Pakistan Wateen WiMAX – Broadband Internet and Telephony

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Pakistan Wateen WiMAX Internet and Telephony

Sorry i haven’t been posting here much but i haven’t been on the internet for a while, i was moving to a new house and finally got the house balanced and cleaned.

I’ve moved near (Gulestan-e-Johar / Johar Mor) – Yes! its in Karachi, Pakistan.

After moving here i wanted to get myself connected to the internet ASAP – I first asked around about the local ISP’s here (Cable Internet) but there was only 1 around here.. and their services were very very poor not meant for a frequent & active internet user.

I knew i will surely regret getting their services so i just passed on. I was looking for better alternatives but didn’t have a whole lot of choices in my arsenal. I contacted World-Call and found out that they don’t have coverage available here, so i had to move on and then i heard about Wateen WiMAX.

There was a Wateen Franchise not far from where i lived, so i went to there. It was Friday that day. I asked one of their Representative about the packages and if they have coverage in my area. They said they do have coverage in my area. Then the guy started explaining me about package plans, I chose the second package which was 512KBps with 4GB of monthly bandwidth. I would have chosen the third package, but i thought I’ll first try them out. Then the guy started explaining me about the pricing – He said it would total up around RS 6500.

I asked him “When will you be coming over to install the Wateen CPE Device?”, he said “We’ll be there in a hour”.

I went back home and after waiting about an hour that guy showed up, installed the device and explained me about the usage. The Do’s and Dont’s. Afterward i paid him his bill and he went telling me that my wateen username and password could take around from 1hr to 1 day to be activated – I said “No problem, but please make it asap”… and so he left.

The next day, He said “I’m sorry but we haven’t been able to get your USERID/PASS yet, Its still in the process we will let you know as soon as its done”. I said “Sure thing, no problem… I’ll be waiting”.

I got nothing that day – next day was Sunday, so nothing there either. On Monday i called again he said we’re very sorry but our portal has been down; and we activate userid/passwords using that portal, we’ll have it ready by the end of this evening.” I said OK… please, i need it asap!”

By the end of the evening, i didn’t get anything so i just had to call again; I called and they said that we were in the middle of activating your account but suddenly there was a bomb blast! So we had to close the office and Run! – At first i laughed alittle thinking about the situation and was thinking that it was just another excuse. But then i heard from a friend that those bomb blast did really happen. I couldn’t know because we don’t have any sort of cable and TV was not working either anyways.

I let that day past patiently… Next day, i told them that i want my Wateen UserID/Pass today, i don’t care what your problem is… its not my fault. (They even refused to give me a Demo user/pass :s) and that really got on my nerves. I told them either give me the user/pass by the end of the day – or take back your junk and give me a Full Refund.

The guy responded “I’m extremely sorry about your experience with our services but this is due to our Portal being down, We understand your concern and we will activate your account the first thing when the portal is up”. I said “I don’t care what you do now, either you give my account today if you can’t do that for what-ever reasons you have, you can come and take your device tomorrow. i wont need your account tomorrow i will only want my money back!”, Finished!

Later on i went outside to get something, and there i noticed there’s a LinkDotNet Office over here 😮 I was really shocked if i knew there was one here i would have never contacted Wateen in the first place. I still went inside and asked the staff about there DSL packages and all. They told me that "We can provide you with the DSL package right now, but i recommend you wait for a few days since we will be launching our new Product this month", which is sure to hit the market big time! He said it will be WiMAX technology! I said OK sure. He asked me my name and contact details so that he could let me know about the services as soon as its ready. I said “Please do, Thank you!” – Mobilink’s WiMAX does look very promising unlike Wateen which i had a-lot of doubts from the start!.

After coming back home i got my user/pass in a snap, i logged into my account started surfing and WOW was i amazed! The speed is surely rocking cool! Sometimes signal does have a problem in the CPE device, it tries to search multiple times. I am getting like 3/4 signals here. But sometimes i manage to get full 5 signals too 🙂

I’ve noticed sometimes that all the signals are up and yet still the internet is not working that is pretty confusing. Wateen is surely a new service but they need to make their staffs more reliable and skilled.

Wateen is just picking up people with no experience, and i don’t know who is training them it must be some one like them. I’ve seen Wateen staff who don’t even know how to Delete Saved Passwords from a users browser! Seems all they want is to sell and make money!

Below is a picture of the Motorola CPEi600 WiMAX device i got from them 🙂

Wateen Motorola CPEi600 WiMAX Device

The first thing i opened after getting connected to the internet was Google, I searched the term “Wateen Wimax” and got some results that leaded me to dozens of user complains. I was quite shocked and worried at the same time – people were complaining about Wateen billing them SO much like 12,000 RS and i even heard one person yelling he got billed about 1LAKH (1 Million) Rupees!

Well, most of the people whom i have seen complaining yet so far were 90% Post-Paid users, others seems to be fine – but most users praising wateen online could be there own Employees / Staff Members 😀 On the other hand most people complaining could be some-one from the competing Company 🙂 trying to give a bad name to the other company.

If you’re one of the Wateen User I would really like to hear from you so please do post & share your experience with us!

This article was last updated on November 22, 2012

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  1. Nasreen Naushad's avatar Nasreen Naushad says:

    I have wateen internet service but this service is very poor and hopeless my ID:001E738C2E17ye MAC.
    please arrange to resolve my problem.

  2. Abdullatif's avatar Abdullatif says:

    it’s ok

  3. raja's avatar raja says:

    Your requested site is blocked by PTA. Please consult PTA if you have any query regarding requested site …………….ya likha ata ha all adult site open karny per

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