Youtube is unblocked and working in Pakistan

Youtube Logo

After a recent tweet from Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday saying that YouTube would be unblocked and unbanned in Pakistan within the next 24 hours, The PTA has ordered all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IT companies to unblock Youtube immediately.

PTCL Broadband to upgrade customers from 2Mbps to 4Mbps

PTCL Broadband 2MB to 4MB upgrade promotion

PTCL has launched a promotion to upgrade the data rate of 2 Mbps customers to 4Mbps without any additional charges till Jan 2013. PTCL Broadband 4 Mbps Data Rate provides the customers with unmatched consistent high speed and ultimate connectivity. Customers can surf the Internet, Play Online games, Stream Videos and Download heavy files in no time.

Telenor Talkshawk A1 Package

Telenor Talkshawk A1 Package

Telenor Pakistan is offering the Talkshawk A1 Prepaid Package, which offers amazing call rates, freedom to recharge through Easyload and a lot more. Telenor Talkshawk A1 Friends & Family (F&F) Offer.

Youtube to be Unblocked in Pakistan

Youtube to be unblock / un-banned in Pakistan

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) Farooq Awan has stated that the popular video sharing website Youtube will be unblocked and back in service to the entire nation of Pakistan in the upcoming 15-20 days.

PTCL Upgrades 1MB Student Package Users to 2MB

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

All student package users (who have been restricted to 1MB package) will be allowed to upgrade their package to 2 MB, which you will be able to use until September 30th without any additional charges.

Mobilink Jazz Chota Bundle Offer

Mobilink Jazz's - Chota Bundle Offer

Jazz has always aimed to provide the best value to its customers. Therefore, Jazz now brings the most economical daily bundle ‘Jazz Chota Bundle Offer’. With Jazz Chota Bundle you get 7 minutes and 30 SMS for a day, only for Rs. 5. The minutes will be for on-net only and SMS will be for […]

PTCL Broadband 2MB Package Offer

PTCL Broadband DSL 2MB Package Offer

PTCL has introduced a new 2Mbps Broadband data rate in addition to its existing Broadband data rate packages. The New 2 Mbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 1499 / month with unlimited download. The new 2Mb data rate as a promo will be offered to all existing 1Mb customers who upgrades to 2Mb at the existing monthly charges of 1Mb for a period of 3 Months without any additional charges.

FREE DNS Servers List

FREE DNS Servers List

Do you know what a DNS is for? and why you should care about it? If not, read on. We also have a list of the Best and Latest Free DNS Servers.

Telenor Talkshawk & Djuice New SMS Packages

Telenor Talkshawk & Djuice New SMS Packages

Telenor Pakistan has just revised their SMS packages for Talkshawk & Djuice recently. Simply meaning more SMS for us 🙂 Checkout the details for both Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice below.

Mobilink Infinity’s WiMAX USB Package

Mobilink Infinity Dongle / USB Offer

A WiMAX Dongle is a portable USB device that attaches to a USB port to enable a PC to connect to a WiMAX (or) 3G networks. These connectivity dongles are popular with mobile users who require broadband Internet connectivity while on-the-go.

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