Feedburner Headline Animator

Feedburner Headline Animator

FeedBurner is a web feed management service which has been acquired by the search engine giant Google. FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers.

I was just looking into my Google’s Feedburner account today, I saw a big decrease in my subscribers i am sorry that i haven’t had the time to keep my blog updated. I also recently caught a problem in the blog software, i was able to fix it by somehow – so i just upgraded it to the latest stable version of WordPress. I think i was using a very old version of WordPress not sure but maybe the (1.x.x Series) version. now i see that WordPress current stable version is (WordPress 2.3.2). Guess i have been way behind…

Now that the blog is up-to date; I thought i would look around to see some things to post about i found so many things i wanted to write about, but i guess today is not the day to do all that.

But still – I found something really cool, its called the “Headline Animator” it’s like a ticker but looks very cool and attractive; It’s purpose is to show headlines of your latest blog entries.

Feedburner Headline Animator is a very handy tool to promote your blogs RSS Feed. It can also be displayed in your feeds too though 🙂 if you’re wanting to get a hold of these for your own blogs you can do so by going into your Feedburner account then click on Headline Animator it just asks you to choose some formatting options of how you want it to be displayed and then you can easily get the code to put it on your blog, website or even in your favorite social service site such as Myspace, Facebook, etc..

Below is a demonstration of how it looks:

Grab this Headline Animator

The only thing i don’t like about this that there are not many Ad Format to choose from, currently as i speak they only support 2 Ad Formats (468×60 and 234×60). its not that bad but i was having a little trouble installing the code in one of my websites i needed it to be a size of something like (400×60) because the (468×60) format was ruining the look of my website by stretching the tables. so i just had to use the 234×60 format on the site which i really didn’t prefer unless it was the last option.

You should really join Feedburner if you really haven’t yet, its filled with great resources to help your blog and your blogging 🙂

I have a post on how to Burn your Blog or Website RSS Feeds using Feedburner, if you would like to read that.

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