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Five Blogging Tips to Increase Your Readers

Five Blogging Tips to Increase Your Readers

Each and every blogger out there does his or her best to increase blog traffic. We learn all about great SEO techniques. We pursue backlinks in order to boost our search engine results. We create great content in order to keep readers coming back. But how do we increase our readers? Our can we both […]

Windows Live Space Merging With WordPress

Windows Live Space Merging With Wordpress

It’s Official now, Microsoft’s Windows Live Spaces (or MSN Spaces) are partnering up with the guys at Wordpress.com to upgrade and migrate more than 30M bloggers. That basically means now Wordpress.com is going to be the default platform for every Windows Live Space user.

New WordPress 2.8 Released

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WordPress 2.8 has just been released.. Well, i just saw on the admin panel of wordpress that wordpress v2.8 is ready for public, so i just had to upgrade as soon as possible. I haven’t got the time to browse for every single feature, but i did notice the plugin manager seems to have improved […]

localhost wordpress installation problem – Using Permalinks!

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I have a installation of WordPress on my local server (localhost), and i was fooling around with some themes and code – then i noticed that there’s something wrong and it was the Permalinks. It hasn’t been working for me ever since i installed wordpress. i was pretty confused why it wasn’t. I made a […]

Bloggers Upgrade to WordPress 2.6

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Well, finally i have upgraded my WordPress to the latest stable version of WordPress which is 2.6! There is a huge list of of updates and some great new features for bloggers which i must say all wordpress bloggers must check out. Click Here to read about the new changes in WordPress 2.6 and what […]

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

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The new spectacular WordPress 2.5 is rocking cool! The reason i upgrade late was because i wanted to be completely sure that it is compatible with my current plugins and not mention theme. i am glad it is šŸ™‚ Well, to be honest there is nothing cool or new on the front-end of wordpress. what […]

New WordPress 2.5 Coming Soon!

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WordPress Version 2.5 has scheduled to beĀ released in March 10, 2008. AfterĀ  checking out the demo i don’t think i see anything “COOL” in it though the admin interface does seem to look a bit more flexible, i hate what they have done to the upper-top navigation menu, its hard to see. I’m talking about […]

WordPress Bug OR Typo

Wordpress Bug or Typo

There is a bug in Wordpress latest release 2.0.4 or maybe it’s just a small Typo? Anyways, the problem is in the wp-rss2.php file exactly where the config file is located.

A new begining of blogging!

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Hi, This is going to be my second blog though – My first blog had a life-lineĀ of 4 days i was running the blog, updating it daily with several new post but suddenly a problem with a wordpress plugin caused the entire blog to go down. so i couldn’t do anything about it, but this […]