🙂

By Zubair

Zubair is a professional freelance Web Designer and Web Developer, and is also the founder of eBloggy. He has been creating highly scalable and accessible web applications since the early days of web.

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