WordPress Bug OR Typo

Wordpress Bug or Typo

Wordpress Bug or Typo

There is a bug in WordPress latest release 2.0.4 or maybe it’s just a small Typo? Anyways, the problem is in the wp-rss2.php file exactly where the config file is located.

wfw:commentRSS is the word we’re looking for in the file we have to change it so that it looks like this wfw:commentRss.

Well, i don’t think it will cause any problems if you don’t change this, but it is surely recommended to do that its a case sensitivity problem so you just have to switch those 2 upper-case letters (SS) to (ss), both starting and ending clauses and Waala!

We’re Done!

By Zubair

Zubair is a professional freelance Web Designer and Web Developer, and is also the founder of eBloggy. He has been creating highly scalable and accessible web applications since the early days of web.

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